805 The Formidable Duo

    Waldos (Humanoid, Lord)

    Level: 85

    Health Points: 65,000,000

    Attack Power: 11,000

    Skills: Armored Bulwark, Petrifying Stare, Snatch, Swallow, Illuminating Return

    Armored Bulwark: Creates a powerful armor around Waldos capable of absorbing 3,000,000 damage. During activation, Waldos will gain a 50% increase in Physical Attack.

    Petrifying Stare: Randomly marks five targets. Marked targets cannot move or they will be inflicted with Petrification.

    Snatch: Randomly picks a target and forcefully drag the target to his front. The target that is inflicted with Petrification will be prioritized.

    Swallow: If there is a player that has been inflicted with Petrification, Waldos will swallow said player, dealing 5,000 damage per second for ten seconds. If the player dies, Waldos will regain 20% Health Points.

    Illuminating Return: Upon receiving a fatal blow, Waldos will recover 50% Health Points over five seconds. This skill has three minutes cooldown time. (Skill will be ineffective if Garien dies).

    "What a powerful duo!" cried Jiang Fei as he saw the skill set the two bosses had.

    The two humanoid Draconian bosses were strong. If any other regular players made a mistake in the fight, the battle might end right away. Best case scenario; they would just lose a few fighting members and prolong the fight. The worst-case scenario was a complete party wipe out.

    It was obvious that Garien was the magic DPS with powerful attacking skills while Waldos was the tank with high health points. The skill, Illuminating Return, was annoying as it indirectly set an attack power requirement for the party. If the party did not have enough DPS in their team, or someone accidentally died and restored the boss' health, the battle would be concluded with a lost.

    After understanding the bosses' skills, Jiang Fei could not determine which of the boss he should kill first. Other parties that would be exploring this dungeon for the first time would surely be in for a treat.

    If Garien was killed first, he would return to be an undefeatable ghost that could not be attacked. Not only one could not interrupt his skills from being cast, but his damage output would also be increased by 50%. On the other hand, if Jiang Fei had chosen to kill Waldos first, he would have to consider the three minute-long repeatable health-restoring skill. This skill was a test to the party's DPS output. Paired with Armored Bulwork, Waldos would probably survive longer than three minutes to use Illuminating Return.

    "Be careful of the bosses' skills. Get ready, I'm going in now," said Jiang Fei after he had explained the bosses' skills to the party.

    "Don't worry. We have been through worse dungeons," said Seven Star Warrior. Although not all, the members of the raiding party were strong. They had been raiding dungeons for so many times that none of them could even count. If it was not by the thousands, it was close to that. Working together in a dangerous situation was like breathing. If they could not even do that, they would not be in the raiding party.

    "Alright, enough said," said Jiang Fei as he charged first.

    As soon as Jiang Fei entered his attacking range, he unleashed a volley of arrows at Garien first. Until he had locked Garien's aggro on him, he then switched to attacking Waldos.

    Jiang Fei planned to first kill Waldos since he had a high Defense stat. Even though the draconian had Illuminating Return, Jiang Fei was confident that his DPS would be higher than what he could heal.

    "Don't resist my little sweet, sweet desserts!" Garien laughed as he stomped over to attack Jiang Fei.

    A quick chant and Jiang Fei was hit with a fireball to the chest.


    Jiang Fei had taken a direct hit. It was powerful, but nothing to worry about.

    "Ohh. The legendary tasties! I want to eat you!" cried Waldos as he charged at Jiang Fei with saliva dripping from his jaws.


    Garien was able to deal more than 50,000 damage to Jiang Fei since his attack was magic. Waldos' attack was Physical type; hence, Jiang Fei's Defense could mitigate a wholesome amount of damage away.




    In no time at all, Jiang Fei's Ruthless Barrage hit the max stack and Waldos was taking a good shower of arrows to his face!

    "Urgh! This little critter is annoyingly strong!" Waldos roared and started using his skill.


    A barrier was erected around Waldos and at the same time, his Defense value increased. Jiang Fei's damage was lowered down to around 170,000.

    "Help me! Garien!" cried Waldos.

    "Can't you see that I am busy as well!?" Garien scoffed and started using his skill as well. It seemed that they would use their skills at the same time.

    Even though Jiang Fei's attack was somewhat suppressed, Jiang Fei's insane attack speed had broken Waldos' barrier in just a few seconds.

    At the same time, Garien had finished chanting a spell and had fired a gigantic fireball at Jiang Fei.



    That amount of damage had taken more than half of Jiang Fei's health points away.

    "F*cking hell. Where did that come from?!" cried Jiang Fei as he started to sweat. If that attack had been a critical hit, Jiang Fei would have died immediately!

    "Priest, a little help here. If you see that giant fireball coming at me. Please cast a barrier for me!" said Jiang Fei in the very next second.

    "Sure thing, boss," said the Priests of the party.

    Jiang Fei had never been reliant on healings, especially after he had obtained the Cauldron of Spirit. However, it was different now. The skill Flame Burst was strong enough to kill him instantly in one hit. It mattered if Jiang Fei could regenerate one million health points per second if the enemy could deal so much damage in one instance. At this point, it was safer to have the Priest cast a barrier to help mitigate some damage to prevent Jiang Fei from dying in one hit.

    "Garien? What's wrong with you?" cried Waldos when Jiang Fei was already halfway through in killing Waldos.

    "I'm almost there! Where's the fire!?" cried Garien as he chanted a spell.


    The ground underneath Jiang Fei and the party members started to sizzle and glow red.

    "It's Rising Flame! Everyone! Scatter!" cried Seven Star Warrior.


    Pillars of flame burst out from the ground, dealing substantial damage to the players who had not managed to get out in time. The damage dealt was powerful but not at all lethal.

    "Ding! Garien is marking Little Rain, Cutie Pie, Hazy Memory, Blue Banshee, and Seventh Fighter!"

    "Stop! Stop moving!" cried Seven Star Warrior to those players who were marked by Garien. He was taking on the role of the sub-commander of the party. Hence, even though he was a melee fighter, he did not rush into the fight. Instead, he stood far behind the battle to observe and record the battle for future raids.

    "Haha! Come and play my little desserts!" Garien roared as he activated Ticking Bombs on all the marked targets. While four of the Ticking Bombs were placed on the other players, Little Rain was unfortunate to be picked by both bosses!

    "Oh... F*ck me... Should I run? Or should I just stay here?" cried Little Rain. Since he had the Ticking Bomb on him, he should run away from the group. However, if he moved, he would be Petrified by Waldos!
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