841 Landing Reinforcements

    When Jiang Fei ended the sudden meeting, things became chaotic on the Mutants' side!

    "Are the Chinese people really planning to make their military fight us?"

    "Pfft, they'll die if they come anyway!"

    "Exactly! What can a group of ordinary people do?"


    Most of the Mutants were not too bothered about the martial artists' reinforcements. From the information they had obtained through the listening device, Jiang Fei clearly did not mention who the reinforcements were. However, as Old Bei had betrayed the martial artists, the Mutants and the American fleet were clear that the martial artists' reinforcements came from the military!

    "We still have to be careful!" Desir frowned. In normal circumstances, if an army of ordinary people confronted the Metahumans, it would be equivalent to suicide. Even if the soldiers came into the battlefield in a tank, they were no match for their high-level Metahuman opponents.

    Sturdy armor had amazing defense against conventional weapons. However, these soldiers were fighting against Metahumans. Both the abilities of Mutants or the swords of martial artists could easily tear through these steel behemoths!

    On the contrary, ordinary bullets could not hit agile Metahumans and could even be intercepted. This was especially with regards to Mutants who could make their skin rock hard or those that could temper themselves externally. The rock and metal covering their bodies were strengthened by their superpowers. They could even block missiles, let alone normal gunpowder weapons!

    In that case, even though the American fleet had continuously harassed the Chinese martial artists with missiles, very little damage was actually dealt to the martial artists. The martial artists just could not get close to the fleet located in the middle of the ocean. If they could, the fleet would sink as soon as they attacked it!

    If the ordinary human soldiers that used science and technology as their means of attack, wanted to fight against the Metahumans, their only advantage was the power of nature. One was the sky, the other was the ocean. These were the only safe places, as the Metahumans could not easily reach these places. Only in such a position, they could harass the Metahumans with peace of mind. The fragile bodies of ordinary humans could hardly resist the attacks of Metahumans.

    Precisely because of this, Desir was very hesitant. The Chinese military had actively sent reinforcements to support the battle between Metahumans. Unless the Chinese military had gone crazy, the only explanation was that they had the power to kill Metahumans!

    "We can't ignore this!" Desir decided after pondering for a moment.

    "Sir, do we start attacking the martial artists now?" An advanced Level 4 Metahuman asked.

    "No! Since we've got the information, we can't let ourselves be in the unfavorable state of being caught off guard and attacked by the enemy. We must take the initiative and get rid of the martial artists' reinforcements first!" Desir said.

    "It's a group of ordinary people. What's there to worry about?" Obviously, the other Mutants were not bothered about the Chinese military reinforcements.

    "The Chinese people have an old saying, 'the ones who come are surely ill-intentioned'! If they dare to confront us, they must have mastered some special technique. We'd better be careful!" Desir shook his head.

    "Okay!" The other Mutants nodded and agreed. Desir's words made sense. Even though the Mutants did not believe that ordinary people could pose any threat to them, their own lives were at stake. There was no harm in being cautious!

    "Notify the fleet and tell them to intercept the Chinese military's ship! We'll also set off now to intercept the reinforcements on their way here!" Desir issued an order.

    "Yes, sir!" The Mutants nodded and immediately changed the direction they were marching in. The team was no longer going towards Jiang Fei and the others. Instead, they were going to intercept the Chinese reinforcements!

    At the same time, Robert received Desir's order. He sent three submarines, two Destroyers, and five anti-submarine aircrafts to search for the Chinese military's ship near the landing area, in an attempt to sink the ship before the reinforcements land.

    However, when Jiang Fei shared the coordinates, he gave the wrong coordinates on purpose. The coordinates he mentioned were only a few tens of kilometers off of the actual landing area. However, it enlarged and became hundreds of kilometers when they spread it to the ocean area. So, the American fleet's interception was destined to be a futile attempt!

    Moreover, Jiang Fei had brought the landing time forward. So, while the American fleet was searching wildly, the submarines on the Chinese military's side had just set off. The American fleet had searched the sea area for a long time, but they got nothing. Only when the anti-submarine aircrafts were almost out of fuel and were set to return to base, the Chinese submarine arrived.

    Precisely because of these errors, the American fleet's search ended up with nothing. Although the Destroyers and submarines were still there, the anti-submarine aircrafts had returned to refuel. So, under the guidance of planet Namek's fighter jet which had the super-radar, the Chinese submarine magnificently arrived near the coast of Japan.

    As the reinforcements were Supreme Android Soldiers this time, the submarine did not go up at all. These Soldiers were sent out directly from the photon torpedo tube. Several human-sized photons shot directly towards Japan's coast. After landing, the Supreme Android Soldiers used the internal communicators located in their brains to quickly contact the military and inform that they have completed assembling!

    "Landing complete! Requesting for the next order!" The leader sent a signal to the command tower far away in China.

    "Rush to the target area and reinforce immediately!" Qin Tian commanded.

    "The order has been accepted!" A red light flashed through the eyes of the leader Supreme Android Soldier. Then, it led its team and quietly set off!

    In the darkness of the night, these Supreme Android Soldiers were like ghosts. They did not attract anyone's attention. Even though many American reconnaissance planes were flying in the sky, their infrared night vision technology could not discover these Supreme Android Soldiers.

    If it was a team of ordinary people or even martial artists, even though the darkness of the night could provide protection, they were still living creatures. Their bodies would dissipate heat and they would not be able to escape the search of the reconnaissance planes at all. However, these reinforcements were all robots. Their cold bodies did not have a trace of heat. In the dark, they were transparent to the reconnaissance planes in the sky!

    Although these Supreme Android Soldiers could pass through the reconnaissance planes in the sky undetected, their footsteps could still be heard by Mutant scouts with special abilities!

    "Sir Desir! Some people are approaching us, there's about seven hundred of them. Their footsteps sound very heavy, they should be carrying heavy equipment!" The Mutant named Bat had hearing powers that were far superior than an ordinary human being. He could not only hear sound waves that were way more subtle, but also catch valuable information from these sound waves.

    "Location!" Desir was shocked!

    "Thirty kilometers West. It's about forty kilometers away from the landing location mentioned in the information we received!" Bat replied.

    "They probably changed the landing location in order to avoid Robert's fleet!" Desir nodded. After all, it was not too far away from the landing location mentioned in the information provided. This was understandable.
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