799 Bloodstained Light Dragon

    "Sure!" Seven Stars Warrior replied and immediately hatched the Dragon Egg.

    "Crack... " As the Dragon Egg cracked, Seven Stars Warrior felt his heart jumping out of his chest. The strength of this pet depended on what kind of defect it had.

    "Purr... " Following a tender purr, a tiny dragon broke out of the Dragon Egg.

    "What the f*ck! This stupid-looking thing is a dragon?" Little Rain who was at the side sneered.

    "It's so cute!" Gale Eversummer and the other girls instantly fell in love with it.

    Although adult dragons looked ferocious, baby dragons were adorable. They had small fat bodies and a pair of cute little wings. They were so cute that people could not help but feel like pinching them.

    Seven Stars Warrior's pet was no exception. As it had just hatched out of its Dragon Egg, it had the cute baby dragon look. In contrast, even though Anew Returner and the others had lower Quality pets, their pet eggs were all in a sealed form. So, their pets were already adults when they were first summoned.

    After the pinkish baby dragon came out of the Dragon Egg, it waddled around a little. However, it quickly recognized Seven Stars Warrior among the crowd.

    "Flap, flap... " The baby dragon flapped its little wings and flew to Seven Stars Warrior's side. Then, it snuggled into Seven Stars Warrior's face. It looked like they were extremely close to each other!

    "Ding!" A golden light fell and the Pet Contract was established. Seven Stars Warrior saw the pet's attributes.

    Bloodstained Light Dragon (Juvenile) (Dragon, Ancient)

    Level: 77 (Pet's Level will be consistent with the master's Level after hatching)

    Health Points: 20,000

    Attack Power: 3,000

    Skill: Spoiled.

    Spoiled: Acting cute to get food from the master.

    Remark 1: Feeding Mana Crystals can speed up pet growth.

    Remark 2: Bloodstained Light Dragon refuses to fight any Pure Blood Dragons.

    "Phew... " After seeing the pet's attributes, Seven Stars Warrior sighed in relief.

    At this stage, the Bloodstained Light Dragon's combat power was very average. Its skills were absolutely useless and its attributes were similar to a Green Fine Quality pet. However, Seven Stars Warrior was already mentally prepared for this. After all, his pet was only a juvenile dragon now. Before it became an adult dragon, it would definitely not have much combat power. It was impossible to compare it with those sealed-type pets that were already adults as soon as they were summoned.

    However, Seven Stars Warrior could completely accept the defect of this Ancient pet. It would just not fight with other pureblood dragons. The defect was not too serious.

    "How is it? Warrior, is your pet powerful? Show us!" Anew Returner who was on the side said.

    "Rustle... "

    Before Seven Stars Warrior could reply, the baby dragon held onto his thigh and rubbed its face against it. Obviously, it was acting cute and asking for food!

    "Sister Casanova, do you have any Mana Crystals with you right now?" Seven Stars Warrior asked Lady Casanova. He was not a Profession Player, so there was no way he would carry Mana Crystals around.

    "I don't have any, ask Rose!" Lady Casanova shook her head. All the Mana Crystals they obtained from Dungeons had been placed in the guild storage. Moreover, Rosette Rose was in charge of everything financial.

    "Seems like I have to use up all my points again!" Seven Stars Warrior sighed. Although the Dragon Egg did not consume all his Contribution Points, he still had to use the remaining to get more Mana Crystals if he wanted his little pet to become strong.

    "Come on! Let's go to the next Dungeon!" Jiang Fei immediately called everyone to get ready to go to the Dark Dragon's Lair.

    After exiting the Light Dragon's Lair, Jiang Fei went straight to the next portal.

    "Ding! You have cleared the Dragon's Dungeon and the Dungeon will be reset after one day!"

    "F*ck! What the?" When Jiang Fei tried to enter the Dark Dragon's Lair, he got such a notice.

    "These Dungeons probably share cool downtimes!" Lady Casanova guessed. Even though the contents of these Dragon Lairs were not really the same, they shared the same cooldown time. After clearing one Dungeon, parties had to wait a day for the Dungeon to reset before re-entering.

    "Forget it! Tomorrow then. Let's see how everyone's Dragon Eggs are!" Jiang Fei shrugged helplessly. He could not do anything to override this system setting.

    "Right right! Our Dragon Eggs!" The other players suddenly remembered that twenty Dragon Eggs had been hatched in the last boss battle, but most of the players still had their Dragon Eggs.

    Light Dragon Egg (Pet Egg, Fine)

    Use: Hatches a juvenile Light Dragon to become your pet.

    Remarks: Juvenile Light Dragon can only evolve into a Young Dragon at most.

    Obviously, although these Light Dragon Eggs would hatch small Light Dragons, these Dragons could not evolve infinitely like Seven Stars Warrior's juvenile Dragon. The juvenile Dragons that hatched out of these Fine Dragon Eggs could only evolve into a Young Dragon and it would no longer be able to evolve.

    "It seems like the Dragon Eggs stolen from the previous four Dungeons can't evolve. They can only hatch juvenile dragons. The Dragon Eggs stolen from the Golden Dragon Dungeon can probably evolve into young dragons. I think only the Dragon Eggs dropped by the boss can evolve into adult dragons!" Jiang Fei guessed.

    "Isn't it Warrior's lucky day then? He has a Dragon King Pet Egg! Can it eventually evolve into a Dragon King?" Little Rain cried out.

    "I don't know... " Jiang Fei shook his head. After all, this was the first time Dragon Pet Eggs appeared. No one knew anything about them.

    "Forget it, let's go back for now. We can only continue with the Dungeons tomorrow anyway." Jiang Fei shook his head.

    "Mmm! I'm heading back!" Seven Stars Warrior was the first one to tear a Return Scroll. After all, he was eager to go back and feed his pet with Mana Crystals. He was curious about the extent to which this pet could evolve into.

    Speaking of which, pet evolution was definitely something which burnt a lot of money. Mana Crystals were very rare Profession materials only used by Enhancers and Engineers. Enhancers used Mana Crystals to directly increase the total Mana Points of Magicians while Engineers used them to make cannons.

    War weapons were naturally worth a lot of money and there was only one Class that required a maximum mana limit-Cursed Magicians! One could tell how valuable Mana Crystals were just by looking at these two ways in which they were used. Moreover, the price of Mana Crystals had soared due to the emergence of a huge number of Dragon pets which required Mana Crystals. So, an astronomical amount of money was needed to evolve a juvenile Dragon!

    In short: if poor, do not play with Dragon pets!

    Fortunately, Empyreal Dragon had a rich reserve of resources. Seven Stars Warrior also had a lot of Contribution Points left, so he could still exchange some Mana Crystals from the guild storage for the time being. However, he did not know how big the appetite of this little Dragon was. Would Seven Stars Warrior be able to afford it? If his Points were not enough, he would probably have to work for the guild and earn more Contribution Points for some time.
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