826 Golden Dragon Prince

    "Damn... What just happened..." Before the player had even finished speaking, his body disappeared right in front of Jiang Fei and the others.


    The Destructive Shrine of the God of Avarice fell to the ground.

    "Ding! Demonic Monarch has left your group!"

    "Ding! Demonic Monarch has quit the Empyreal Dragon!"

    "Ding! Global Notification: Congratulations to player Demonic Monarch for successfully advancing as a Lower Celestial and becoming the first Celestial player! He will receive a gift pack from the system!"

    "Ding! Global Notification: Player Demonic Monarch has betrayed the High Humans and joined the Primordial Celestial faction. Any player who kills him can obtain a huge amount of Experience points and equipment as reward!"

    A series of system notifications thoroughly confused Jiang Fei and the rest. Everyone still could not figure out what exactly just happened.

    "Damn! Who the heck is Demonic Monarch?"

    "I have no idea. I've never heard of the name!"

    "I thought Verdure Glider would be the first to become a Celestial. I can't believe some random stranger did it before him."

    "I guess everyone has different luck..."


    Apart from members of Empyreal Dragon, all other players only received the last two Global Notifications. However, these notifications were enough to stir up conversations throughout the entire game.

    Becoming a Celestial was perhaps the ultimate aspiration for all players. There were very few players who could claim confidently that they would become Celestials. In fact, most players would be stuck at Level 90. Perhaps only 10% of them would be able to pass the advancement test and become an Overlord. The rest of the players would not be able to advance or even level up. Only those who acquired the Overlord rank would be able to continue levelling up and take on the challenge of becoming a Celestial once they reached Level 100.

    Therefore, becoming a Celestial was the ultimate aim of most players. However, it was so difficult that not even the professional players would dare to claim they could achieve it.

    So, when an unknown normal player had suddenly become the first to achieve the Celestial rank, it was enough to both confuse other normal players and make them envious too.

    Unlike the other players, Jiang Fei was very clear that Demonic Monarch must have communicated with the God of Avarice and received his invitation to join the Primordial Celestial as Jiang Fei once did after he killed the Evil God Solan.

    However, Demonic Monarch clearly had not been able to resist the temptation of becoming a Celestial and therefore chose to join the Primordial Celestial race.

    After becoming part of the Primordial Celestial race, Demonic Monarch would technically have betrayed the entire faction of players. Naturally, he was forced to leave the guild he was currently in. Now, Demonic Monarch was probably transported to a small sealed world to play on his own.

    "Guild master, what happened?" Little Rain asked.

    "I'm guessing this is what happened..." Jiang Fei told everyone his thoughts.

    "I see..." Seven Stars Warrior and the rest began to frown. Although Jiang Fei had only made a guess, he had personally received the same invitation to join the Primordial Celestial race before. Therefore, his hypothesis was very believable.

    "I can no longer contact Demonic Monarch. He has disappeared from my list of friends. In fact, I can't even find him in the game!" Cutie Pie said.

    "Then what the guild master said must be true!" Lady Casanova nodded. They had all experienced something similar when players chose either the Light or Dark factions. Those in the opposite faction were removed from their list of friends and they could no longer search for the players' name in the game.

    Players in opposing factions were unable to privately message each other or communicate through voice notes. The only way these players could communicate with each other was through face-to-face conversations.

    "Does anyone want to accompany Demonic Monarch?" Jiang Fei asked after picking up the Ancient Celestial Artifact.

    "Ehh..." The players looked at each other. Although they were tempted to become a Celestial, betraying the players' faction and being sent off to an isolated world to play on their own was too much to bear.

    Moreover, a new promotional video released earlier had already revealed information about the War of the Heavens. Players were bound to fight against the Primordial Celestial race in the end. Although one could become a Celestial by joining the Primordial Celestial race now, he would become the target of all players in the game at some point.

    Therefore, when Jiang Fei asked the question, everyone hesitated. Although it might feel awesome to become a Celestial, it was no fun if one would be destined to face defeat in the end.

    "Since nobody wants to use it, forget about it. I will keep this item first. If any of you change your mind, let me know. I won't stop you from using it," Jiang Fei said to the players.

    The players all nodded. When they saw Demonic Monarch getting teleported away, they started hesitating about the decision to become a Celestial. Therefore, nobody immediately requested to use the Celestial Artifact right after.

    "Let's move on!" After keeping the Celestial Artifact away, Jiang Fei and the group started moving forward again. After all, they had only defeated the first boss in the Golden Dragon Nest dungeon. There were two more bosses they would later encounter.

    Along the way, small monsters started appearing. Although they were considered small monsters, the Dragonoids were still very powerful.

    Among the small monsters, some of them were Advance Elite Golden Dragonoid Warriors while others were Leader Golden Baby Dragons. The small monsters were all at Level 88. As they came in groups, they were definitely difficult to defeat.

    However, as Jiang Fei was around, the group was able to deal a significant amount of damage. Therefore, Jiang Fei and the rest were able to progress past the pathway filled with small monsters to a rather big field. Here, they finally saw the Golden Dragon Nest dungeon's second boss.

    Golden Dragon Prince, Lorostein (Dragon Race, Overlord)

    Level: 91

    Health Points: 140,000,000

    Attack Power: 35,000

    Skills: Summon Partner, Wing Tackle, Tail Sweep, Lightning Release, Lightning Roar, Absolute Dominate.

    Summon Partner: Before the battle begins, the Golden Dragon Prince summons his sister, Golden Dragon Princess, Lorreinicht, to aid him in battle.

    Wing Tackle: Furiously attacks a target and cause it to be knocked backward. After being knocked backward, the target's aggro is removed.

    Tail Sweep: The Golden Dragon Prince, Lorostein attacks an enemy behind him, dealing significant damage and stunning the target for two seconds.

    Lightning Release: For every 10% Health Points the Golden Dragon Prince, Lorostein loses, he releases a thunderstorm to deal significant damage to all enemies around him.

    Lightning Roar: The Golden Dragon Prince, Lorostein emits electrical energy to deal significant damage to enemies in a cone-shaped area. The underground mechanism is also activated.

    Absolute Dominate: The Golden Dragon Prince randomly controls five non-current target players for twenty seconds. He controls them to move toward a teleportation point. If the players reach the teleportation point, they will die instantly and summon an Elite Dragonoid from the teleportation point.
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