842 Turn of the Tides

    "Let's surround and kill them!" Desir ordered. He was leading a team of more than four thousand Mutants. So, he was naturally very confident as they only had to fight seven hundred opponents!

    "Yes, sir!" After the Mutants got the order, they immediately dispersed and went to surround the Supreme Android Soldiers.


    "Command tower! Danger sensed!" These Supreme Android Soldiers managed to sense the danger when the Mutants were less than ten miles away from them.

    As these Supreme Android Soldiers were technological products of planet Namek, they were equipped with thermal radars-one of the most basic equipment. So, when the Mutants were close enough, their positions were all marked in the Supreme Android Soldiers' built-in maps.

    "Oh?" Qin Tian saw the images the Soldiers sent back. Thousands of people were surrounding these Soldiers. They were definitely Mutants!

    At this time, the Chinese martial artists were still guarding the extraterrestrial wreckage far away from that place. Moreover, there were not that many martial artists. So, when the Supreme Android Soldiers sent the data back, Qin Tian immediately concluded that the human beings surrounding the Soldiers were Mutants!

    "I'll give you the authorization for combat now. You're all allowed to kill any enemy that threatens any of you!" Qin Tian immediately granted these robots permission.

    "Instructions accepted!" After the Android Soldiers received the authorization command, their eyes immediately flashed with a red light and activated their battle form!

    While the Supreme Android Soldiers awaited their enemies, Qin Tian did not stay idle.

    "Bring Han Tianyu over!" Qin Tianyi waved his hand. Although most of the Supreme Android Soldiers had been sent to the frontline, there were still a few advanced Android Soldiers who had been assigned important tasks. They had to stay as bodyguards.

    Soon, Han Tianyu was brought to Qin Tian.

    "Contact Jiang Fei for me now. I want to talk to him personally!" Qin Tian ordered Han Tianyu.

    "Oh? You don't need me to be the messenger anymore?" Han Tianyu joked.

    "Cut the nonsense! Execute the order immediately!" Qin Tian's face gloomed.

    "Okay! Okay! Okay!" Han Tianyu shrugged and then connected to Jiang Fei's communicator.

    "Brother Yu, what's wrong?" Jiang Fei answered.

    "General Qin Tian wants to talk to you!" Han Tianyu went straight to the point and handed the communicator to Qin Tian directly.

    "Mr. Jiang?" Qin Tian asked.

    "Yes!" Jiang Fei replied.

    "Our reinforcements have been blocked! I need you to go and rescue them!" Qin Tian said anxiously. Although the second wave of Supreme Android Soldiers had not landed in Japan, the Soldiers that were surrounded formed nearly half of the military's advanced combat power. If these Supreme Android Soldiers were destroyed just like that, it would be over for General Qin Tian!

    "That's difficult! We've encountered some problems here!" Jiang Fei said in a bureaucratic manner.

    "You..." Qin Tian was getting angry. He could obviously tell that Jiang Fei was avoiding his orders intentionally.

    When Jiang Fei pleaded for reinforcements previously, Qin Tian responded to him just like that. Now, the tides have turned and it was Jiang Fei's turn to pass the buck!

    "Jiang Fei! I'm ordering you guys to reinforce the Soldiers immediately!" Qin Tian was really anxious at this time. His original poise had already been thrown aside.

    "General Qin, watch your words, I'm not your subordinate!" Jiang Fei snorted. He did not like Qin Tian at all. Just by placing Han Tianyu under house arrest, Qin Tian had completely offended Jiang Fei.

    As the saying goes, think about the consequences of your actions. Jiang Fei had never considered Han Tianyu as a subordinate. He had always regarded the young master of the Manda Group as his big brother. Qin Tian actually dared to detain Han Tianyu. Isn't he clearly offending Jiang Fei?

    Qin Tian was anxious now, but Jiang Fei was not anxious at all.

    "Mr. Jiang, I know that you're blaming us for not sending reinforcements earlier, but we really have some difficulties!" Seeing that Jiang Fei was not going to budge, Qin Tian had to give in. Otherwise, if Jiang Fei did not lead the martial artists into the battle as reinforcements, those Supreme Android Warriors would be destroyed!

    "We really have some difficulties too!" Jiang Fei sighed. Then, he said to Qin Tian with a helpless tone. "You know that there are a lot of Mutants. They're also being supported by the American fleet. What if this is a trap? If we leave to reinforce the Soldiers and the American fleet ends up transporting the extraterrestrial wreckage away, who will be responsible?"

    "I..." Qin Tian suddenly hesitated. Indeed, he could not afford to let anything happen to the Bio-Experimental Laboratory!

    "I'll take responsibility over the American fleet! You guys can go and reinforce the Soldiers. If anything goes wrong, I'll bear the consequences!" After a moment of contemplation, Qin Tian made a decision!

    "Really?" Jiang Fei asked with a smile.

    "Yeah!" Qin Tian confirmed again.

    "Okay then! We'll start tidying things up. We're expected to arrive at the battlefield in two to three hours!" Jiang Fei laughed and said.

    "What?! Three hours? Are you going to collect the corpses of my army?" Qin Tian raged.

    "It's really far away. There's nothing we can do. We can only try our best!" Jiang Fei said slowly.

    "Mr. Jiang, I beg you! Please reinforce my army as soon as possible!" Qin Tian was really about to cry. It was like he could see the end of his career.

    "Sure! We'll try our best!" Jiang Fei ended the communication with a smile.

    "Hahaha... Younger brother Jiang, you're really mean!" Zhu Tianfei smiled.

    "Younger brother Jiang, we used to think that you were on the military's side. Seems like we were all wrong!" Bai Wanli also laughed.

    At this time, Jiang Fei and the others were less than ten miles away from the battlefield where the Mutants and the Supreme Android Soldiers were going to fight. However, due to 0541's shield effect, neither the Mutants nor the Supreme Android Soldiers had the slightest awareness!

    As for how Jiang Fei and the others appeared here, time had to be pushed back to half an hour before the Supreme Android Soldiers landed.

    Jiang Fei knew the specific time of the landing of reinforcements. So, when the reinforcements were about to land and the Mutants had set off, Jiang Fei gave Ariel a look!

    "Buzz..." Electricity flashed through Ariel's hands. The electronic listening devices on Old Bei and the other Zhangle Clan disciples stopped functioning!

    Then, Jiang Fei approached Old Bei and did not say anything. He directly punched Old Bei in the middle of his back!

    "Cough...you..." Jiang Fei's surprise attack made Old Bei fly away and made him cough blood out. He stayed on the ground for a while as he was unable to move!

    "Younger brother Jiang, what are you doing?" Seeing that Jiang Fei suddenly attacked Old Bei, Zhu Tianfei was confused.

    "Hoho, leader Bai, can you please tie these traitors up?" Jiang Fei laughed.

    "Yes!" Bai Wanli nodded, then the Snow Mountain Sect disciples behind him started to act!

    Originally, Bai Wanli was already very suspicious of Old Bei and the others. However, Jiang Fei trusted them, so he did not say anything. Now that Jiang Fei suddenly turned his back against them, there was no need to ask. He had definitely gotten his hands on the evidence which showed that these martial artists were betraying the Alliance!
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