804 The Oddly Draconian Pair

    "Die, intruders!" all four Draconian Guards roared in unison.

    Unfortunately for the four of them, Jiang Fei was unfazed. Due to the lack of explosive attack power, Jiang Fei was not threatened by them even if he allowed them to hit him till kingdom come.

    "Here are four pet eggs. Alright, start the auction!" said Jiang Fei as he presented four pet eggs that were dropped from the guards.

    Emblem of the Draconian (Shadow) (Pet Egg, Epic)

    Use: Unsealing the pet egg summons a Shadow Draconian Guard to be your pet.

    These pet eggs were not attractive to the big shots like Seven Star Warrior. However, the other members of the guild were head over heels for them since Epic tier pets did not require Magic Crystals to evolve. It was cost-saving and that was one of the traits that the regular members would want.



    "Heh. 150!"


    Those that were unable to obtain pet eggs during yesterday's raid knew that any pet eggs dropped in the later part of the dungeon would be claimed by the other big shots in the guild. To avoid losing the chance of obtaining a pet egg, they had decided to put it all out for the first four eggs!

    In the end, the eggs were bought over for 150 contribution points by four slightly stronger players in the guild. Once the auction was over, Jiang Fei proceeded with the dungeon.

    After the first obstacle, Jiang Fei had officially entered the dungeon. The entry cooldown of the dungeon would only register once the four guards were killed. Once this dungeon was clear, they would need to wait until the next day before they could enter another Dragon Lair.

    Only when the party headed deeper into the dungeon did they found that the Black Dragon Lair was different than the Light Dragon Lair. The monster count in this dungeon was lower than the Light Dragon Dungeon. There were only three waves of monsters after twenty minutes into the dungeon.

    "Odd... If we... I mean, if the guild master had not fought the first four Draconian Guards, I might actually believe that the dungeon had been cleared!" said Anew Returner.

    "Actually, the lesser the monster, the harder they'll be killed. Just wait and see," said Seven Star Warrior. The man was the superstar of the guild, the leader of the main attack force of the guild. If there was a man who knew everything about a dungeon, it would be Seven Star Warrior.

    "What to see? Everything is cleared by our big brother Jiang Fei! Not even a boss could hold him back! The man had killed a god!" cried Little Rain as he was already on board the bandwagon to blindly trust Jiang Fei. To be fair, Jiang Fei was indeed too strong for any boss currently discovered. Little Rain and joined a few other players who were sitting at the side, waiting for Jiang Fei to kill everything else and for the reward.

    "That's true... But... Guild master, you can do it! Yeah, you go, man!" cried Seven Star Warrior. To be honest, he was a little scared at the start, but Little Rain did make a sensible statement. Eventually, he too, sat at the side to cheer for Jiang Fei instead of worrying any further.

    "Ayyy. Don't just sit there and wait to be spoon-fed. Remember the boss fight and skills. I'm only telling this one time. I won't be joining you for any further dragon Lair raids. You are the ones who are responsible for them," said Jiang Fei, annoyed at these lazy players.

    "Relax, boss. We have Lady Casanova here to deal with that. She has even written down the strategy after we have raided the Light Dragon Lair!" said Anew Returner proudly.

    "Have I?" said Lady Casanova with a smile that was so eerie that Anew Returner felt shivers down his spine.

    "Have you?" Jiang Fei turned to look at Lady Casanova, amazed.

    When the guild master was looking at her in amazement, she caved in and confessed.

    "Yes... I have. The strategy was indeed written down. However, the boss fights were too quick. There are still gaps in the strategy, but even so, I'm sure that we can raid it without the guild master," said Lady Casanova. Although she was a little butch, both physically and mentally, she was still a girl in heart.

    "Heh. I'm impressed. You lots should learn from this sister! Instead of just sitting down and wait, I swear I'll stop attacking right now if you lots are not taking this seriously! For Pete's sake, I'm not getting paid!" Jiang Fei roared.

    "Hehe... Boss, of course, you're not getting paid. I mean, who's going to employ the greatest player who is pioneering everything in the game?" Anew Returner laughed.

    "Geez... What am I going to do with you guys..." Jiang Fei sighed and chuckled.

    Everyone laughed at the subtle joke and soon arrived at a large hall without any monster in sight. There were only two humanoid Draconians bosses talking to each other.

    "Garien, did you know, the best way to cook an Ironshell Lizard is to broil them!"

    "Excuse me Waldos, but everyone knows that the best way to cook them is to steam them!"

    "That doesn't make any sense! It is evident that broiling them is better! Nothing tastes better than broiled lizard meat!

    "Hahaha! My friend Garien, it seems that you had yet to see the true art of the culinary world. The best taste in the world is human meat!"

    "You idiot! I'd say..."

    "Hold on, someone is here!"

    "Humans? Aren't those your favorites?"

    "Shhhh! Be quiet, don't scare them away. Once they start running, it's going to be hard to catch them!"

    "Fine. Share some with me if you managed to catch them."


    "What the hell is with that conversation? Are we their snacks?" cried Jiang Fei, annoyed after he had listened to their conversation.

    "Welcome visitors! You must be tired. Please rest here. We won't do anything to you!" said the taller, skinner Draconian named Garien.

    "T-That's right. *slurps* Come in!" said the shorter, fatter Draconian Waldos as he licked his tongue.


    "Dude, they think we're idiots!" cried Anew Returner angrily. The two were just talking about eating them a few seconds ago! Ever so loudly even!

    "Wait here. I'll go in and check their skills," said Jiang Fei as he approached close enough to check their attributes without triggering the battle.

    Garien (Humanoid, Lord)

    Level: 85

    Health Points: 40,000,000

    Magic Attack: 17,000

    Skills: Fireball, Flame Burst, Rising Flame, Ticking Bomb, Soul Return!

    Fireball: Casts a fireball after two seconds of chanting. Attacks a target with a fire attribute strongly.

    Flame Burst: Casts an ultra-large fireball after six seconds of chanting. Deals powerful fire attack to a target. Burns the target for thirty seconds, dealing 10% health points as damage every second. (Cannot be interrupted)

    Rising Flame: Marks a spot in the field which will explode with powerful fire damage, dealing powerful fire damage to all targets within the area. Last for fifteen seconds.

    Ticking Bomb: Randomly selects five players and marks them. Marked players will receive 5,000 damage per second. Explodes after five seconds, dealing powerful damage to marked target and targets that are close.

    Soul Return: On death, Garien will return to the world in spirit form and will continue to fight until his partner is killed. All skills cast during spirit form cannot be interrupted. Gains 50% increase in all damage. (Skill will be activated if Garien is the first to die)
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