808 Living Energy

    Once the loot was distributed, Jiang Fei and the party proceeded further into the dungeon. After the hall, the party was met with a small narrow waterway leading downward into the sewers. It was both smelly and wet, an environment where germaphobes would rather die than go into.

    "Bandits, scout what's ahead and check for traps!" Jiang Fei commanded. The waterway was too small and narrow that it was difficult to squeeze in 100 players at a time. In this case, since the dungeon was designed to fit in a 100 players, narrow passageway as this one would most likely be fitted with traps.

    "Aye, sir," said Hazy Memory as he led a team of Bandits to scout ahead.

    "Is it me, or is the Light Dragon Dungeon better than this Black Dragon Dungeon?" said Anew Returner.

    "Why do you say that?" Jiang Fei asked, puzzled.

    "Well, the monster count in this dungeon is too low! There's hardly any experience points to be farmed here," Anew Returner spat.

    "Yeah! This dungeon offers very little experience points!" Cutie Pie chimed in.

    "What are you complaining about? Didn't you just get yourself a pet? You can farm experience points later when we're done with this dungeon." Jiang Fei snorted and laughed.

    "Guild master, you're in no position to say something like that. Don't get me wrong, but we're all nowhere near your level..." Anew Returner cringed. He and Cutie Pie were stuck at the bottom of the barrel. Their position in the Level Ranking Board was a downward spiral.

    "Haha! True that! Hehehe..." Jiang Fei laughed awkwardly as he understood what Anew Returner was trying to imply. He decided to just stop talking since if he didn't, he would just be humble bragging.

    Lately, players had been leveling up faster than usual. Especially after the events with the Dragon Lairs. There were so many things to do. First, there were the quests available. After that, there were missions to help the Shadow Faction to fight the dragons, and helping the Dragons to defeat the Light Faction.

    There was a saying, human greed knows no bounds. Cutie Pie and Anew Returner were already higher than Level 70. They belonged to the 10% of the entire player population that had reached Level 70! Others were only around Level 65 to Level 70. Even though they were Level 75 and Level 76 and should be proud and satisfied, they were eclipsed by Jiang Fei being level 90! No matter how hard they tried, they could not feel special unless they were either Level 80 or higher!

    Just as the conversation came to a halt, Hazy Memory and the other Bandits returned.

    "The coast is clear. There are no traps around," said Hazy Memory. The "minesweeper" squad had not found anything after heading deep into the waterway.

    "Alright, let's go then," Jiang Fei commanded and proceeded into the waterway.

    Before he could move further in, Hazy Memory cried out to him, "Guild master, there are monsters ahead."

    Instead of slowing down, Jiang Fei started to sprint forward.

    The waterway was small and narrow, but thankfully short. There was a large hall after the waterway ended. The hall was huge and was filled with racks of potions and empty bottles. It looked like an alchemist laboratory. Many monsters were patrolling around and a giant being that was chained down to the ground.

    "What is that?" said Little Rain as he pointed to the enigmatic being.

    "That monster's name is Sulu. Anyone heard about it before?" asked Cutie Pie. She had the skill Eagle Eye, which allowed her to have extremely sharp and the ability to see further away.

    "No clue," said the others while Jiang Fei turned to Akatziris.

    "Sulu?" she gasped.

    "You know about that thing?" Jiang Fei barked, surprised. He was surprised since Akatziris had never been useful in dungeon fights. He had almost forgotten about this beautiful Succubus.

    "I'm sorry, master. I do not know about it, just the name," she explained.

    "Anything else, perhaps?"

    "Legend has it that they were the beings that lived when the Primordial Celestial ruled the realm. Their body is made from sparse energy. They had a supernatural ability and strength but extremely low intelligence. They were once the servants of the Primordial Celestial. However, after the Ancient War was over and the Celestials were sealed away in an alternate dimension, these Sulus were lost in history. No one had heard or know where they were. I am surprised to see that the Black Dragons had actually captured one," Akatziris explained.

    "Do you know how strong are they?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "I... I don't know, master. From what I've gathered, these Sulu were servants that do all the hard-labor and rarely be used as fighters. That was why there are hardly any records of them in history," Akatziris explained.

    "Thank you," Jiang Fei nodded. Although he was a little disappointed with the lack of information, it did not matter much since Jiang Fei would know everything about it after he had a good look.

    "Guys, clear the monsters first and do not get close to that boss," said Jiang Fei.

    "Okay!" Seven Star Warrior roared as he led the party to clear all the small monsters.

    Just as Jiang Fei shot an arrow to kill one of the monsters, the Sulu made a low grunt before groaning.





    A bolt of black lightning struck everyone who was close to the Sulu and each received 10,000 damage.

    "Huh? Has the boss fight started already?" Jiang Fei gasped. Never in a million years would Jiang Fei had thought that killing a monster would trigger the boss fight.

    Since the boss was awake, Jiang Fei cleared a few monsters on his way and approached the boss to check its skills.

    Sulu (Living Energy, High Lord)

    Level: 85

    Health Points: 27,000,000

    Magic Attack: 14,000

    Skills: Negative Energy, Darkness, Summon Guards, Shadow Arrows.

    Negative Energy: Randomly targets five players within the vicinity, dealing 5,000 Shadow damage per second for five seconds.

    Darkness: Releases dark energy to an area. All targets within the area will receive 5,000 damage per second. Two seconds later, eight Dark Beings will spawn (can be purged). 30,000 damage will be dealt to all targets (entire party) if anyone made contact with the Dark Beings. Targets that are damaged by the Dark Beings will receive damage when receiving any healing.

    Summon Guards: Summons ten Advanced Elite Draconian Guards to protect Sulu.

    Shadow Arrows: Releases a massive amount of Shadow Arrows and attacks anyone within twenty meters of Sulu.

    "Take note, when the ground turns black, run out of it. Priest, please use any purging skill on the monsters that spawn in the black area," Jiang Fei explained to the party after he had seen the boss's skills.

    The skill "Darkness" was a party-wiping skill. The 5,000 damage per second was nothing much to be concerned about but the eight Dark Beings that spawned later are problematic. One touch and it would explode, dealing 30,000 damage to everyone in the party. It was so powerful that a single detonation could kill a Clothe armored player. There were even eight of them on the map and if all of them were eliminated, even Jiang Fei would perish!

    "Anything else?" Seven Star Warrior asked.

    "Remember to heal everyone in the party. Tanks should handle the monsters. Ehrm... Nothing else. Leave the boss to me. Remember to run out of the black area and do not touch the black monsters that are spawned!" said Jiang Fei. As long as the Dark Beings were left alone, nothing bad should happen. If anything else, the boss fight should be quick since the boss had only twenty-seven million health points. Even though it had powerful party-wiping skills, Jiang Fei could still kill it fast enough before things got worse.
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