830 Bringing the Fight to the Enemy

    "Heh. So it seems," said Jiang Fei to himself. He had his suspicions at first and was glad that he was right. There was no way that the real Dragon God would appear inside a dungeon.

    The Dragon God was an NPC with the highest level of intelligence, much like Isabella. Bosses that appear in dungeons are the ones that had almost zero intelligence. All they were programmed to do was to follow the protocol of fighting the players based on the enmity system-much like a calculator!

    Jiang Fei had understood, through viewing the boss' properties, that the Dragon God's image projection was merely a boss in a dungeon. Even though he was strong, he could not be compared with the real Dragon God.

    "Ok. No need to continue now. Let's call it a day!" said Jiang Fei after returning to the party. He had seen the last boss and knew that there was nothing to be scared of. All he needed to do was to wait until the next day, for Battle Form to be ready, to kill the boss and clear the dungeon.

    There was no need for Jiang Fei to talk to Bennette Straz since that thing was just a mindless NPC.

    "You're the boss," said Lady Casanova. If Jiang Fei did not want to fight, the rest of the party would have to follow. Without Jiang Fei as the main attacker, there was no hope in defeating the boss.

    "Today's fight is done! Time for us to go home!" Jiang Fei cried before disbanding the party and returning to Demon Dragon Fortress.

    Once he was in the fortress, Jiang Fei headed straight to the castle instead of talking to the girls of his harem, to get a large number of high-grade Recipes from Rosette Rose.

    Those Recipes were of high grade but not anything rare or special. The equipment that could be made from the Recipes were Level 70 equipment. Jiang Fei had decided to use the rest of his time in the game to craft equipment for the guild. The reason was simple. After tomorrow, when he had cleared the Golden Dragon Lair, he would not be participating in any future Dragon Lair raids. He would let Seven Star Warrior organize multiple parties to raid the Dragon Lairs by themselves. To facilitate them, Jiang Fei would craft better equipment for the members.

    Initially, Jiang Fei had planned to raid the other four Elite difficulty dungeons to get the First Clear Achievements, after he was done with the Golden Dragon Lair. However, when he logged into the game, he heard the news about other guilds taking two of the First Clear Achievements.

    By the time Jiang Fei had completed the Golden Dragon Nest tomorrow, the other guilds might have claimed the remaining two First Clears. That was how efficient the faction-wide announcement was, to push the other players.

    Without the temptation of First Clear Achievement, there was no reason for Jiang Fei to raid the Elite difficulty dungeons anymore. It was a waste of time and effort. Jiang Fei would rather have the guild to raid the Light Dragon Lair over and over again.

    When Jiang Fei entered the Golden Dragon Lair, the game time was set at 9 am in the morning. When he left the dungeon, it was already 9 pm at night. With three hours remaining, Jiang Fei decided to spend them on crafting equipment until the server kicked him out of the game. In those three hours, Jiang Fei had crafted over hundreds of equipment specifically made for tanks.

    Once the game kicked him out, Jiang Fei woke up in the dark cave, still waiting for reinforcements from China to arrive.

    "Tch! I'll force them to come if they would do it willingly!" said Jiang Fei to himself, gritting his teeth with rage.

    When the sun started to rise, the other martial artists that were sleeping woke up. Everyone did their morning business and regrouped.

    It was unfortunate since the martial artists had nothing to do but hide in the cave!

    "Brother Jiang Fei, when will the reinforcements arrive?" Bai Wanli asked the same question every morning.

    "Tonight! Or tomorrow the latest!" said Jiang Fei with a grin.

    "Is that true?! Hoh! Finally! We are not going to hide in the cave, like a cowardly turtle!" said Zhu Tianfei happily. The rest of the martial artists shared his joy as they were fond of fights. Even though they were forced to hide in the cave, it was only natural for them to be jubilant when the chance to counterattack had presented itself.

    "Looks like we can finally have our counterattack in two days time!" said Bai Wanli happily.

    "Heh. We are leaving here now!" said Jiang Fei.

    "Leave the cave?" Bai Wanli asked. A slightly horrified look surfaced to his face.

    "Yes! We are now going to the designated grounds where the military had planned!" said Jiang Fei. If the martial artists did not go out, there was no reason for the military to send in their reinforcement.

    "B-But... If we go out in the open, wouldn't we be attacked?" Granny Jianghua asked worriedly.

    "There's no need for us to worry about that. The military had that taken care of," Jiang Fei explained.

    "Ahhh! That means we will be fine!"

    Everyone relaxed when Jiang Fei himself said that the problem had been solved.

    The martial artists had never feared the Mutants, even the ones that had ambushed the other sects. The only reason they had to hide in the cave was the missile attacks. Not knowing one's enemy was the greatest fear in a battle. These martial artists never understood modern weaponry. It was only natural that they could not understand the concept of global satellite tracking capability. They merely understood that if they revealed themselves in the open, missiles would attack them from the skies.

    Bai Wanli went deep into the cave to regroup his fellow martial artists.

    "I think we have stayed in this cave for too long now. Get ready and we shall take off. We are going to teach the Mutants a lesson they will never forget!" said Jiang Fei.

    "Finally! I've been waiting for so long to slice some Mutant throat!"

    "That's right! We are not cowardly! We cannot allow the enemies to continue to frighten us like this!"

    "We will bring the fight to them!"


    Jiang Fei scoffed. He had thought that the martial artists would voice their concerns but all he heard was cheers of vigor. He did not even need to give a pep talk! These martial artists had a burning rage inside them after being ambushed by the Mutants. The hatred for Mutants was solidified with grudges for killing their comrades. Pride as a martial artist would not allow them to continue to stay hidden!

    "Alright! Follow me!" Jiang Fei roared valiantly.

    "0541, cover us!"

    Once the group was out of the cave, Jiang Fei had 0541 to cast the stealth barrier to surround the group. This time, he made the barrier much larger than it was to cover the tracks left behind by the traveling group.

    Even though the goal was to find a chance to have an all-out war with the Mutants, he could not afford to reveal himself too soon. It would be sad if they were wiped out by the American Naval fleet missiles before they could even kill a single Mutant!

    The group was led by Jiang Fei in the front, the Bio-Human girls that Jiang Fei brought out from the game, followed by the young martial artists, and the older, much stronger fighters amongst them. Even though they had their masters and sect leaders here with them, the old farts would not want to go on their own, insisting that they should stay with Jiang Fei's group.
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