844 Outbreak

    "Damn! Schroder! Suppress them!" Desir yelled.

    Desir's plan was actually very good. He thought that the reinforcements made up of ordinary human soldiers had weapons capable of killing Mutants. However, as ordinary human beings had extremely weak defense, as long as their surprise attack succeeded, the reinforcements would have almost no chance to fight back before they get killed instantly!

    However, contrary to his expectations, the Supreme Android Soldiers' built-in thermal detection radars had already discovered the Mutants way before this. When the Mutants attacked, the Supreme Android Soldiers that had obtained authorization immediately counterattacked!

    One had to know that the charging of the Plasma Wave Cannons only took 0.5 seconds, while the Mutants generally took more than two or three seconds to charge their energy. Due to this time difference, the attacks of the Supreme Android Soldiers were executed before the Mutants could launch their surprise attack!

    The Mutants instantly suffered heavy casualties. The lethality of the Plasma Wave Cannons was equivalent to the attacks of a beginning Level 4 Metahuman. How could the Level 2 and 3 Mutants possibly survive?

    After just one wave of attacks, the Mutants lost three or four hundred people. Even though these Mutants were just low-leveled Mutants, it was enough to make Desir feel distressed!

    "Kill them!" The Human Torch Schroder snarled. Although he had a certain affection for the Chinese people because of his friendship with Jiang Fei, he could not care less now. During a war, even if Jiang Fei appeared in front of him, he was an enemy!

    Boom... Under Schroder's lead, a large number of energy Mutants began to attack the Supreme Android Soldiers who were at the foot of the hill!

    Fire dragons, ice, lightning, boulders. A large number of attacks instantly hit the Supreme Android Soldiers. However, as the bodies of these Supreme Android Soldiers were made of planet Namek's ztc alloy, it was very difficult to destroy. Only the attacks of Level 4 Metahumans or above could damage them. So, only a few dozens of Soldiers were destroyed in this round of attacks.

    Although most of the Supreme Android Soldiers were not victims of lethal attacks, the artificial skin on the surface of their bodies was vulnerable! Therefore, after being violently attacked, even though these Supreme Android Soldiers had not been fatally injured, their steel bodies were exposed!

    "Damn! What are these monsters?" A Mutant who was in charge of investigating the battlefield shouted with his eyes wide open.

    "Hubble, what's wrong?" Desir could naturally tell that something was up.

    "Those b*stards are not humans at all!" Hubble yelled, then he told Desir everything he saw!

    "What?! Androids!" Desir started panicking. He was not afraid of how strong these Androids were. Although they were very powerful in both attack and defense, they could not attack continuously because the Plasma Wave Cannons had to cool down after being used. As the Mutants had an absolute advantage in numbers, it was not that difficult to destroy them.

    After the Mutants were modified with Bio-Enhancement technology, there were many Level 4 and above masters among the Mutants. Therefore, although most of the attacks in the previous round did not manage to damage all the Androids, the high-leveled Mutants led by Schroder still managed to obtain good results. At least thirty Androids had been destroyed!

    However, the problem that worried Desir was a terrifying one. Androids were pretty much directly linked to the words "mass production"! No matter how strong Bio-Enhancement technology was, it needed a lot of Mutants as carriers. So, even if they obtained the extraterrestrial wreckage, the Mutants could not produce and strengthen themselves endlessly.

    Androids, on the other hand, could be produced indefinitely as long as there was enough steel! That was the scary thing about Androids!

    Of course, Desir did not understand these Supreme Android Soldiers. He did not know that the production of these Androids was also limited by artificial souls. It was impossible to mass-produce tens of thousands of them.

    Precisely because of this unknown fact, fear formed deep within Desir's heart.

    Boom boom... After the Supreme Android Soldiers' Plasma Wave Cannons cooled down, they launched the second wave of attacks and hundreds of mutants were killed once again!

    "Retreat for now! Contact Robert and tell him to reinforce them with electromagnetic pulse bombs!" Desir ordered loudly.

    Unlike the martial artists, the Mutants had a good understanding of technology. Desir knew that the best way to deal with Androids and other electronic devices was to use electromagnetic pulse bombs. When this thing exploded, any electronic facilities around it would cease to function, including these Androids!

    "Reporting! We can't contact General Robert!" The Mutant who was in charge of communication quickly gave Desir a disappointing answer.

    "What do you mean you can't contact him? Could it be..." Desir suddenly realized something. The Chinese military had already landed their reinforcement Android Soldiers, how could their fleet still be idling?

    Obviously, the fleets of both sides had started to fight each other. Although they did not know the specifics, they definitely had to block each other's communication first.

    "Schroder! I command all of you to attack with all your strength! Destroy these monsters!" Desir ordered loudly.

    "Don't worry, sir!" Schroder nodded, then bombarded Supreme Android Soldiers frenziedly. A large number of Supreme Android Soldiers were destroyed by the energy attacks of the Mutants. However, as long as the core chips at their chests were not destroyed, they could be recycled and placed into new bodies. Then, these Supreme Android Soldiers could come back to life again.


    "Younger brother Jiang, is it almost time?" On a hill in the distance, Bai Wanli and the others were watching the fierce battle between the Mutants and the Supreme Android Soldiers.

    "There's no hurry. Let's wait a little while more!" Jiang Fei shook his head. At this time, less than two hundred of the military's Supreme Android Soldiers had been destroyed, and more than half of them could be revived after recycling. About a thousand Mutants had been killed, but these were all low-leveled Mutants around Level 2, so there was hardly any loss in combat strength. If the martial artists joined the battle now, they would still be beaten to a pulp. So, Jiang Fei was still going to wait and see how things would progress.

    "Okay! It's your call! But what exactly are those things? How are they so powerful?" Zhu Tianfei asked.

    "Androids, but Androids with a high degree of intelligence!" Jiang Fei did not know if the martial artists would be able to understand his explanation.

    These Supreme Android Soldiers were highly intelligent and were almost no different from real people. After all, their souls were souls of highly intelligent NPCs carefully selected from the game.

    However, these NPCs were fundamentally different from those that Jiang Fei resurrected. Jiang Fei's Bio-Human girls were completely based on their full love for Jiang Fei contained in their hearts. As they loved him, they were loyal to him. The military's Supreme Android Soldiers were based on external additional terms. These Supreme Android Soldiers were subjected to the same restrictions as 0541. Both their attacks and other special actions required human authorization, so they not only lacked autonomy, but they could never evolve and achieve perfection.
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