846 Time to Attack

    Both events occurred simultaneously; the attack of the Androids as well as Shenlong. It was why Desir had difficulty calling in for help. So far, the Mutants could still fight the Androids but the number of casualties was still rising. If the martial artists joined the fight, things might turn up a notch.

    The battle between the Androids and the Mutants were coming to a climax. Roughly 300 Androids were destroyed or disabled and over 1,500 Mutants were killed or severely maimed.

    While the Mutants had more casualties, they had only lost Level 2 weakly Mutants and very few Level 3 Mutants. Hence, even though they had lost many fighters, they had barely shed any amount of combat prowess. Not only did they remain strong, but their attacks also became more coordinated and focused while the Androids were not doing so good themselves.

    Beep... Beep... Beep...

    Many of the Android soldiers were emitting beeping sound from their arms. A stream red light streaked across their arms, indicating lower power mode. It was inevitable as the Androids were running on a limited power source. Even though they were fitted with the latest nuclear-powered battery pack, it was not inexhaustible. It was not strange since they were firing powerful rounds that were on par with a Level 4 Metahuman.

    When more and more Androids showed signs of low power, they had to start tuning down their power output. Instead of firing the particle beam cannons in automatic mode, the Androids had switched to semi-automatic with lower repeating frequency.

    "Z104 requesting additional power supply," reported an Android that had completely run out of power to fire any more rounds.

    "Request received. Standby for battery power replacement. Z105, 106, and 107 is to provide cover fire," ordered the leading Android.

    Out of a sudden, a small yet fast fireball blitz through the sky and destroyed Z104.

    "Report, Z104 has been disabled."

    Battery replacement is much like replacing a battery for an electronic appliance. The machine had to power down to do so. Staying in one position, unmoving was akin to giving the enemy a clear shot of attack. Hence, before the battery could even be removed, the Android was decimated.

    "Z7 Team leader to Command Center, We are under attack. Request for additional reinforcement," the leader of the Android army reported back to Qin Tian.


    Qin Tian was not pleased with the request for reinforcement. He knew that they were under attack but he had never expected the Androids to be overwhelmed by the Mutants. They had lost more than half of the army.

    "Z7 Team leader to Command Center, We are under attack---"

    The message was repeated but before it could finish its sentence, the communication was cut off.

    "I've got an idea!" Qin Tian gasped and rushed to turn on the communicator that was given to Han Tianyu by Jiang Fei. Right then, he had no time to bring Han Tianyu out. The situation called for immediate action!

    "What's up, bro?" Jiang Fei answered the call, not knowing that it was Qin Tian.

    "Mr. Jiang Fei. I need your help. Please be on the battlefield right now!" Qin Tian pleaded.

    Thankfully, even though more than half of all the Androids that were sent into Japan were destroyed, their core function chips were not. Once they were retrieved, all they needed to do was to insert the core chip into a new body to function again. They had the means to produce many more bodies but not their core chips. Hence, as long as they could retrieve the chips of the fallen Androids, they might be able to reduce the number of casualties. However, it would all be lost if all of the Android soldiers were destroyed, leaving their technologies taken by the Mutants and Americans.

    "Mhm. I understand. We will do our best," said Jiang Fei, snickering away.

    "I need your assurance! You need to be there right now!" cried Qin Tian, not convinced by Jiang Fei's words.

    "Yeah, yeah. We'll be reaching soon," said Jiang Fei, hanging up just after. He turned to the battlefield and made a quick estimate. While the Mutants had lost more than one-third of their total number, the Androids had lost more than half. The battle was first dominated by the Androids but now, it seemed that the Mutants were dominating the Androids. They were fueled with rage, triggered by the loss of their fallen comrades.

    "It is our turn to attack?" Bai Wanli asked Jiang Fei, his hands held together behind his back, relaxed and unworried.

    "Yeah. It's our turn to take the spotlight," said Jiang Fei.

    "Hah! It's about time! I would not want to stay passive for too long," said Zhu Feitian, brandishing the sword he had sheathed away.

    "Alright. Our objective now is right there," said Jiang Fei, holding out a dinger to point at a group of Mutants behind a small hill. Those Mutants were attack-type Mutants with energy manipulation ability. They were all in charge of ranged, projectile-based attacks. Albeit being strong, they were weak with almost zero close-combat capability, the perfect prey for the martial artists.

    "Yes, brother Jiang Fei. We will follow your orders," Bai Wanli replied as he saluted Jiang Fei.

    "We have an element of surprise so let us use them to our advantage. However, I must warn everyone that we are greatly outnumbered. Be careful when you're on the battlefield. Do not allow yourself to die!" warned Jiang Fei sternly.

    "With all due respect, after what we had seen today, we would never lower our guards," said Bai Wanli.

    "I sincerely hope so. If everyone is ready, follow me! It's time for bloodshed!" Jiang Fei roared and rushed down from the mountains and into the battlefield.

    The Mutants were purely focused on the Androids, completely oblivious to the incoming attack of Jiang Fei's group. It was only natural since 0541's stealth barrier was still active when the entire group moved with Jiang Fei. Not even the scout-type Mutants were able to detect Jiang Fei's presence. The enemy had only realized Jiang Fei's presence when 0541's barrier had included the enemy as well.

    By then, it was already to late. Jiang Fei had completely caught them off guard. Several hundred meters might be a distance too far for a normal human to travel in a minute but not for Metahumans.

    "Incoming enemy assault!"

    "It's the ching chong! They're here! They're behind us!"


    The scouts tried to warn the other Mutants but their efforts were in vain. People like Bai Wanli, Jiang Fei, and even Zhu Tian Fei could travel hundreds of meters in a few seconds! Before the scout could even try to run, the martial artists had already had their swords on the nape of their necks.


    Their necks were sliced off clean, leaving nothing but heads rolling off from the cliff. It was an easy kill, like fattened pigs and a ferocious wild tiger. They did not stand a chance. The martial artists were brutal. They held nothing back, especially since many of their own comrades were brutally killed in the same manner by the Mutants. Mercy was out of the picture then.

    Cries of fear could be heard while angry roars masked the entire mountain where the massacre took place. Dismembered body parts and headless bodies lay wasted on the ground where the martial artists traveled.

    Desir, who was monitoring the entire battlefield took note of what had happened. Even so, it was too late as the killing was already over.

    "Sh*t! Marcus, take someone and stop them!" Desir roared.

    "Yes, sir!"

    Marcus gathered a few Mutants to him and rushed over to the incoming martial artists.
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