809 Second Stage

    After clearing all the monsters that were in his way, Jiang Fei rushed to the boss and immediately attacked it.

    Sulu was chained to the ground in the hall and was unable to move around. The most used skill was the black lightning bolt that dealt 40,000 to 50,000 damage to Jiang Fei. A powerful damage but nothing to be worried about.

    The only problem with this boss was the Draconian Guards that were summoned. These guards were strong and were spawned right behind the party. Thankfully, the tanks of the party had nothing to do since none of them could approach the boss. Hence, when the monsters spawned, the tanks immediately drew their attention and the DPS attacked them.

    Since no one could stand within twenty meters of the boss, the melee fighters joined the tanks to deal with the summoned Draconian Guards. Even though the summoned Draconian Guards were at the level of a five-man dungeon boss, they were quickly killed by many melee fighters that swarmed around it like a pack of hyenas.

    Sulu was also strong in its own way but it had too little health point. Jiang Fei had only taken ten seconds to take more than half of his health points away!

    "Pain... Suffer..." Sulu groaned and released a dark cloud that sunk into the ground.

    "Run out of the dark area!" Seven Star Warrior roared. Before Seven Star Warrior had even responded, everyone spontaneously ran out of the dark area. The healers had even healed all that had taken damage from the skill.

    Two seconds after the dark area was created, right Dark Beings came out from the ground and started to move very slowly to the closest player.

    "Run! Runnnnnnn!" cried a random player before the Dark Beings could touch them.

    "Priest! Start purging them please!" cried Seven Star Warrior.

    Everyone cooperated smoothly and purged all the Dark Beings that had spawn.

    "Phew!" Jiang Fei sighed with relief when all the Dark Beings were purged. If all eight of them were detonated, the stacked 230,000 damage would kill him and every party member!

    As the battle raged on, the boss continued to cast Darkness, causing everyone to run around like ants. This placed huge pressure on the healers as they needed to run, heal, and purge at the same time.

    To date, Jiang Fei felt that this boss fight was the most stressful for healers. Darkness aside, Negative Energy was repeatedly used by the boss. At first, it was fine but as the battle dragged on, the pressure started to build up.

    "F*ck this! How am I supposed to fight?" Anew Returner roared as he taunted one of the Draconian Guards while running out of the dark area. There was literally no rhythm as it was hard to even stand still for a second. If Jiang Fei was not there with them, there was no telling how the others could even survive the boss fight. There was no time to attack the boss itself!

    "I agree with you. After this, we should just stick to the Light Dragon Lair as it was much easier and has more experience points to start!" Seven Star Warrior croaked as he shared the same rage with this boss fight.

    Even though both dungeons were Heroic difficulty, the Black Dragon Lair was clearly harder than the Light Dragon Lair. The Black Dragon Lair demanded much higher coordination as well as much stronger overall DPS. At least in the Light Dragon Lair, the entire party would not be wiped even if someone made a stupid mistake. Right now, as long as no one created trouble for Jiang Fei, the party should be able to survive. Everyone, except Jiang Fei, had only one role, purge the Dark Beings or run away from them.

    Thankfully, nothing bad happened for the entire course. The boss was killed in less than thirty seconds and everyone was extremely tired, both physically and mentally.


    Just ss the boss's rocky body hit the ground, the chains and rocks around its body broke loudly. What happened next made everyone gasp in horror.



    "Kill... Everyone..."

    Once the shell exploded, a new, larger, and uglier boss emerged.

    Living Energy Mutant (Magic Being, High Lord)

    Level: 85

    Health Points: 30,000,000

    Magic Attack: 15,000

    Skills: Negative Energy, Black Hole, Darkness

    Negative Energy: Randomly targets five players within the vicinity, dealing 5,000 Shadow damage per second for five seconds. Damage dealt will increase over time.

    Black Hole: Randomly picks five players and place a Black Hole on them. Five seconds later, the Black Hole will become a Node that will start chasing any random targets within ten meters. The Node will deal 3,000 Shadow damage to anyone within five meters, knocking them away.

    Darkness: Releases dark energy to an area. All targets within the area will receive 5,000 damage per second. Two seconds later, eight Dark Beings will spawn (can be purged). 30,000 damage will be dealt to all targets (entire party) if anyone made contact with the Dark Beings. Targets that are damaged by the Dark Beings will receive damage when receiving any healing.

    It appeared that the boss had a second stage. Although it had lesser skills, it had become so much stronger. Not only did it had higher health points and magic attack, but its skills had also been enhanced.

    Negative Energy would deal more damage over time and if the party did not end the fight soon, the skill alone could wipe the entire party.

    Darkness had the same effect as before. The skill Black Hole was not as terrifying as it seemed but the ability to chase and knock players around was problematic. If someone was unlucky enough to be knocked into the black area and hit the Dark Beings, the entire party might be killed.

    "Guild master, how is the new boss?" Seven Star Warrior asked since he needed to know if there were changes to the boss to adjust the battle strategy.

    "There are only two things to worry about. The skill Darkness and a new skill called Black Hole. Nothing to worry about. Just run from anything that appears! Remember to purge the black monsters that spawn!" Jiang Fei barked as he attacked the boss. The faster he killed the boss, the higher the chances of survivability of the entire party.

    "Understood!" said Seven Star Warrior as he nodded.

    "Little Rain, go back! Back away!"

    "The black area is up! Priest, get ready to purge!"

    "It's the Black Hole! Run! Run away from the players that are picked!"


    Seven Star Warrior was so busy that he did not have time to monitor the boss fight properly. During the second stage of the boss fight, the boss's skill releasing rate increased dramatically. Darkness was released right after the first one was gone. The same applied to the Black Hole. When a Black Hole appeared on a player, everyone needed to run away from them! If they were too slow, they might get themselves pushed into the area of Darkness.

    "F*ck you! I don't believe you would have a third form!" Jiang Fei roared angrily when he saw just how many black areas were created by the boss.
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