792 Bugged Skill

    The Light Dragon Lorkaras was definitely one of the strongest Lords around. Not only did it have strong Attack attributes, but its skills were also very powerful. If its Health Points could be increased to around 100,000,000, it would be as strong as an Overlord.

    "Guild master, how do we fight this? Do you plan to fight it on your own?" Little Rain asked. Clearly, the group was getting used to being observers.

    "I'll deal with it on my own!" Jiang Fei smiled. The monster was not a huge threat to him. In fact, it was better for him if fewer players were involved.

    That was because the Light Dragon had a skill which allowed it to recover its Health Points by killing opponents. If a player made a mistake that put the lives of many at stake, the Light Dragon would be able to recover 10% of its Health Points for every player killed. That amounted to over 4,000,000 Health Points. For normal groups, it would be a never-ending battle.

    Even if Jiang Fei had a very high damage output, he could not protect the players on his own. Therefore, he would rather they stayed out of the battle.

    "How dare you invade our Dragon's nest? This means war!" As an angry voice was heard, the battle was initiated.

    Wham! A loud collision was heard as the pathway which Jiang Fei and the rest walked through caved in. They were all stuck in the current space with nowhere to run.

    "Ding!" As soon as the pathway collapsed, all the players received a system notification that informed them that they had entered the battle state.

    "Damn! We can't hide even if we want to!" Seven Stars Warrior said with his hands lifted.

    Entering the battle state meant that they had been included in the Aggro list. Even if they did not do anything to drag the monster's Aggro, the random skills would still affect them.

    "What are we waiting for? Let's fight!" Little Rain laughed.

    "Melees, stay out of this. Ranged attackers, come with me!" Jiang Fei said to the players behind him as he started firing arrows with his bow.

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    Zoom! Zoom! Jiang Fei's arrows continuously hit the dragon's huge body. With Ruthless Barrage, his Attack Power very soon reached 250,000.

    "Shiver, you ants!" The Light Dragon roared angrily as it spat a ball of Luminous Breath at Jiang Fei.


    The over 40,000 damage appeared above Jiang Fei's head. Overall, it was not a significant amount of damage to Jiang Fei.

    As soon as the dragon attacked him, Jiang Fei's incredible recovery effect from the 100,000 Spirit points immediately returned him to full Health Points.





    Jiang Fei's arrows continued to land on the dragon. Although the Light Dragon had close to 40,000,000 Health Points, it probably would not survive very long with Jiang Fei's high damage output.

    "Die! You darned intruders!" When the Light Dragon's Health Points were reduced to 80%, it started activating its skills.


    A golden flame appeared around the Light Dragon's body. However, as none of the players were standing near it, the skill was practically useless.

    "This is way too easy!" Jiang Fei said as he continued attacking.

    "Remorse! Invaders!" Very soon, the Light Dragon's Health Points were reduced to 50%. Thereafter, it used a skill which caused everyone including Jiang Fei to enter the state of Remorse.

    Jiang Fei was forced to kneel on the ground with his hands held together in front of his chest. It looked as if he was praying. The other players appeared to be in the same position. The Disabling skill had a duration of up to one minute.

    "Haha! Now, taste my flame of anger!" Clearly, this was not a single-target skill. Instead, it targeted a group of players.

    Bam! Bam! Bam!

    Fifteen unlucky players were chosen as the Divine Flame engulfed them.





    The 35,000 damage nearly took the lives of all the selected players, especially those with Cloth Armor. Although they were able to stay alive, they were left with less than 10,000 Health Points.

    However, the skill did not end after the initial damage. There was an additional burning effect that remained. The players would continue losing 5,000 Health Points every second for ten seconds.

    Divine Shield!

    Ice Barrier!

    Painful Suppression!


    Those who had life-saving skills immediately activated such skills. However, not all players had skills that could protect themselves from damage. Thus, those who did not have the Invincibility effect or could not heal themselves immediately froze.

    "Damn! Help me!"

    "Where's the Cleric? Where's the Knight? Help me out!"

    "Crap! Cleric, please save me. I'm dying soon!"


    Out of the fifteen unlucky players who were selected by the Light Dragon, only three of them belonged to the healing Class. Apart from the fellows who activated their Invincibility effect, there were still nine other players who required help.

    "Save as many as you can!" At that very moment, Jiang Fei understood that the Clerics would have to prioritize their well-being. They could not possibly rescue everyone.

    "Ding! Your teammate has died in battle!"

    "Ding! Your teammate has died in battle!"


    In the blink of an eye, six members in Jiang Fei's group had died. The Light Dragon's Health Points were instantly fully recovered.

    "Screw this! How am I supposed to kill it? Do I have to wait for everyone to die before I kill it?" Even Jiang Fei was dumbfounded.

    Although Jiang Fei had a very high damage output, he could not stop the Light Dragon from recovering its Health Points. With the use of Remorse, all players would be frozen in place. The Light Dragon's Divine Flame would then kill players in an instant. It was definitely a bugged skill.

    "Hahahaha! Now you know how powerful I am!" The Light Dragon laughed loudly.

    As the Light Dragon's Health Points had been fully recovered, the Remorse effect was removed. While Jiang Fei continued attacking the Light Dragon, he began formulating a plan in his mind.

    As the Light Dragon's Health Points approached 50%, Jiang Fei activated the skill on his ring in advance.

    Angel of Revenge!

    Jiang Fei was instantly transformed. Under the state of Angel of Revenge, Jiang Fei's Attack Power and Attack Speed doubled. At the same time, he acquired Resistance towards Disabling effects. Although the transformation only lasted thirty seconds, it was sufficient for Jiang Fei.

    "Hahaha, kneel before me, intruders!" The Light Dragon used the group skill yet again.

    "Damn!" Jiang Fei was nearly driven to the point of madness. He had thought he would be able to avoid the skill with the transformation. However, he was still pressed to the ground by the Remorse effect. Clearly, the Light Dragon's skill was not a normal Disabling skill. Jiang Fei's Angel of Revenge transformation was unable to provide the necessary Resistance toward the effect.
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