813 Chromatic Pet Egg

    "I understand the struggle but... well... it's true. I guess..." said Jiang Fei, not looking directly at them. There was truth to his words. Even with Jiang Fei at the helm, there were just too many casualties. One can only imagine how the raid would turn out if Jiang Fei was out of the picture. Judging from the battle results, everyone needed to be Level 80 or the raid would be a flop.

    "Excuse me? There are still monsters around here. Well, don't mind me as I try to keep everyone else alive for now. Why not strap on a lazy chair and relax while I whip out a nice cold lemon tea for the lot of ya!" cried Anew Returner as he sarcastically taunted Jiang Fei and the rest of the party members who were resting. It would be the death of him since he had no mana left to invoke any skill to suppress the Skeletal Warrior.

    "Whoops. Sorry," Jiang Fei snickered away as he shot the rampaging Skeletal Warriors to officially end the battle. Jiang Fei went ahead and picked up his Dragon's Bane and cleared the entire battlefield before killing the last Skeletal Warrior.

    Ding! You have killed all the boss in the "Black Dragon Lair". You have cleared the "Black Dragon Lair"!

    Ding! Your party is the first party to clear the "Black Dragon Lair". Please enter your party name!

    A system notification and a pop-up window appeared in front of Jiang Fei.

    "Hah! I guess I should type something provocative to push the other guilds to move faster!" Jiang Fei snickered away.

    Ding! Faction Announcement: "I've cleared another dungeon! You guys have two more days! Good luck, plebs!" party has cleared the dungeon "Black Dragon Lair". Congratulation to party members "Verdure Glider, Seven Star Warrior, Cutie Pie, and the rest".


    "Boss, it's that Verdure Glider again..." said a random player, admirably.

    "So what? It's not like I could do what he could," said a random guild master, shrugging off his unimpressive achievement.

    "What can we do then?" said the player, sensing hostility brewing in his guild master.

    "What can you do? Buck up? Suck it up? Train harder? Get lost?" said the guild master as he kicked him out of the party, immediately expelling him from the dungeon.


    "We've done our best. It has been three days and we have only managed to take down two bosses. Who knows when we will defeat the third one..." said another guild master attempting to clear a Dragon Lair.

    "At least we are showing progress. Two days should be adequate for us to clear this dungeon. Moreover, if we cannot clear this dungeon in two days, Verdure Glider and his guild might choose a different Dragon Lair from ours. We might still have a chance to get the First Clear Achievement! There are four others just like this one!"

    While that particular guild was making a better progress, the others were not as far. When Jiang Fei made that announcement, everyone grew anxious and was pushed to try harder and better.

    "That's good to know. Let's put everything in for today and try to clear this dungeon! I have a good feeling that we can do it!" said the guild master. It would be futile to compete with the Empyreal Dragon but at least they could still fight the other guilds that were within their "league".

    "Yes, guild master! We will give it all we have, if only you would give us some... blessings," said the player with a large smile on his face.

    "If we can clear this Dragon Lair by today, I will reward everyone, twice as much!" said the guild master. If they clear the dungeon by today, they would be seen as the second guild in the Shadow Faction to be able to do so! It would be a worthy advertisement!


    Jiang Fei did not think about the other guilds after he was done with the First Clear Achievement announcement. He was more interested in finding out what sort of loot the boss would drop!

    "Guild master, we need your magic touch!"

    "Yeah! A powerful boss should give an equally nice loot!"

    "Booty! Mah booty!"

    "Phrasing... dude. Phrasing..."


    Jiang Fei was not alone. The excitement of discovering the prize that laid ahead for them was shared amongst everyone in the guild.

    "Here I go, guys!" Jiang Fei declared as he reached out his hands to open the loot.

    A bright white light flashed and dispersed into a rainbow.

    "Woah! A rainbow? Is that a Chromatic tier? What's that? A Evolving Pet Egg?"

    There were a few Hidden Class players in the guild, the light of rainbow was not alien to them since they had Chromatic Evolving weapons.

    "What is it, boss?"

    "Heh, calm down," Jiang Fei scoffed as he showed the pet egg to everyone.

    Black Dragon Lord Pet Egg (Pet Egg, Chromatic)

    Use: Hatches a Juvenile Black Dragon Lord to be your pet!

    "Woah! It is a Chromatic pet!" Little Rain exclaimed.

    "Seven Star Warrior, are you regretting-"

    "No. I'm not."

    Anew Returner tried to taunt Seven Star Warrior since his pet was an Ancient tier Dragon Lord type, a lower tier than Chromatic.

    "There's nothing to regret," said Seven Star Warrior with a straight face with no signs of regret. He was fairly satisfied with his Bloodstained Light Dragon even though it was only an Ancient tier.

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    A Chromatic pet was only a variant of the Legendary tier. To be blunt, it was just a Legendary tier pet that shared the same level as the player that owned it. In the end, it was still weaker than an Ancient tier pet.

    "Actually, Seven Star Warrior is right. A Chromatic pet is troublesome in its own way. It's not like it is the same as a Chromatic tier weapon!" Jiang Fei chimed in before Anew Returner could throw another taunting statement.

    "How could it be?" Little Rain interjected.

    "A Chromatic weapon will gain level and increased stats as the player levels up. It is like having a weapon that will never need to be changed. A pet is different. Its level is bound to be the same as the owner. Hence, the only advantage of having a Chromatic tier pet is not needing Magic Crystals to evolve it. In the end, it's just about saving money!" Jiang Fei explained.

    "Hey! That's still worth its while! Take Seven Star Warrior as an example, for him to evolve his dragon to adolescence form, he needed to farm for more than a month to earn enough points to get sufficient Magic Crystals!" Little Rain croaked.

    "Whatever rolls your balls man. Haha!" Jiang Fei laughed it off. Jiang Fei was actually grateful for the work Seven Star Warrior was willing to put out just for the sake of farming Magic Crystals.
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