832 Kneeling for Forgiveness

    "I know... I know..." Jiang Fei groaned away. Even though he did not like the Soaring Cloud Sect, he could not afford to let his feelings get in the way with his plans. The enemy was still at large and he could use a few more muscles in his team. Might as well help the poor lads.

    The two groups came closer and when the Soaring Cloud Sect got into the barrier range, they saw Jiang Fei and the others at the other side of the hill.

    "Brother, are my eyes deceiving me?" cried Chen Xuanming.

    "It's the others..." Feng Xianyi cried happily. They were running away for their lives and desperate for help. They had been running away from Mutants and the American Naval attacks for a few days without stopping. Because of the constant stress of being attacked, they were always keeping their guard up and on the highest alert. The appearance of the group of martial artists scared them to the core.

    To be fair, after breaking off with the Soaring Cloud Sect main group, Chen Xuanming and Feng Xuanyi were not doing too good. In this group, only the two of them were truly capable of fighting. The other 40 fighters were Level 3 fighters but they could only handle so much before crumbling like a brittle biscuit. Since they had chosen to split away from the main Soaring Cloud Sect, they had lost the ability to contact anyone else. They were heading into the cruel battlefield.

    Worst of all, the Soaring Cloud Sect was a sect that took pride in being the practitioners of martial arts. They refuse to associate themselves with the modern world, which included modern advanced warfare. For two days, Chen Xuanming and Feng Xuanyi, and the group that they were leading were constantly on the run from missiles attacks. It had been two days since they had any rest at all.

    During their exodus, they had even encountered a small group of Mutants. The group of Mutants was scouts. They could fight but did not possess any ability that was primarily used for battle. Unfortunately for Soaring Cloud members, they were too tired to even out up a fight against weak Mutants. In the end, they had to run away from the scouts and missiles too, whilst ferrying injured comrades!

    "Are you really Chen and Feng?" Bai Wanli asked even though he recognized them.

    "Brother Bai... We have found you..." cried Chen Xuanyi at the verge of fainting. The man was over his 50s. The hellish experience he had faced was more than enough to cause the man of his age to collapse.

    "We're safe... We have found the main group..." cried Feng Xuanyi as he shouted to his fellow comrades.

    The Level 3 disciples cheered happily albeit weakly since everyone was overcome with fatigue. They were skeptical at first since Chen Xuanming and Feng Xuanyi had been feeding them words of encouragement to push them beyond their limit. When they said they had found the main martial artists group and was saved, it was akin to receiving news about winning the lottery.

    These poor martial artists were running on fumes. Qi aside, they did not even have enough physical strength left to stand on their feet. At this point, even if Ban Wali and the others were just hallucinations, they would buy it and collapse.

    "Mhmmmm..." Jiang Fei sighed. Jiang Fei was hesitant but he could not bear to see those men and decided to help them out.

    "Take these and distribute them..." said Jiang Fei as he handed Yang Po and his own original team members, bottles of Grand Restore Pills and Spirit Pills.

    The cost of Spirit Pills was high and the conditions of the battered men were serious. At their current condition, they were no better than Jiang Fei before he had gotten the ring. If he left them alone, these men would only become the group's liability.

    The Chinese Martial Artist Alliance might be a structurally loose alliance but everyone preached about honor and integrity. No one would leave a brother behind when they know they could help them. Jiang Fei could not find the hear to just leave them to rot and die. Although it cost him a little bit of power, he decided to help them get back to their feet.

    To be fair, the cost of Grand Restore Pills was almost negligible, hence it did not put a dent in his "power" wallet. On the other hand, even though Spirit Pills had cost him some power from his power reserves, it was not so much so that Jiang Fei would feel anything.

    Chen Xuanming and Feng Xuanyi had taken a Spirit Pill each while the rest of the Level 3 martial artists had to split one pill into three because of the overwhelming restoration effect. One Spirit Pill had enough energy to fully restore a Level 4 martial artist's Qi. If a Level 3 martial artist ate one whole pill, they would suffer from power overload. The best-case scenario was internal bleeding and the rupturing of blood vessels. The worst-case scenario was a complete cessation of their hearts which would then lead to a sudden implosion.

    The total amount of Spirit Pills that Jiang Fei had made on the fly was not more than 10. Hence, Jiang Fei did not mind spending that little amount of power to make them. After consuming the pills, all the injured and tired martial artists regained their vitality and could even fight if necessary. The only problem left was their mental fatigue, which Jiang Fei could never fix. All they needed was to rest. Even so, it was not a problem for Jiang Fei since he had intended to wait for the Mutants to come to him. He found a lower ground within the forest and let everyone rest for several hours.

    Jiang Fei wanted to ask the two Level 4 martial artists what had transpired since they had split up at the beginning of the mission but he was stopped by Bai Wanli quietly. The two were battered up, both physically and mentally. Instead of doing anything, Jiang Fei decided to just let them rest until they were fully recovered.

    It was 6pm when the sun started to set, Feng Xuanyi and Chen Xuanming opened their eyes and got on their feet, refreshed and fully restored.

    "What a turn of events..." said Chen Xuanming as he sighed. When he was running for his life, he had already come to terms that he might die in this foreign land. Even so, he had to fight for his life until the very end.

    Right now, after a good rest, with the aid of Jiang Fei's miracle pills, everyone was healed and even had part of their Qi restored. Give them a little more time and they could recover back to 100%.

    "I thought that we would never see the light of day again!" said Feng Xuanyi.

    "I see the two of you have recovered," said Jiang Fei as he approached the two.

    "Great benefactor! Please accept our humblest apologies! We kneel before you! Please forgive for our past crimes!" cried Chen Xuanming and Feng Xuanyi at the same time after the two had nodded at each other.

    "Ahhh! Please don't! There's no need to kneel!" Jiang Fei was thrown. He had never expected this sort of response.

    Jiang Fei's grudge against the Soaring Cloud Sect lies with the man name Ye Tianshun. It was not much but Jiang Fei had borne a little enmity towards Ma Xuantong and Feng Tianqi. That was the limit. He had nothing against the other members of the Soaring Cloud Sect.

    That was why he felt conflicted when two old men in their fifties knelt down with their heads banging on the damp forest floor, asking for forgiveness.
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