811 Super Boss

    The shadow in the sky broke through the clouds at breakneck speed, leaving behind an empty patch between clouds. As soon as it broke through the clouds, Jiang Fei identified that the monster was a boss; a black dragon.





    The black dragon descended quickly and blasted a trail of fire that inflicted powerful damage to all party members. While Jiang Fei and other tanks were unscathed, the magicians were left with a tiny bit of health, and the Clothe armor players were instantly killed by the attack. That attack was nothing but an initial attack. It was not even the start of the fight yet.

    Black Dragon Leader, Ousveil (Dragon, High Lord)

    Level: 88

    Health Points: 65,000,000

    Attack Power: 16,000

    Skills: Shadow Aura, Shadow Impulse, Dark Clouds, Deathly Spit, Shadow Detonation, Berserk.

    Shadow Aura: Deals 3,000 Shadow damage every two seconds to all targets within 200 meters.

    Shadow Impulse: Inflicts all targets with 5,000 Shadow damage. In the next thirty second, 5,000 Health Points and 1,000 Mana Points will be drained from all players every two seconds. Effect can be dispelled or purged.

    Dark Clouds: Summons Shadow clouds into the battlefield. Any targets that are under the cloud will become Ousveil's servant and fight for his stead. Controlled players will gain enhanced movement speed, attack power, and healing ability. Last for thirty seconds. Effect cannot be removed.

    Deathly Spit: Randomly selects a target. Deals 10,000 Shadow damage. For ten seconds, Ousveil will pursue said target. The target that is selected will leave a trail of poison flame that will inflict 10,000 Shadow damage to any targets that step on it. After Death Spit ends, Skeletal Warrior will spawn from the poison flam. If the target dies before the skill ends, a powerful Advanced Elite tier Skeletal Warrior will spawn from his corpse! (Skill can only be activated when Ousveil is airborne).

    Shadow Detonation: Randomly selects a target. Stunning the target for six seconds and deals 5,000 Shadow damage to the target and any target close by.

    Berserk: Gains 100 times Attack and Defense power, immediately kills all targets within melee range. (Effect will be activated after eight minutes).

    "How are we going to fight this boss?" Seven Star Warrior asked.

    "Alright. Listen to my order during the fight. If you think the previous boss is hard, this is going to be much harder!" said Jiang Fei. He then proceeded to explain all the skills to the party and took the helm of commanding. This boss made the previous Living Energy boss look like a child's play. Seven Star Warrior could only see the skill's description right after the boss had executed the skill. It would be too slow for him hence Jiang Fei thought it would be best for him to take the helm instead.

    "Alright, no problem here," Little Rain and the others agreed.

    "Alright. Everyone gather closely at the center of the courtyard. When the boss uses any of his skills, I want you to listen to what I say. Failure to react quick enough means the entire party might get wiped. So, please listen closely. I might still survive all of this so... don't let me take all the credit!" said Jiang Fei with a taunting smile. The boss could not kill him; hence he was calm and composed. All he needed was the party to listen to him to end the fight faster.

    It was important to have the fight go smoothly to let Lady Casanova and Seven Star Warrior familiarize themselves with the boss fight. Jiang Fei could not always be there with the guild members for every raid. He would only get involved in new undiscovered dungeons. After the dungeon was cleared, the guild members needed to lead other new members to raid this dungeon to farm for pet eggs. That was why he wanted everyone to survive this fight to help in future raids! If he wanted, he could solo fight this particular boss. There was no need for anyone else to help him.

    "We are ready. Guild master, you may start," Lady Casanova snorted as she gripped her battle ax tighter.

    "Here I go!" Jiang Fei roared as he released a volley of arrows at the boss.

    "Intruders?! In my turf?! Interesting!" Ousveil roared and charged toward Jiang Fei. Every step it took shook the earth. It was shaking so violently that the smaller, lighter players easily lost their balance and fell.

    As soon as the first attack landed, Shadow Aura DoT effect was activated immediately. Although this skill's damage was not high, it was consistent damage even though everyone else was not doing anything. The skill's range was 200 meters in radius; too large that no one could escape the skill's damage. This was a challenge to all healers in the party to keep everyone alive.

    The first stage of the boss was easy as it was short. In this first phase, the boss could be easily taunted by the tanks. Besides the passive DoT aura, the boss would not be using any other skills. The other players could help in dealing with some damage on the side. The first phase of the boss lasted only until 90% health points. Since Jiang Fei was the main gunner in the house, the first phase was over in just ten seconds.

    "Insolent fools! You angered me!" Ousveil roared as he extended his wings and soared to the sky.

    The first skill Ousveiled used when he was airborne was Shadow Impulse. Everyone took 5,000 damage in the first second and a negative status effect. Every two seconds, they would lose 5,000 health points and mana points that would be absorbed by the Black Dragon.

    "Purge! Purge the debuff!" Jiang Fei roared. The Priests needed to act fast or the boss would not only deal a good amount of damage but also restore a good amount of health!

    All the Priests started with themselves first and then the mages. The warriors and those not heavily mana-dependent class were the last to be dispelled. Thankfully, everyone was standing close at the center as per Jiang Fei's request, allowing the purging process to be over quickly.

    "Everyone needs to get away from each other now. Remember to keep at least five meters distance!" said Jiang Fei after Shadow Impulse was over. It was a move to counter the next skill, Shadow Detonation.

    A few seconds later, the boss flew closer to the player and selected five players out of the party. Their characters started to emit some sort of shadowy radiation that inflicted damage on themselves as well as players standing five meters away from them. If they had stood close together, all five selected player would deal damage to all party members.
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