800 Hong Yu

    As they could not enter the next Dungeon, Jiang Fei and others disbanded the party and returned to the Demon Dragon Fortress.

    Seven Stars Warrior hurriedly exchanged some Mana Crystals, while the other players did their own things. Jiang Fei became an idler again.

    As he was bored, Jiang Fei went to look for the NPC girls again. Sylphy and the others missed Jiang Fei very much as they had not seen him for a few days. Jiang Fei also has a lot of fun playing around with the girls.

    However, good times always came to an end. At six o'clock in the morning, Jiang Fei was kicked out of the game.

    "Ah... " Jiang Fei came out of the game feeling refreshed. After all, being in the game was equivalent to being in a deep sleep, which was very good for relaxation and resting the body.

    Jiang Fei looked around him. Almost all of the martial artists in the cave were meditating on their knees. Bai Wanli and a few others were extremely focused because they got too tired during the day.

    Occasionally, low-pitched whispers could be heard coming from outside the cave. The martial artists in charge of security at night were talking to each other.

    "You're awake." As soon as Jiang Fei moved, Ariel opened her eyes.

    "Yeah!" Jiang Fei nodded. At this time, although the sun had not risen outside the cave, it was already very bright.

    "She'll be able to come out soon, right?" Ariel asked in Jiang Fei's heart.

    "Yeah!" Jiang Fei nodded. He knew that Ariel was talking about Hong Yu. As they used a peak Level 4 Bio-Human body for Hong Yu's resurrection, it would take a few days more than the other girls.

    "It's so boring here, let's go out!" Ariel knew that Jiang Fei could not summon the Cultivation Pod in front of these martial artists, so she said this on purpose.

    "Okay!" Jiang Fei stood up from the place where he was meditating, then took Ariel out of the cave.

    "Younger brother Jiang, where are you going?" Zhu Tianfei, who was in charge of guarding the cave, asked.

    "I'm just going to walk around with Ariel." Jiang Fei smiled as he greeted Zhu Tianfei.

    "Be careful. Please let us know if you encounter a Mutant." Zhu Tianfei did not ask much.

    "Mmm, don't worry!" Jiang Fei walked out of the cave with Ariel and walked toward a mountain in the distance.

    After coming to the foothills, Jiang Fei looked at Ariel. Ariel nodded and confirmed that there were no other people around.

    "0541, cover us!" Jiang Fei made 0541 shroud them again. After all, it was already bright outside. If they did not cover themselves, they might be discovered by America's satellites or reconnaissance planes.

    "Thump... " Jiang Fei waved his hands and placed the Bio-Cultivation Pod out.

    "0541, how long more?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "About forty minutes!" 0541 answered.

    "Mmm!" Jiang Fei nodded, then chatted with Ariel for a while. Soon, Hong Yu's body was complete.

    "Captain, do I transfer the consciousness immediately?" 0541 asked.

    "Transfer it!" Following Jiang Fei's order, the Bio-Cultivation Pod began to operate.

    Time continued to pass. It took two hours to transfer the consciousness of the Bio-Human girls the last time, so it would take about the same amount of time this time.

    "Younger brother Jiang, are you there?" While Jiang Fei waited, Bai Wanli suddenly spoke through the communicator.

    "Yeah, what's up?" Jiang Fei replied.

    "Where are you guys? Is everything alright?" Bai Wanli asked. After all, Jiang Fei and Ariel were already gone for two hours and they had not returned yet. So, Bai Wanli and the others were worried.

    "I'm picking up another one of my juniors. I'll be back in a bit," Jiang Fei smiled and said.

    "Picking up another junior? Your Sect just sent more people again?" Bai Wanli was surprised.

    "Yeah!" Jiang Fei nodded with a smile.

    "Err... your Sect is really unfathomable!" Bai Wanli exclaimed. Although Jiang Fei initially promised that his division would send fifty Level 4 masters, only more than twenty of them were here now. However, nobody expected that they would all be advanced Level 4 martial artists. So, in terms of combat power, these advanced Level 4 martial artists were already as strong as fifty beginning stage Level 4 martial artists!

    "Mmm, we'll be back soon." Jiang Fei was not bothered by how shocked Bai Wanli was. After ending the communication, he and Ariel continued to wait for Hong Yu's resurrection patiently.

    After more than an hour, the Bio-Cultivation Pod stopped working and Hong Yu's consciousness had been transferred into the new body.

    "Click... " Following a soft click, the door of the Cultivation Pod opened and the green liquid inside drained, revealing the girl inside.

    "Master!" After Hong Yu came out of the Cultivation Pod, she immediately greeted Jiang Fei.

    "Err... put some clothes on first..." Jiang Fei quickly took the clothes he had prepared out of the ring. Of course, he did not stop himself from looking while he handed Hong Yu the clothes.

    "Master, can you turn around?" Hong Yu also realized that she was completely naked at this time, so she felt embarrassed.

    "Oh! Oh!" Jiang Fei turned around, embarrassed. However, from his expression, one could tell that he did not get enough of it yet.

    "You like that, don't you, darling? If you want to see it that badly, we can sneak out tonight... " Ariel whispered in Jiang Fei's ear.

    "No, no... " Jiang Fei actually wanted to, but he did not have the guts to do it. Ariel was not as reserved as Hong Yu was. He knew Isabella's temper very well. If he lets himself loose, Isabella would probably kill him after she was resurrected.

    "All done, master." Very quickly, Hong Yu changed into the combat uniform that Jiang Fei prepared for her. It was also a white dress like what the other Bio-Human girls were wearing, but there was an additional golden embroidery.

    "Mmm! It's really beautiful!" Jiang Fei nodded with satisfaction. Nobody knew whether he was complimenting the dress that 0541 designed or Hong Yu.

    "You should familiarize yourself with your new body first, then practice the skills in your memory!" Jiang Fei taught Hong Yu how to adapt to her new body, just like how he taught all the other Bio-Human girls.

    "Okay!" Hong Yu agreed obediently. However, she was still feeling a little embarrassed. Her flushed cheeks made her look very cute.

    Hong Yu's body was more powerful compared to the other Bio-Human girls. So, when 0541 instilled martial arts techniques into her memory, he also included another set in addition to the set of combined attack skills.

    Another few hours passed by, while Hong Yu was busy getting used to her new body. At this time, Bai Wanli contacted Jiang Fei once again.

    "Younger brother Jiang, where are you now?"

    "I'm on my way back. I'll be there in an hour!" Jiang Fei replied casually.

    "Oh! Come back as soon as possible!" Bai Wanli said. As they had been attacked by a missile previously, they were very scared whenever Jiang Fei was not around.
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