820 A Forty-meter Long Dragon

    Although Seven Stars Warrior and the rest were traumatized by the dungeon experience the day before, they had earned the respect of other guilds. After all, apart from Empyreal Dragon, Glorious Peak was the only other guild to have cleared the Ice Dragon's dungeon. None of the other guilds had been able to clear the dungeons on their first attempt.

    Therefore, the fact that Empyreal Dragon's players were able to defeat the Heroic mode Light Dragon Nest dungeon without Jiang Fei was already commendable. Although they had had to spend an entire day to clear it, it was still a glorious achievement.

    However, since Jiang Fei was online today, Empyreal Dragon would be able to achieve even more under his lead.

    "Alright, let's get to work. Form the group!" Jiang Fei said in the guild channel.

    "Guild master, you are the only one who hasn't joined the group. We are all in it!" Lady Casanova laughed.

    "Alright! Add me into the group!" Jiang Fei was not expecting Lady Casanova and the rest to be this efficient.

    After the group had been formed, Jiang Fei and the others very quickly left the Demon Dragon Fortress and headed to the Dragon race's nests.

    "Damn! It's Verdure Glider again..."

    "Ahh! I bet even the toughest Epic mode would not be able to stop them in their tracks!"


    All players from the other guilds looked at Jiang Fei admiringly. It was sometimes the case that people would only be envious if you were slightly better than them at something. However, if you were significantly better, they would admire you instead of becoming envious of you. In Jiang Fei's case, he was far more powerful than the other players, such that they could only feel respect and admiration toward him.

    "Let's go into the dungeon!" Jiang Fei smiled as he took the lead in entering the final Dragon's nest.

    "Ding! Welcome to the Golden Dragon Nest. Good luck!"

    Unexpectedly, Jiang Fei and the other players were offered a system notification which wished them the best of luck after they entered the Epic mode dungeon.

    "Let's buff ourselves!" Jiang Fei was already able to see the gatekeeper monsters.

    Draconian Enforcer (Humanoid, Lord)

    Level: 88

    Health Points: 60,000,000

    Attack Power: 12,000

    Skills: Cleave, Bash, Deadly Strike, Tornado Slash

    Cleave: Instantly deal a significant amount of damage to all targets in front of you.

    Bash: Attack the current target and break his armor. Ignore 50% of the target's Physical Defense.

    Deadly Strike: Instantly deal a powerful attack to an enemy, lowering his recovery effects by 50%.

    Tornado Slash: The Draconian Enforcer waves the huge sword in its hand to deal significant damage to all enemies in a 10-meter radius.

    Remark: The two Draconian Enforcers must be killed simultaneously. If one Draconian Enforcer dies and the other is still alive after 5 seconds, it will be revived by its partner.

    "Awesome!" Jiang Fei sucked in a breath of air after checking out the gatekeeper monsters' attributes.

    The two gatekeeper monsters were almost similar to the dungeon's other monsters. The only difference was that their skills were slightly simpler. Therefore, their battle powers were not as great as the dungeon's other monsters.

    "Everyone, be careful. Melee players, stay far away to avoid being instantly killed by the Tornado Slash. Ranged attackers, damage it from afar!" Jiang Fei decided to tank against these two monsters on his own.

    "Don't worry, guild master!" Little Rain and the others responded. Jiang Fei proceeded to attack the monsters.

    Zoom! Zoom!

    As Jiang Fei fired his arrows, the battle began.

    "Intruders! Die!" The two Draconian Enforcers charged toward Jiang Fei and started attacking him with their huge swords.

    -23,487 (Cleave!)

    -35,842 (Bash!)

    -74,582 (Deadly Strike!)


    The two monsters' Attack Power were quite high. They posed as great a threat as the two prior Heroic mode dungeons.

    "I can still take it!" Jiang Fei nodded to himself. Although the two Draconian Enforcers had very high Attack Power, they had rather low Attack Speed. In between their attacks, Jiang Fei was able to fully recover his Health Points with the Cauldron of Spirit.

    As Jiang Fei continued to fire arrows at the monsters, his Ruthless Barrage soon reached full stacks. Jiang Fei's incredible Attack Power overpowered the two Draconian Enforcers and their Health Points soon reached a critical level.

    "Come on! Go all out! Kill them!" Jiang Fei shouted in the group channel.

    "Kill them!" With Jiang Fei's encouragement, Empyreal Dragon's players buckled up and used whatever they had to attack the monsters. Very soon, the two Draconian Enforcers' Health Points were brought down to zero.

    "Ding! You have eliminated the Draconian Enforcers! Obtained 3,200,000 Experience Points, obtained 20 gold coins!"


    Two system notifications were received by Jiang Fei and the other players as they successfully defeated the gatekeeper monsters. They had officially entered the Golden Dragon Nest dungeon.

    Golden Dragon Command Order (Pet Egg, Epic)

    Use: Unseal to summon a Draconian Enforcer as your pet to fight on your side.

    Like the previous gatekeeper monsters, the two Draconian Enforcers each dropped a sealed pet egg.

    "Bid for the eggs if you want them!" Lady Casanova said in the group channel.






    Very soon, the price of one of the two pet eggs reached 180 guild contribution points!

    "180. Anyone else?" Lady Casanova asked.

    "180, going once."

    "180, going twice."

    "180, going thrice. Sold!" Lady Casanova made the final confirmation and thereafter handed one of the Golden Dragon Command Orders to the player who won the bid.

    Soon enough, the second Golden Dragon Command Order was also auctioned off at the same cost of 180 guild contribution points. Although these two pets were only at the Epic rank, they were very strong physical attackers. Therefore, a lot of players were still keen to own them.

    "Let's go. The real challenge is ahead of us!" Jiang Fei said as he took in a breath of air.

    Under Jiang Fei's lead, the players walked further into the dungeon.

    "Tsk, tsk. Why does this dungeon not have any monsters?" Little Rain complained.

    "Yeah. These are the worst kind of dungeons. They are difficult but come with less rewards!" Cutie Pie added. After all, the Black Dragon's dungeon was a perfect example. Not only was it extremely difficult, it also did not reward players with a session to steal Dragon eggs. Therefore, the players were very dissatisfied.

    Very soon, Jiang Fei and the others walked past a long corridor and arrived at a large underground hall.

    "Kill, or be killed. You need to understand yourself to decide between the two!"

    "I like killing others, but I hate being killed!"

    "What about you? Intruders, do you understand yourself?"

    As soon as Jiang Fei and the rest entered the huge hall, a loud voice could be heard.

    "Damn! This fellow is way too huge!" At that moment, a huge dragon of eight-meters in height appeared before Jiang Fei and the others.

    The huge dragon was eight-meters in height even by just laying on the ground. Its body was at least forty-meters in length. Even without looking at its attributes, one could guess that this monster was extremely powerful.
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