812 Halved

    "Heal them!" Jiang Fei commanded.

    Players that were selected by the Shadow Detonation were taking DoT damage from both Shadow Detonation and Shadow Aura. Their health was dropping so fast that if the healers were not focusing their healings on them, those five players would die.

    Just as the healers were working with each other to cast AoE heals and focus on single-target heals, the boss unleashed another skill. This time, it was Dark Clouds.

    Without Jiang Fei notifying them, everyone proactively ran away from the clouds. Based on past experience, which they had plenty, anything that the boss threw was never good. The dark clouds that the boss had cast was large. So large that not all players were able to run out. Unfortunately, the boss was not kind enough to wait. One second after the clouds were put out, the effect started to take shape.

    "Oh, no! I can't control my character!"

    "Me too!"


    A few selected players had their character's control robbed from them. In the next second, their names appeared to be red.

    "Use Hex or transfiguration on the controlled players!" cried Jiang Fei. The players that were controlled by the boss had gained increased attack and movement speed. If they were left unchecked, they could be far worse than monsters.

    Hex: Sheep!

    Voodoo Art: Frog!


    Various disabling skills were cast to turn all the players that were being controlled by the boss into cute little harmless critters. Even though they could run faster than they look, they were still harmless and were unable to attack.

    "Take note, the boss is about to use his ultimate skill! Those who are picked must run at the corner of the map!" said Jiang Fei. The boss had less than 70% health points left. Based on his past experience, Jiang Fei knew that at every 10% health point loss, the boss would unleash something new and powerful. The next on the list should be Deathly Spit.

    "Ding! Cutie Pie, the Black Dragon Ousveil has set his sights on you!"

    "Mengmeng! Run! Go the corner! Do not run into the players," ordered Jiang Fei.

    "Huh? Me? Oh! That's right," Cutie Pie was baffled for a while before she realized that there was a red-colored icon on the top of her head. She then quickly used movement speed-increasing skill and turn backward to run.

    The dragon flew downward and breathed fire in Cutie Pie's general direction. As Cutie Pie ran, the dragon followed, leaving a trail of black flames in the ground where it had struck.

    "Heal Cutie Pie and keep her alive. Everyone else, please do not touch the black flames," said Jiang Fei.

    Not long after the flames were up, eight Leader tier mini-boss was spawned from the hellish flames.

    "Alright guys, this goes without saying but, please take care of the spawned monsters while I handle the boss," said Jiang Fei. Anew Returned with a few other tanks and warriors took charge and taunted the monsters away from Jiang Fei and led them to the attackers.

    "That's all the boss's skill. Remember the effects. Please take care of the healers!" said Jiang Fei

    "Gather together now, the second cycle of skills is starting soon!" said Jiang Fei.

    "Priests, ready your AoE purging and dispelling skills. Once everyone is cleared of the debuff, all of us need to run away from each other!"

    "Drink your mana potions. You guys are going to need all the mana you can get."


    The fight was going on smoothly so far without any death. Due to Jiang Fei's absurdly serious damage, the boss's health points quickly dropped before the boss could even properly cycle through its skills. It was good as the party members did not have to suffer through that many cycles.

    "Ding! Your party member, XXX, has died!"

    As favorable as it seemed, there were sometimes cases where the boss could just kill you off with no exception.

    The player who had died was inflicted by Deathly Spit. Incidentally, the player was also under the effect of Shadow Aura and Shadow Detonation. Under three DoT effect, no healers was able to help him from dying.

    "F*ck! Get a hold of the monster! Healers, please take care of the tank!" Jiang Fei cried out worriedly. The player was killed while he was under the effect of Deathly Spit. In that case, a new stronger Skeletal Warrior would spawn!

    As expected, one the player dropped dead to the ground, his body split apart and a Skeletal Warrior emerged from his unsightly corpse. His attack was so strong that Anew Returner, a powerful tank, had taken around 50,000 damage in a single hit. If it was not for the fact that he had a powerful pet to merge with, he would have died. Needless to say that the healers of Empyreal Dragon had to brush up their healing prowess.

    "Just hold on a little longer! Take your potions! Don't be stingy on them! The boss is about to die!" Jiang Fei roared.

    "Guild master, we're out of mana! We can't hold on any longer!" cried Gale Eversummer. She was the Healer's group leader. If she, a Hidden Class, specialized in healing had low mana, the rest of the healer squad would have spent all their mana a long time ago.

    The battle was not long; however, the demand of healing all players was too much. Aside from running around and dodging skills, the healers had never stopped healing. Even though they had tried their best, the entire party was crumbling.

    "Damn... This dungeon might not be for us after all!" Little Rain grunted. The player with the lowest level in the party was Level 70 and their opponent was a Level 85 High Lord tier boss. To be fair, there were some truth to his complaints.

    The original intention of the developers was to have all the players familiarize themselves with the previous dungeons first. After they had gained a certain number of upgrades, in this case, Levels, equipment, and pets, they could challenge the last three Dragon Lairs.

    The thing was, Empyreal Dragon was not the common folks. They had Jiang Fei, a player that defied the proper order of the game. If Jiang Fei had not been there, the party would have died in the previous boss fights!

    "Ding! Your party member, XXX, has died!"


    Due to the lack of mana, the Healers were unable to heal anyone else, causing the rapidly increasing number of deaths.

    "Damn!" Jiang Fei barked. The boss had only over ten million health points left. His original plan was to gauge how the party could handle the boss without him using his ultimate cheating skill. However, it seemed that the result was incredibly unsatisfactory. He could let everyone die but it would not be good for morale. Hence, Jiang Fei took out his treasured spear and hurled it.



    The boss was killed immediately, ending the fight.

    The boss was left with ten million health points. Although Jiang Fei could have ended the fight a few million health points ago, he wanted to prolong the fight to let Lady Casanova and the other to familiarize themselves with the boss's skill mechanics. Unfortunately for the party, everyone was only a few seconds away from death; hence, he had to kill the boss.

    "This is too stressful!" Little Rain huffed as he dropped to the ground. He too was on the verge of dying when the Healers ran out of mana and he had to rely on Mana Shield to survive. He was so close to losing his sh*t!

    Jiang Fei made a quick headcount and noted that over forty players had died in this boss fight. It was basically half of what he had come in with. Still, they did make good progress as even Jiang Fei had to admit that it was the most stressful boss fight anyone had ever faced.

    "How's everything? Did you understand the boss's mechanics?" Jiang Fei nudged Lady Casanova.

    "What's the use? How could any of us fight this boss without you?" Little Rain croaked disgruntledly as he rolled his eyes.
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