845 Shenlong

    While the Mutants were attacked by the Supreme Androids, the American Naval fleet was not left out.

    Jiang Fei had informed Qin Tian once, he could help to support his soldiers but at the risk of deserting the alien artifact. Qin Tian could not allow his Android soldiers to lose, nor could he allow anyone else to claim that alien artifact. Hence, after the call with Jiang Fei, Qin Tian got to work immediately and contacted the Special Navy Force.

    The Special Navy Force was the small squadron that consisted of a small team of soldiers operating the alien weapons that Jiang Fei had made for them. The crew that made up the Special Navy Force was not for Qin Tian to command, but since Qin Tian himself was once a member, he had strings that he could pull.

    "Brother Nie, I need your help!" Qin Tian pleaded the commander-in-chief, Nie Shilong. He was once Qin Tian's subordinate; hence, the two had a close relationship.

    "I wish I could, but I need authorization!" said Nie Shilong. Even though he was in charge of the Special Navy Force, he needed the authorization to act. There was no way he could attack the Americans without the government sanction.

    "The situation is dire! There's no time to ask for permission! If the Americans take away the alien artifact, we will be losing more than this war!" said Qin Tian, pleading Nie Shilong to understand his situation.

    "We don't have enough power to spare! If we resurface, it will cost too much power!"

    The Special Navy Force had already mustered enough weapons to attack. However, during training, they had spent too much power. The Energy Crystal that Jiang Fei had given them had very little power left in them.

    "I don't care if you can't destroy the entire American Naval fleet, just chase away the 7th Fleet and I'll owe you for life!" cried Qin Tian.

    "Fine. I'll send in the Shenlong to help you suppress the 7th Fleet!" said Nie Shilong as he gave into Qin Tian's plea and decided to spare the least amount of effort and energy.

    Nie Shilong could not say no to his close friend, Qin Tian. On the other hand, the alien artifact was important, not just to China's interest, but to the safety of its people. He could not allow it to fall into the hands of the Americans. In the end, even though he did not have proper authorization from the higher-ups, he had mobilized the submarine Shenlong to push back the 7th Fleet in an attempt to prevent them from docking in Japan.

    The best way to send help was to use the submarine, Shenlong instead of the aircraft carrier. Using the aircraft carrier was too flashy and costly, in terms of power source. Submarines were better for unsanctioned operation! Not to mention the cost of operating it. Even though it was just a submarine, the hyper-advanced submarine would easily push back an entire fleet of ships.

    Once the order was received, the small submarine descended deeper into the ocean and sailed toward the outermost formation of the American Naval fleet, pass the 3rd Fleet and toward the 7th Fleet.

    Shenlong was a small submarine, measuring at about thirty meters long. Compared to other submarines in the world, the hyper-advanced submarine could outgun the Earthly-based submarine by several notches.

    Submarines were forbidden to be within 1,000 meters below the sea level. Shenlong's was position at 5,000 meters below sea level, allowing it to escape any known sonar detection system. Moreover, Shenlong had at least ten times the speed of the fastest known submarine. Not even ships that sailed above the seawater could chase after it.

    In about thirty minutes later, Shenlong had reached close to the American Naval fleet and was position right beneath the aircraft carrier of the 7th Fleet. No one suspected anything since no one could detect Shenlong.

    Once their position was set, an electromagnetic wave was broadcast from Shenlong. This electromagnetic wave's purpose was to disrupt, cut off, and isolate all electronic-based communication system from connection with anything outside its effective range.

    "General, our system... We have detected a powerful electromagnetic impulse! Our communication system is down! Our satellite position system is also unable to function!" reported the officer that was in charge of all communication of the ship.

    "What did you just say?" said Robert.

    "Is this a declaration of war from the Chinese?" Robert muttered to himself. Contrary to what others thought he was feeling, Robert was calmed. They were clearly under attacked but since it was of the Chinese Naval fleet, Robert paid no heed to it. He was underestimating them.

    "Order the fleet to move forward at top speed. And find our enemy!" Robert decreed. Electromagnetic impulse could not be effective if the enemy was too far away. The source of the attack could only come from close proximity, be it on water or under.

    The fleet moved and gained faster acceleration with time. If the attack came from underwater, on sea vessels would be able to shake it off just by sailing away. At the same time, the navy had deployed fleets of drones both aerial and underwater to search for their enemy. Unfortunately, even with their best technology, they were unable to locate the source of the attack. They could try to sail away from the area of effect but they were trying to outrun an alien submarine! A futile attempt, to be said.

    Shenlong did nothing else but continue broadcasting the interruption field while following the fleet. It was the only thing that Nie Shilong could do without raising any suspicion about his identity. To be fair, to call it an attack would be ambiguous since they did no harm to the Americans. All they did was removing their ability to communicate with the outside world. They were not causing any physical harm to any of their ships! It was the perfect stealth attack since the American could not point any fingers!

    If, however, Shenlong had launched physical attacks and sunk any of the American vessels, it would give them the evidence that China had declared war on America. It was something that Nie Shilong, the commander of the Special Navy force could do or initiate. All Qin Tian had asked of him was to suppress the American fleet from docking into Japan.

    It took some time but when the American fleet could do nothing to get out of the "dead zone", Robert had to give the order of retreat. They moved the entire fleet out China's water and away from Japan. Even after having support from the other fleets, none of the ships could sail anymore due to the risk of getting stranded in the sea because of fuel exhaustion.

    The only sea vessels that could still operate were the submarines but even they dared not remain in the enemy's territory since they did not have any support from their own fleet.

    The mission was deemed a success when the 7th fleet was chased away. It was one of the best strategies Nie Shilong had ever concocted since he had not wasted a single round of ammunition! The 7th fleet could still return after the 3rd Fleet had provided supplies for them. But that would only deplete the supplies for the 3rd Fleet.
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