843 Resolute Killer

    "What's going on?" Seeing that Bai Wanli had tied up the members of the Zhangle Clan, many martial artists were confused.

    "Search them!" Jiang Fei did not explain. Instead, he directly ordered Bai Wanli and the others to search the members of the Zhangle Clan.

    "Leader Bai, we're sorry!"

    "Jiang Fei, sir, please don't kill us! Our master forced us to do this!"

    "Yes! It's none of our business. Our master forced us to do it. He said that if we don't do what he says, he'll kill us!"

    Before Bai Wanli and the others could do anything, the members of the Zhangle Clan started to beg for their lives. At this time, Old Bei looked extremely pale. He knew that it was too late to say anything!

    "You b*stards actually betrayed the Alliance?" This time, even a simple-minded guy like Zhu Tianfei had figured out what was going on!

    "Sigh! The winner takes it all. Just do it quickly!" Old Bei laughed sadly, then closed his eyes and awaited his death.

    "Younger brother Jiang, what do we do?" Bai Wanli looked at Jiang Fei.

    "They did help us a little. Make it quick for them!" Jiang Fei nodded. Now that the war was going to begin, he had no time to care for any prisoners. When these guys betrayed the Martial Arts Alliance, they should have known their destiny!

    "Old Bei deserves to die, but those people..." Grandmother Jinghua looked at the Zhangle Clan members.

    "Jiang Fei, kind sir, please have mercy on us!"

    "Sir, we were really forced to do this!"


    The Zhangle Clan members immediately begged Jiang Fei loudly.

    "You guys really don't deserve to die, but I don't have any time or energy to take care of prisoners now, so you guys will have to suffer!" Jiang Fei sighed helplessly, then gestured Bai Wanli to kill them!

    Gasp... Seeing that Jiang Fei was so resolute, the other martial artists could not help but suck in a breath. Although they had acknowledged Jiang Fei's strength and status, they always regarded Jiang Fei as a child. However, now that they saw this decisive, ruthless side of Jiang Fei, the martial artists admitted in their hearts that they had looked down upon Jiang Fei before this!

    "Go to hell, Jiang Fei!"

    "Even if I become a ghost I won't let this go!"

    "Haha! Jiang Fei, don't be so arrogant. The Mutants will kill all of you very soon! I'll wait for you in hell!"


    Seeing that Jiang Fei had issued a killing order, the members of the Zhangle Clan immediately went crazy. They cursed and swore at Jiang Fei, but the clamor did not last long, because Bai Wanli and the Snow Mountain Sect disciples had begun to execute them!

    Chop chop... More than a dozen human heads fell to the ground and blood was everywhere!

    "Everyone, the killing of these traitors can be seen as a sacrifice so that we're blessed for our upcoming war! Now, it all depends on how you guys perform!" Jiang Fei said to Bai Wanli and others.

    "Younger brother Jiang, if you knew that these people were traitors, why did you talk about the reinforcements in front of them?" Zhu Tianfei asked, clearly confused.

    "Precisely because I knew that they were traitors, I could use them to let the Mutants obtain some information according to my plans!" Jiang Fei smiled and continued to explain. "Originally, I planned for us to fight the Mutants here. However, if that's the case, it is us who bear the brunt of it. The military's reinforcements would be able to take advantage of the profits. Now that I've put these traitors to good use, the Mutants have gone to stop the reinforcements. We can join the battle later and fight them exactly like how we were supposed to, but we won't be the cannon fodders!"

    "I see! You smart people have really good brains. I'm not well-suited for these things. You guys can continue to arrange everything. When it's time to fight, the Zhu team will just storm into the battle!" Zhu Tianfei laughed and said.

    "Okay! Time is almost up, let's go!" Jiang Fei smiled at the martial artists.

    "Younger brother Jiang, what do we do about this huge thing?" Bai Wanli was referring to the empty shell of the Bio-Experimental Laboratory.

    "Leave it here!" Jiang Fei laughed and said.

    "Isn't this thing very important?" Grandmother Jinghua asked.

    "Even if it's important, is it of any use to us martial artists?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "No. We don't understand these science and technological things..." Bai Wanli and the others shook their heads.

    "That's right! Since it's useless to us, why should we help someone else look after it?" Jiang Fei laughed.

    "But if this thing falls into the hands of the Mutants, it would be quite unfavorable to us!" Ganyang Zhenren said.

    "All the Mutants are in front. If we win them in this battle, they will have to send this thing back even if they manage to get away with it!" Jiang Fei did not care about this bait. It looked important, but it was actually useless!

    "You're right! If we destroy the Mutants, then no one can get hold of the power contained in this thing!" Bai Wanli nodded.

    The Japanese people had gotten their hands on Bio-Enhancement technology before. However, when used on ordinary people, the failure rate was extremely high and the enhancement in strength was very limited. This technology was the best when used on Mutants. So, as long as the martial artists killed all of the Mutants, no matter which hands the Bio-Enhancement technology fell into, it would pose no threat at all!

    Without hesitation, all the martial artists quickly set off. Jiang Fei left a holographic projection before leaving. From a distance, the place looked like it was still strictly guarded by the martial artists. In actuality, however, all the martial artists had left!

    While they marched there, Jiang Fei did not forget to make 0541 activate the barrier to cover them. More than six hundred martial artists were approaching the huge Mutant army quietly. At this time, however, Desir and the other Mutants had no idea that Jiang Fei and the others were coming!

    "Get ready to attack!" At this time, the Mutants had completely surrounded all seven hundred Supreme Android Soldiers. Desir started to give attack orders!

    Boom! A fire dragon descended from the sky as the prelude of the battle!

    "Encountered attacks! Threat level 100%! Use of energy weapons now allowed!" The leader Supreme Android Soldier quickly removed the attacking restrictions!

    Clang... Following a subtle mechanical sound, the hands of the Supreme Android Soldiers retracted, revealing two black muzzles!

    Rumble... After a brief 0.5 second recharge, all seven hundred Supreme Android Soldiers were ready for battle!

    Each Supreme Android Soldier was equipped with two Plasma Wave Cannons. The power of these two Plasma Wave Cannons was equivalent to the full force of a beginner Level 4 powerhouse. They were extremely lethal!

    Boom boom boom boom... The hill where the Mutants were at was chopped off by the Cannons, and a large number of low-leveled Mutants were killed as they could not defend themselves!

    "Damn! Why do they have such powerful energy weapons?" Originally, the Mutants thought that these ordinary soldiers of the Chinese military were vulnerable. However, these Supreme Android Soldiers were obviously going to give Desir an unforgettable lesson!
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