798 Contaminated Light Dragon King Egg

    "What the f*ck! How is that possible?"

    "Didn't they just come?"

    "It hasn't even been two hours and they've already cleared it?"

    "F*ck... brother Fei, you really have no mercy..."

    "They're way too strong. They have definitely cleared it in just one try!"


    When Jiang Fei's Dungeon clear announcement appeared, everyone in the teams of other guilds who were also in the same Dungeon was dumbfounded! One had to know that they entered the Dungeon yesterday. However, they had only managed to defeat the doorkeeper monsters so far and they were only at the first boss now.

    One had to know that they were only attempting the Elite difficulty normal Dragon's Lair. Empyreal Dragon, on the other hand, had attempted the Heroic difficulty Light Dragon's Lair. Moreover, Empyreal Dragon was not even here yesterday, but they had already managed to clear the Heroic difficulty Light Dragon's Lair!

    This was why comparison kills! Initially, the guild masters of these guilds were pleased. After all, they had obtained a lot of pet eggs after killing the doorkeeper bosses. Although they were only of Excellent Quality, they still had excellent attributes because of the Dragon bloodline!

    However, when they compared themselves to Jiang Fei now, they were not happy at all.

    "Boss, what do we do?" A guild player asked.

    "Nonsense! Keep going, of course! If we don't hurry up, what are we going to do when Verdure Glider comes and snatches our stuff after they're done with the higher difficulty Dungeons?" The boss rolled his eyes at his party member and immediately organized his team to start fighting the first boss.

    Bosses were like toys to Jiang Fei and his other party members. They hardly encountered any obstacles along the way. However, these ordinary guilds did not have someone as powerful as Jiang Fei. Even if someone in the guild had an Ancient Kingdom's Treasured Cauldron, they would only be strong in one aspect. In a Dungeon, a player who only had an Ancient Kingdom's Treasured Cauldron could never be as useful as Jiang Fei.

    An example was Assassins, who had the Cauldron of Agility and others who had the Cauldron of Strength. Even though such players had high Attack Power, they did not have much Defense and Health Points. They could not tank the attacks of bosses. However, as they had high Attack Power, they would generate a lot of aggro and no Tank would be able to pull the aggro away from them!

    Therefore, such players who could deal serious damage but could not tank the attacks of bosses were pretty much useless in boss fights. If they attacked, it would cause more trouble. In actuality, they were not of much help to their parties.

    On the contrary, players with the Cauldron of Vitality could contribute quite a bit in Dungeons. As they were tanky enough, they could easily hold the boss down and reduce the burden on the Clerics and attackers of the guild.

    However, the Dragon Dungeons were very difficult. Although the first four Dragon Lairs were not as hard as the Light Dragon's Lair that Jiang Fei and the others had cleared, there was still not much room for any mistakes. If a player made a mistake, it would often lead to the destruction of the whole party. So, it was not that easy.

    Unlike the other guild teams who were busy trying to clear the Dungeons, Jiang Fei and the others were a lot more relaxed.

    "Boss, you're too mean. It's definitely easier said than done!" Little Rain laughed.

    "Hehe, I'm just trying to motivate them a little," Jiang Fei laughed and said.

    "Guild master, how is that motivating? You're clearly pressuring them... " Anew Returner joked.

    "Whatever, let's see what the boss dropped!" Seven Stars Warrior had always wanted a high-Quality pet.

    "Alright! I'll do it now!" Jiang Fei walked to the boss and began checking what the boss had dropped.

    "F*ck! It's red!" Following Jiang Fei's voice, a red light shone.

    "Ancient?!" Seven Stars Warrior was shocked. After all, this kind of light would only appear if it was an Ancient item.

    "What the hell is it?" Lady Casanova asked.

    "See it for yourself!" Jiang Fei said as he announced the item's attributes.

    Contaminated Light Dragon King Egg (Pet Egg, Ancient)

    Use: Hatches a juvenile Light Dragon King to become your pet.

    Remarks: The Light Dragon King Egg has been contaminated by unknown substances and unknown variations may have occurred.

    "Well... " Seven Stars Warrior hesitated. A Dragon King level egg was definitely the best pet egg out there, but this egg was contaminated. Nobody knew what would hatch out of it.

    However, as it was Ancient, it was quite attractive. Some of the attributes of Ancient items had even reached the standard of Holy Items, but they had obvious defects. So, as they did not know what the defect was, it was definitely a tough choice to make whether to take this Dragon Egg.

    If the defect of this Dragon Egg was similar to the one on Jiang Fei's Crimson Reaper, whereby wearing it would lead to him being hunted down by the Light Faction, it was naturally harmless for someone like Seven Stars Warrior who was part of the Dark Faction.

    However, if he were unlucky and obtained a defect where his pet would only have one life, it would be a considerable loss. Although pets could not die infinitely, most pets had at least one life attribute and they could die a few times before they exhausted the life attribute and died for good. If this pet only had one life, it would be the same as Jiang Fei's Akatziris. In most cases, Jiang Fei still had to think about her and ensure her safety.

    "So? Do you want it?" Jiang Fei asked Seven Stars Warrior.

    "I... " Seven Stars Warrior hesitated. Ancient items were extremely rare. Even if they cleared the final Golden Dragon's Lair, it was impossible to get a Holy Item Pet Egg. So, this Ancient Pet Egg that had some attributes that were almost equivalent to that of a Holy Item was naturally the strongest kind of pet egg. However, the unknown defect made it difficult for Seven Stars Warrior to make up his mind.

    "I want it!" In the end, Seven Stars Warrior decided to take the risk.

    "Alright! State your offer in points!" Lady Casanova said.

    "Five hundred and fifty!" Seven Stars Warrior said.

    "You're so stingy. It's such a good pet egg!" Little Rain complained. As he had used up all his points, he was eager for someone to join him.

    "That much is enough. Now, other than me, the one with the most points is sister Casanova, and she only has five hundred and forty-five points," Seven Stars Warrior said. To get the strongest pet, he had already counted the points of his competitors long ago.

    "If I knew earlier, I would've called Billy Boy along. He has quite a lot of points and could definitely compete with you!" Little Rain muttered. He was obviously dissatisfied with how stingy Seven Stars Warrior was.

    "Guild master, give it to him then... " Lady Casanova was speechless. Seven Stars Warrior was right. No one in this party had more than five hundred and fifty points.

    "Here! Hatch it now. Let's see whether this pet is strong!" Jiang Fei gave Seven Stars Warrior the Dragon Egg.
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