821 Highlord Boss

    The Golden Dragon Nest's first monster was a huge and well-built Golden Dragon. Its body looked as big as a hill and was exceedingly frightening.

    This Golden Dragon was much bigger than most huge dragons. Not only was its body not streamlined like other dragons, one would even say it was oversized. Also, one of its wings was broken.

    Right then, Jiang Fei was carefully observing its attributes to assess what kind of powers it had.

    Dragon of the Broken Wing, Roweiss (Dragon Race, Highlord)

    Level: 90

    Health Points: 98,000,000

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    Attack Power: 24,000

    Skills: Stomp, Saber Lash, Swirling Bash, Burn, Frenzy.

    Stomp: Instantly deal significant damage to surrounding enemies and reduce their Physical Defense by 50%.

    Saber Lash: Instantly attack the current target twice. The second attack will be a certain Critical Hit.

    Swirling Bash: Roweiss deals 500,000 damage which will be split evenly between all enemies in a cone-shaped area 65-meters in front of it.

    Burn: Roweiss causes a region to flare up to deal continuous damage toward enemies in the region. Roweiss will prioritize damaging the enemies furthest away from it.

    Frenzy: When Roweiss' Health Points become lower than 20%, it will enter a state of Frenzy. Its Attack Speed and Movement Speed will be increased by 50% while its Attack Power will be increased by 100%.

    Remark: Roweiss was once a member of the Dragon God Bennette Straz's personal army, and retired due to its broken wing.

    "Damn! How do we fight this thing?" Jiang Fei was dumbfounded when he saw Roweiss' attributes.

    The Golden Dragon was far more powerful than Jiang Fei had imagined. Although Roweiss was only a Highlord, its Attack Power was significantly higher than most Lords.

    "Guild master, what's the matter?" Little Rain asked. Little Rain, like the other players, were only around Level 77 at most. Therefore, they could not see any information regarding monsters above Level 87. All they could see was a question mark above the monster's name. Therefore, they had no idea they were about to face a Highlord.

    "What's the matter? Have a look for yourself!" Jiang Fei sent Roweiss' attributes to all the other players.

    "What kind of a joke is this? A Highlord?" Lady Casanova and the rest were equally dumbfounded.

    "This game is bugged! How could we possibly defeat this thing?" Anew Returner exclaimed.

    "I think we have gone too far ahead..." Seven Stars Warrior said.

    "Ahh?" Anew Returner was speechless.

    "I think the system had meant for us to fight only the four Elite mode dungeons. It had initially planned for us to fight the two Heroic mode dungeons once we reached Level 80. This Golden Dragon Nest dungeon was perhaps meant to be attempted once we reached Level 90. However, our guild master is so powerful that he directly led us to victory against the Level 80 Heroic mode dungeons. Therefore, we had rashly entered the Epic mode Golden Dragon Nest dungeon!" Seven Stars Warrior explained.

    "That's very likely the case..." Lady Casanova nodded.

    "What do we do? Should we return to the city?" Little Rain asked.

    "Since we have come all this way, let's give it a shot!" Jiang Fei said after some thought.

    "Alright! Since the guild master has spoken, let's give it a try!" Lady Casanova and the others nodded along.

    Very soon, Jiang Fei and a few of the experienced commanders in the group began forming a strategy. The Golden Dragon was truly very strong. Even Jiang Fei did not dare to attack it without a plan. After all, the 500,000 damage from its Swirling Bash was shockingly powerful.

    As Jiang Fei had a lot of experience in fighting such strong monsters, and a few of the commanders in the group were also well-learned, they each had their own unique perspective on how to fight the beast before them. On top of that, Jiang Fei was able to view Roweiss' skills and attributes in detail. Therefore, Jiang Fei and the group was able to formulate a strategy very quickly.

    "Come on. Let's give it a shot!" Jiang Fei said after taking in a deep breath. He was prepared to fight.

    "Come over here! Let's finalize our positions!" Seven Stars Warrior gathered all of the players together.

    "Players with more than 50,000 Health Points, come out!" Seven Stars Warrior said.

    As Seven Stars Warrior spoke, twenty of the players with a lot of Health Points moved forward. Most of them were tankers and melee attackers. Apart from them, there were two other Magicians with more than 50,000 Health Points.

    "All of you, stand here." Seven Stars Warrior used a can of spray paint to draw a circle on the ground.

    "Your task is to absorb the brunt of the damage from Roweiss' Swirling Bash together with Anew Returner. As for attacking, only do so if you are able to. It's okay if you can't," Seven Stars Warrior said after the players had walked to their given positions.

    "The two groups of Clerics will stand behind these players. You have a simple task. Make sure these players' Health Points are always full." Seven Stars Warrior continued distributing the tasks.

    "I need ten Archers or Hunters to stand in the furthest positions. Your job is to attract Roweiss to use the Burn skill on you. Once you get hit, immediately leave the affected area. Clerics will heal you. When you are not being burned, try to attack Roweiss as much as possible." Seven Stars Warrior brought a group of ranged attackers into position.

    "For the other Clerics, pay close attention to the guild master. Once Roweiss enters the state of Frenzy, get ready to cast Painful Suppression on the guild master," Seven Stars Warrior said to the remaining Clerics.

    "The rest of you, try to fill in wherever you can. Make sure you pay attention to our commands during the battle!" After making sure everyone was aware of what they were supposed to do, Seven Stars Warrior returned to his own position.

    "Are we all ready? If we are, I will initiate the fight!" Jiang Fei said as he glanced at Anew Returner.

    "Guild master, I'm good!" Anew Returner replied. He was involved in the process of formulating the strategy. Therefore, he did not require Seven Stars Warrior to brief him with any task.

    "Alright! Let's begin!" Jiang Fei took two steps forward and started firing a line of arrows.

    "Intruders! Kill them!" As a loud and angry voice could be heard, Roweiss started charging at the players.


    -87,246 (Critical Hit!)

    After arriving before Jiang Fei, Roweiss immediately used its Saber Lash. The two attacks landed on Jiang Fei simultaneously with one of it being a certain Critical Hit. Instantly, Jiang Fei lost 60% of his Health Points.

    "Whew! I can still take it!" Jiang Fei nodded as he started focusing on his attacks.


    Roweiss cried out angrily as it activated its Stomp to instantly reduce Jiang Fei's Health Points by 33%. At the same time, it reduced Jiang Fei's Physical Defense by 50%.
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