795 Drake Pe

    "I hope it's a Dragon egg!" Jiang Fei laughed as he flipped the corpse over.

    Light Dragon's Horn (Pet Egg, Legendary)

    Use: Blow the horn to summon a light-based Drake as your pet.

    Although it was a Legendary pet egg, it was not a pure-blooded Dragon. Instead, it was a light-based Drake. However, it was still much stronger than a Dragonoid.

    "Legendary pet! Are you interested, Seven Stars Warrior?" Jiang Fei laughed.

    "Me? I'll pass..." Seven Stars Warrior said without hesitation. He had already given up on a flying mount. Naturally, he would not be tempted by a Drake.

    "Alright! Since you don't want it, does anyone else want it?" Jiang Fei asked in the group channel.

    "Give it to me! I would like to have a strong healer around!" Anew Returner shouted. Although he did not have as many points as those like Seven Stars Warrior, he was still richer than most other players.

    "Alright! How many points are you willing to bid?" Lady Casanova asked.

    "Two hundred!" Anew Returner was much more stingy than Little Rain. The bid he called out was somewhere in the middle between those who could afford it and those who could not. For those who could afford it, they would much rather spend the points on better pets. As for normal players, they did not have enough guild contribution points to compete against Anew Returner. Therefore, Anew Returner decided on two hundred points instead of going all out like Little Rain.

    "Two hundred. Is anyone willing to offer a higher bid?" Lady Casanova asked.

    "Give it to him!"

    "Yeah! We'll wait!"

    A few other members with a lot of guild contribution points had the same thought as Seven Stars Warrior. Since they have not completed the Light Dragon's Nest, and there were still the Dark Dragon's Nest and the Golden Dragon's Nest, there were many more opportunities to get a higher level pet egg. Therefore, they were in no hurry.

    "Two hundred, going once!"

    "Two hundred, going twice!"


    After Lady Casanova had made sure nobody else wanted to bid, she handed the Light Dragon's Horn to Anew Returner.

    "Haha! Come on out, my baby!" After acquiring the Light Dragon's Horn, Anew Returner immediately blew into it.


    As the horn was blown, heavy footsteps could be heard from afar.

    Thud! Thud!

    As the footsteps got closer, Jiang Fei and the others finally saw how the Drake looked like.

    It had the appearance of a triceratops. Its body was around five meters in length and was fully coated with strong armor. The three horns on its head were very sharp. Based on its appearance, it seemed to be a very capable tanking monster.

    Once the Drake arrived next to Anew Returner, a golden light surrounded both the Drake and Anew Returner. The Pet Contract was thus formed.

    "Damn! This is awesome!" After the contract was formed, Anew Returner could see the pet's attributes.

    "How's the pet?" Lady Casanova asked.

    "Quickly, tell us!" Seven Stars Warrior urged. After all, these people were all here for the pets. They wanted to know if these high-tier pets were really that strong.

    "It's incredible!" Anew Returner could no longer suppress the joy in his heart. He was grinning from ear to ear.

    "Cut the crap. Tell us its attributes!" Seven Stars Warrior and the rest were getting impatient.

    "Haha! I'll send it to you guys!" Anew Returner giddily sent his new pet's attributes in the group channel.

    Light Horned Dragon (Drake, Legendary)

    Level: 75 (The pet's level will automatically align with its master)

    Health Points: 350,000

    Attack Power: 3,200

    Battle Skills: Bite, Knockback, Light Shield, Divine Light Magic, Merge

    Merge Skills: Luminous Shield, Holy Shield

    Bite: Instantly attacks an enemy and causes a bleeding effect.

    Knockback: Uses its horns to knock the enemy, stunning the enemy for one second and knocking the enemy backward.

    Light Shield: Casts a Light Shield on itself and its master to absorb a moderate amount of damage.

    Divine Light Magic: Heals itself and its master by a moderate amount of Health Points.

    Merge: Instantly transforms into armor to merge with its master. Transfers 50% of its Health Points and Defense Points to its master. The effect lasts for fifteen minutes and has a one-hour cooldown.

    Luminous Shield: Passively increases Damage Reduction by 30%.

    Holy Shield: After merging, its master will recover 5% Health Points when attacked by an enemy.

    "Damn! You have definitely acquired a treasure!" Everyone looked enviously at Anew Returner after they saw his new pet's attributes.

    "Hahahaha! From now on, I will be the guild's best tanker! Hahaha!" Anew Returner exclaimed happily.

    The other players became even more excited about the pet eggs that they would later get. After all, this was only the second pet egg in the dungeon. The final pet egg would be even more amazing.

    "Alright! Let's go!" Jiang Fei called out for everyone to move forward. They were halfway through the dungeon and would soon arrive at the final nest.

    After passing through the grand hall, Jiang Fei and the others seemed to have entered a place that looked like an incubation room. Jiang Fei was no stranger to such places. He had previously been to the Mutant Empress and the Ant Queen's incubation rooms. These places looked very alike.

    When they saw that the room was filled with Dragon eggs, Jiang Fei and the others carefully walked across the room without touching them. If they accidentally touched one of these eggs, it might cause a chain reaction. Countless baby Dragons would be hatched, and these players would all be in trouble.

    "Everyone, be careful!" Jiang Fei said as he walked forward.

    "Don't worry, guild master. We're all experienced in clearing dungeons. Nobody will make any silly mistake!" Lady Casanova laughed. Although they were not as capable as Jiang Fei, they had been through more dungeons than he had.

    Very soon, Jiang Fei and the others had successfully walked past the incubation room and entered another cavernous hall that appeared to be where the throne was located.

    If the previous Light Dragon Lord's hall seemed grand, this hall was even more so.

    The floor was made entirely out of gold. Even the walls were made with silver and covered in various intricate decorations while the entire ceiling was decorated with shiny jewels. At first glance, the ceiling even resembled a sky full of stars.

    "Damn! These Dragons are filthy rich! They must have robbed quite a number of people!" Even Jiang Fei was dumbfounded by the amount of wealth the Dragons possessed.

    "Why aren't there any monsters here?" Lady Casanova asked confusedly.

    "Yeah! It's strange. There aren't even any small monsters!" Seven Stars Warrior said with a frown.

    "There will probably be more monsters if we keep moving forward!" Jiang Fei said. However, when they arrived before the throne, there still were no monsters.
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