837 I Want One!

    "Grahhh! Die!" Zhu Tian Fei roared right after Ganming Zhenren had killed the teleporting Mutant.

    The Sect leader of the Xiankong Island Sect manifested so much Qi into his sword that it forms a three-feet long extension. He kicked off the ground and accelerated towards Firesprout slashing his sword towards his neck.

    "Get out of the way!" cried Rock as he helped Firesprout and take the hit for himself.


    Sparks burst out like fireworks when Zhu Tianfei's blade hits the rocky surface of Rock. Although it was unable to penetrate the thick layer of protection, the impact force of the blade was still able to deal a certain amount of damage, causing Rock to vomited a small amount of blood.

    Zhu Tianfei might be one tier weaker than Bai Wanli but the difference in their art of fighting differed greatly from each other. Sword art prioritized skill and technique while blade art prioritized strength. Bai Wanli's thin sword might not be able to do anything to Rock but Zhu Tianfei's thick blade was able to do more than just causing flesh would. To put in comparison, Bai Wanli was like a surgeon, his sword would be able to slice his enemy with precision whereas Zhu Tianfei's blade was like a butcher's knife, chopping down his enemies with brute strength.

    "Oh! You want to protect your teammate? Sure! Take this then!" Zhu Tianfei roared and slashed his heavy blade towards the same place he had struck earlier-in the middle of Rock's chest.


    Countless bright sparks burst out once more. Although Rock did not sustain any flesh wound or vomited blood, the rocky Mutant was seen struggling to even stand up properly. Blood oozed out of his nose and eyes. From the looks of it, Zhu Tianfei might not be able to cause any physical damage but he was able to inflict massive internal damage.

    Pang! Pang! Pang!

    Zhu Tianfei did not stop. Like a madden blacksmith, Zhi Tianfei continued to smash his blade against the rocky Mutant. Sparks filled the night scenery. Rock was not able to hold out much longer. Eventually, the layer of thick rocks fell off like flakes of paint, revealing the tender flesh!

    "I shall deliver you a swift death!" Zhu Tianfei bellowed before he swung his sword, intending to kill off the annoying Mutant.

    "Dammit!" Vine Demon cried out as he activated his ability to summon vines from the ground to stop Zhu Tianfei. Naturally, the other fighters were not going to let him do what he wants.

    Bai Wanli came in a flash and thrust his sword towards Vine Demon's throat. If Vine Demon wanted to live, he would need to give up on Rock and protect himself!

    "Argh!" Vine Demon cried in horror and canceled his ability to instead protect himself.

    When the vines were gone, Zhu Tianfei's blade was able to connect thoroughly, chopping off Rock's head clean like a hot knife through butter.

    Jiang Fei smirked as the Mutants were killed off one by one. The worthless battle was about to come to an end. If the Mutants were careful since the beginning, they might actually survive the fight by choosing to escape. Right then, it was six martial artists against three Mutants. At this point, escaping would be hard or almost impossible.

    "0541, did you see that big move the old man used with his sword? I want one too!" said Jiang Fei. Since the battle had reached its peak, there was no need to pay attention to them fighting anymore. Instead, he focused on another aspect, which was one of his goals in this battle. The first reason he had come along was to make sure that none of the martial artists die and the second was to learn their martial skills.

    "Big move? Judging from efficiency of power to destructive ratio, that skill is too weak to even be useful in a fight!" said 0541, trashing on the martial skill that Ganming Zhenren had used-the one that required him to charge it for two minutes before he could clear out the entire forest.

    "What the f*ck? Weak? If that's weak, what am I since I do not have any big moves like that," said Jiang Fei.

    "Captain, there is no need for you to have a skill with such a large area of effect. Any skill that deals damage over a large area would not be powerful enough to kill anyone! In fact, it would be a waste of energy!" said 0541, advising Jiang Fei against learning such a skill. From 0541's perspective, conservation of energy was the best way to win a fight.

    "Hm... I think it's very useful against many enemies. Or even against those that could be invisible to the eye," said Jiang Fei. There was one other reason why he really wanted to learn such a technique. It all came down to his immature way of thinking-because it's cool.

    "Very well, since you insisted. I will craft a martial skill that is based on Ganming Zhenren's energy charging technique," said 0541. No matter how much 0541 could advise, in the end, it was only a support system that would have to listen and obey the Captain's order.

    "Thank you very much!" Jiang Fei cried, smiling from ear to ear. To be fair, coolness aside, the skill was quite useful. On one hand, if he used the skill right in the face of an Advanced stage of a Level 4 Metahuman, he or she might not even sustain heavy damage. On the other hand, even if it was not at point-blank range, the skill would be extremely useful and possibly lethal against Level 3 or weaker enemies! In conclusion, such a skill with a huge area of effect was meant to deal with weaker opponents. Using it against enemies that were as strong or stronger than him would be tantamount to suicide.

    0541 went quiet as it started its process. Jiang Fei was fine by it since when 0541 is done, it would immediately imprint the skill directly into his mind.

    The conversation between Jiang Fei and 0541 was only very short. In that amount of time, the battlefield had went through a massive change. Besides Vine Demon, the rest of the Mutants were defeated, leaving him alone.

    Not long ago, Ganming Zhenren had recovered his breath and was able to return into the fight. Facing this powerful Level 4 Pinnacle stage martial artist, Firesprout was unable to do anything to block his attacks. Even with a shield made of high-intensity heat, Ganming Zhenren's attack went through it as if it was made of thin paper. With a quick, unseen slice, Firesprout lost his head and fell dead on the ground.

    Hawkeye, a scouting-type Mutant was no match for Zhu Tianfei, Mao Gongyu, and Lu Gongzan's combo attacks. At one point, he made a stupid careless mistake which made him lose his footing. Once he had lost his stance, Zhu Tianfei came in like a storm and sliced off his right arm, followed by a slice by Lu Gongzan, causing him to lose his entire left leg. Unable to fight or move, Hawkeye closed his eyes while Mao Gongyu unsheathed his sword and puncture his heart.

    Vine Demon was the only one left on the battlefield. When he was unable to hold back even Bai Wanli alone, he could never hold back all six martial artists together. Even when he was able to make use of all the hidden roots that were scattered everywhere underground, he was still too weak against the martial artists. Alas, when all six jumped in, Vine Demon could only block off a few attacks before getting his head sliced off his neck by Bai Wanli, who came in from his blindspot.

    "Let's go," said Jiang Fei as soon as Vine Demon's head dropped to the ground.

    "Alright," Ariel hummed cheerfully and vanished without a trace with Jiang Fei.

    Not caring about how Bai Wanli and the rest clean up the battlefield, Jiang Fei and Ariel returned to the small canyon, near but hidden away from the rest of the martial artists. When he had made sure there were no one around to eavesdrop, Jiang Fei called Han Tianyu.

    Qin Tian had Han Tianyu removed from his cells to answer the call.

    "Brother Yu!" Jiang Fei purposely sounded desperate. "Please have the reinforcements come in right now! You need to do it fast!"

    "What's going on?!" Han Tianyu cried, like Jiang Fei, he purposely sounded like he was in panic. It was part of the plan to fool the others!
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