797 Giving Some Pressure

    After Jiang Fei's arrows hit Katrina, the boss battle began!

    "Everyone stand as far away as you can from the boss and attack. Melee attackers stay back for now!" Jiang Fei shouted in the party channel.

    Although Anew Returner had more Health Points and Defense than Jiang Fei after he fused with his pet, Jiang Fei's attacks dealt too much damage. So, Anew Returner couldn't snatch the aggro away from Jiang Fei. Hence, Jiang Fei still had to be the Tank.

    Although Katrina's Attack Power was pretty high, her dragon's breath only dealt sixty to seventy thousand damage to Jiang Fei. It was not enough to pose too big of a threat to Jiang Fei. Moreover, Jiang Fei's Attack Speed increased very quickly due to the stacking from Ruthless Barrage, so the boss's Health Points began to decrease steadily.

    As Jiang Fei was pulling the aggro of the boss at a long distance, Katrina's dragon wings attacks could not hit him. She could only attack Jiang Fei through her dragon's breath. Without the dragon wings attacks, Jiang Fei would naturally not be beaten far away and lose the aggro. So, this boss which initially required several Tanks to handle suddenly became a lot easier.

    "Roar!" Following a loud dragon roar, Katrina dealt 15,000 damage to all players and Silenced all players!

    This skill had initially been already pretty challenging for Clerics and Tanks. Clerics had to ensure that the Tanks had full Health Points before the Silence started. Moreover, during the three seconds of Silence, the Tanks who were in front had to take turns to Taunt to divert the damage.

    However, Jiang Fei had a godly regeneration tool like the Cauldron of Spirit. So, he naturally did not have to worry about this. He could just stand in front of the boss and continue to attack.

    Although these kind of Dungeon bosses were very high-leveled, they were just bosses that players could repeatedly kill to obtain more equipment. They had no intelligence, so the battle was completely fixed. They would use their skills when their Health Points dropped to a certain level or at some point in time after the start of the battle. Moreover, these bosses were affected by the aggro system and would only attack the target with the highest aggro, so it was way easier to deal with compared to bosses with intelligence.

    When the boss's Health Points dropped to around 80%, the boss began to use skills!

    "Quick, my children, come and help me!" Following Katrina's words, five golden light rays descended from the sky. Five unlucky players were selected and golden light shrouded the dragon eggs that they were carrying.

    "Crack... " The dragon eggs ruptured and baby dragons flew out of them. The baby dragons grew rapidly under the golden light and turned into a young dragon in a blink of an eye.

    Young Light Dragon (Dragon, High Leader)

    Level: 85

    Health Points: 10,000

    Attack Power: 15,000

    Skill: Light Dragon Breath.

    These young dragons had weird attributes. They had very high Attack Power, but they only had 10,000 Health Points. If players were impulsive, they would kill these young dragons instantly. However, after these young dragons died, the boss would regain some Health Points!

    "Tankers, pull the aggro of the young dragons. Don't kill it!" Jiang Fei quickly shouted.

    As Jiang Fei had completely dragged the boss to one side, she almost posed no threat to the other players. Jiang Fei's party members just had to make sure that they did not kill the young dragons. Otherwise, the boss would keep healing and they would be caught in an endless loop.

    "Damn! So little Health Points?" Several Tankers who were in charge of the young dragons were also shocked. Although they were all Tankers and their Attack Power was not very high, they could still kill a monster with 10,000 Health Points easily!

    "Just pull the aggro. Don't kill them. If they die, the boss will heal!" Jiang Fei shouted in the party channel.

    "Oh! Got it!" Anew Returner and the other Tanks responded, then used skills like Intimidate to generate the aggro. These skills generated a lot of aggro but dealt very little damage.

    "F*ck! Why am I always the unlucky one?" Although the young dragons were now under control, some players were not happy. One of them was Little Rain.

    Little Rain was the representative of greedy players. Previously, he took two dragon eggs. He carried one in his bag and held one in his hand. However, he was selected by the boss and one of his eggs had hatched into a dragon which was now giving them trouble. So, Little Rain who formerly had two dragon eggs only had one left now.

    "You should be content! Some people don't even have one!" Lady Casanova rolled her eyes and said. After all, not every player brought two dragon eggs out. Some unlucky players who were selected would naturally be left with no rewards at all if they only had one egg, to begin with.

    "Hurry up and attack the boss. The longer we drag this battle, the more dragon eggs the boss will hatch!" Jiang Fei shouted. The boss did not pose a threat to him. However, the sooner they killed the boss, the more dragon eggs they could save!

    "Children! Come and help me!" The boss used her skill to hatch the dragon eggs once again. It seemed like Katrina not only summoned young dragons when her Health Points reduced to a certain level, but also every once in a while.

    "Guild master! Don't hesitate anymore! Use your ultimate! Every egg matters!"

    "Yeah! Guild master! Use your ultimate now, or we'll lose even more dragon eggs!"


    The boss had hatched the dragon eggs four times, so twenty dragon eggs have disappeared just like that. Lady Casanova and the others felt the pain.

    "Almost!" Jiang Fei saw that the boss's Health Points was already less than twenty-five million. He also wanted to save his guild members' dragon eggs. After all, these Quest Items would become pet eggs after they were brought out of this Dungeon.

    Dragon's Bane!


    Jiang Fei used his magic weapon once again! As soon as he used the Dragon Bane, the boss crashed to the ground. The massive amount of twenty-five million damage took away all of the boss's Health Points!

    "Awesome! I still have one egg left!" Seeing that the boss had died, Little Rain cheered and celebrated the fact that he still had some loot.

    "Come on, you can celebrate later. Kill the young dragon first!" Jiang Fei shouted at the party channel while he kept the Dragon's Bane.

    "That's easy!" Anew Returner smiled and said. After all, these young dragons only had 10,000 Health Points. The attackers did not even have to help them attack. The Tankers could handle these dragons easily.

    "Ding! You have killed all the bosses in "Light Dragon's Nest" and have officially cleared "Light Dragon's Nest"!"

    "Ding! Your party is the first party to clear "Light Dragon's Nest," please name your party!"

    The familiar system prompt appeared once again. It was time for Jiang Fei to name his party again.

    "Alright! Time to give you guys some pressure!" Jiang Fei smiled slightly and confirmed his party name.

    "Ding! Faction announcement: "You noobs are too slow, I'm going to go and snatch your First Clears!" party has cleared the Dungeon "Light Dragon's Nest." Please cheer for the party members, "Verdure Glider, Lady Casanova, Seven Stars Warrior, and others"!"
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