831 The Art of Baiting

    The concealed group rushed into the open with Jiang Fei leading the way.

    When Jiang Fei went out yesterday, he had prepared a certain decor in the battlefield that he knew would draw in the Mutants. In fact, he was so confident with the bait that even the American Naval fleet would not dare to unleash a single missile.

    Jiang Fei played the easy game. Whatever the Mutants wanted, Jiang Fei would give it to them. The Mutants was in Japan to fight with the martial artists because they had received information about them discovering an alien artifact. It was information which Han Tianyu helped created. Right now, Jiang Fei had led the martial artists to come out of hiding to reveal the alien artifact to Mutants and America. The best bait that he could use against them. A simple, straightforward bait that proved to be the most effective.

    Naturally, Jiang Fei had set up a fake artifact. It was made of alien metal but nothing on the inside. It was molded to look like a huge building with a silver-white metal exterior structure that looked like the real Bio-Lab. Jiang Fei had even taken the extra steps to have 0541 to construct fake building with alien metal composite to bring out the authenticity of the alien artifact.

    The building was created yesterday and was hidden using an optical camouflage system. Only when he and the martial artists were there, would he remove the camouflage and reel in the Mutants!

    The next step of his plan was to induce an all-out fight with the Mutants and pretend to retreat. It was an important step to force the military to send in their reinforcements. It was known to them that Jiang Fei had found the Bio-Lab but they did not realize that it was already in his hands. Hence, if the Bio-Lab was discovered to be "real", the military would want to get their hands on it!

    Even if they could not do anything with them, they would not want the Mutants to get their hands on it. On the other hand, if they still refuse to send in their reinforcements, the Mutants would crush the martial artists and steal the Bio-Lab for themselves. The Mutants would then gain the technology to further enhance themselves and become an even larger threat to China.

    This elaborate scheme was crafted by Han Tianyu. To use a fake Bio-Lab to lure both the Mutants and the military into a brawl in Japan. Even the American Naval fleet and China's Special Navy Force would believe it.

    Han Tianyu had only planned it this way, to benefit only the martial artist alliance, because he was backstabbed by the military themselves. He was serving the nation, for the benefit and interests of China, only to be thrown in prison just because of his association with the martial artists.

    While Han Tianyu did not care less for China, Jiang Fei was still fighting for the country solely because his parents were staying in China. He had to deal with all forces that had malicious plans to attack the nation.

    The military, while having plans to destroy the martial artists, prioritized the Mutants first.

    After trekking for the entire morning, Jiang Fei had arrived at the "designated" battlefield. It was a place where Jiang Fei had carefully selected, a small ravine within two large mountain ranges. Even though the terrain was not ideal to stay hidden as it was prone to be ambushed, it was a perfect set up since he wanted the Mutants to come in and attack them! A cherry on the top.

    "Let's hide here and wait for the Mutants to come," said Jiang Fei as he reached the top of the mountain.

    "Good one! We can now prepare an ambush for the Mutants! I want them to have a taste of their own medicine!" said Zhu Tianfei. He would not forget how he was ambushed by the Mutants.

    "Captain, there is a group of Metahuman coming this way at high speed," 0541 reported. Because of the situation Jiang Fei was in, Jiang Fei had 0541 to expand the range of the proximity sensor. It was to allow Jiang Fei to react better since the concealment that 0541 had erected would be ineffective if the enemy had entered the bubble.

    "Scan them, give me more details," said Jiang Fei.

    "What's going on?" Granny Jinghua asked Jiang Fei. She had been eyeing in Jiang Fei for a while, taking notice of every subtle movement he makes. When Jiang Fei suddenly jerked and frown, she had to ask.

    "Someone is coming," said Jiang Fei.

    "Mutants?" Bai Wanli asked, gripping his sword and was ready to fight. He did not have a good experience fighting with the Mutants. If given a choice, he would rather stay hidden from them.

    "I can't tell..." Jiang Fei groaned. He was still waiting for an answer from 0541.

    "Mhm, we are ready to fight," said Bai Wanli. They thought that Jiang Fei's method of detecting the enemy was similar to how the Americans were tracking them. They had reached that conclusion since Jiang Fei was equipped with a communication device to contact the military.

    "Captain, targets have been identified. They are Chinese martial artists. There are a total of 24 fighters. Two Level 4 fighters and 21 Level 3 fighters. Most of them are injured. I cannot measure their exact power level. In less than 3 minutes, they will come from the North direction," 0541 reported.

    "Martial artists? Are they the Zhangle Clan?" Jiang Fei asked. It was the best guess Jiang Fei could think of. Those that were still alive were already gathered with him. On the other hand, the Soaring Cloud Sect had over a hundred fighters with them. They were strong on their own and had no reason to run away.

    "Unable to detect their sect affiliation," 0541 replied. 0541 could detect their names and affiliation but it would take it some time and more power to do so.

    Jiang Fei turned to Bai Wanli and Granny Jinghua to calm them down.

    "That someone is one of us. It could be the Zhangle Clan, though I cannot be sure," said Jiang Fei.

    "Huh? Zhangle Clan? They are still alive?" Bai Wanli gasped with surprise. Zhangle Clan was only a small second-rated clan. Being separated for so long from the main group, it was a miracle that they could still be alive and not completely decimated by the Mutants.

    When Jiang Fei finally saw them, Bai Wanli immediately recognized the two fighters that were leading the group.

    "Chen Xuanming, Feng Xuanyi?"

    "Aren't they from the Soaring Cloud Sect?" Granny Jinghua cried.

    "How could this be?" Zhu Tianfei gasped. They did not know that there was an internal conflict with the Soaring Cloud Sect. When Bai Wanli and the rest saw Chen Xuanming and Feng Xuanyi, they had genuinely thought that the Soaring Cloud Sect was defeated badly and had to escape.

    "Ahh... The Soaring Cloud Sect..." Jiang Fei sighed, uncomfortably as he did not like anyone from that sect.

    "Brother Jiang Fei, I know how you feel right now. But I must urge you to put it behind you for now as there are bigger threats at large," said Bai Wanli. He feared that Jiang Fei might not accept anyone from the Soaring Cloud Sect and decided to calm the rage before it boiled uncontrollably.
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