847 Deliberately Holding Back

    The Mutants that were engaged with the enemy Androids were all ranged attackers, the ones that Jiang Fei and the martial artists were currently attacking. Most of the melee attackers were all on standby. Hence, when Desir gave the order to attack the martial artist, Marcus was able to quickly gather a small army of Mutants to attack Jiang Fei.

    One after another, the Mutants morphed into animals such as lions, bears, and other predatory animals to charge into the fight. There were other non-beast forms such as changing their outer body into rocks and metals. Others could liquify themselves, turning into mud, water, and intangible forms that were immune to physical attacks.

    Fueled with intense hatred toward the other, both sides charged and clashed with attacks flinging with the intention to kill.

    Bai Wanli and his sect members were in charge of solo fights, taking on enemies that did not need multiple fighters to kill. Ganyang Zhenren and his sect members were performing just as lethal even though they lacked the number of fighters to execute the Halo Sword Formation. Instead, they formed smaller groups to execute a smaller, weaker sword formation that was enough to fight off stronger foes.

    "Follow me," Jiang Fei commanded the girls that he had brought out of the game.

    "Yes, brother!" Hong Yu answered immediately as she was the leader of the Bio-Human army.

    Jiang Fei charged into the fight, taking on multiple foes whilst signaling Hong Yu to start her attack. Hong Yu and the girls immediately got into their attacking formation.

    0541 had preemptively imprinted the battle formation into the girls based on their level of strength. Even though they were only Level 4, the battle formation that was given to them was just as strong as the full version of the Halo Sword Formation. The Mutants did not stand a chance against them!

    The formation was a simple triangular formation with Hong Yu standing at the spear point. All the girls channeled their energy and focused them to the front where Hong Yu, the Pinnacle stage of Level 4 fighter could focus all that energy to direct them outward. It took them several seconds but once the energy was concentrated on Hong Yu, she released all the compressed energy in the form of a beam attack that was more than capable of killing the most powerful defensive type Level 4 Mutant in a single attack.

    "D*mn them all!" Desir grunted, frustrated. Currently, the defensive-type Mutants were able to safely separate the ranged attackers from the martial artists but it was not enough. It was obvious that all the melee attacker were unable to keep up with the martial artists. Especially those female demons! They were all so strong that one would think they had come from hell itself, hiding an insatiable lust to kill underneath that beautiful appearance.

    "Retreat!" Desir roared. It was a decision that Desir was reluctant to make but forced to.

    Even though the Mutants clearly had the advantage in numbers, the martial artists were not backing down. They were all strong and were the master of their own arts. Not to mention they were all well-rested! Unlike the Mutants that had been fighting the Androids, tired and weakened due to fatigue. After fighting for more than an hour with the Androids and reducing their numbers by half, the Mutants were suffering right then because of the sudden attack and were losing too many of their ranged attackers. Prolonged further, they would lose too many of their core attackers. It was a loss that Desir could not allow!

    Once the order was sent out, the Mutants stopped attacking the Androids and grouped together to help the ranged attackers to escape. While some were fighting off the martial artists, most of the melee attackers had focused their efforts into escorting the other ranged attackers to escape.

    "Brother Jiang Fei, should we pursue?" Zhu Tianfei asked. The man was soaked in the blood of his enemies and was in a trance. If Jiang Fei wished, Zhu Tianfei would be more than happy to chase after the Mutants to kill them.

    "There's no need for us to do that. It would be an endless chase. Might as well take this time to rest," said Jiang Fei, brushing off the suggestion. Although it would take them a long time to completely kill off the Mutants at this point, Jiang Fei did not want to end the war with the Mutants too early.

    Even though Jiang Fei was not a war veteran, he was still well-versed with the art of war of not forcing the enemy into desperation. If they had chased the Mutants with the intention to wipe them out, they might not be able to do so as the Mutants might have a backup plan to stab them in the back, unnoticed.

    Moreover, the second batch of Androids was still on its way to Japan. If the martial artists had completely defeated the Mutants, the Androids would have the perfect setup to kill the martial artists instead.

    After nearly 2,000 deaths, the Mutants were able to escape the claws of the martial artists. Even though they had lost a lot of comrades, their true fighting capability was still unscathed. The remaining 3,000 Mutants were the strongest of them all. Without the burden of protecting the weaker Mutants, the strong ones would be able to perform better!

    "Sect leader Bai, we should start counting our own losses," said Jiang Fei. Even though they had entered the battlefield with the element of surprise, there was bound to be casualties. Even so, when compared to the Mutants, the martial artists' loss was minuscule.

    "We have a few men lightly injured and over thirty heavily injured ones. Unfortunately, sixteen of us had perished," Bai Wanli reported after consolidating the information with the other sect leaders.

    Isolating the kills of the Androids, the martial artists had successfully killed over 400 Mutants. The injured were carried away by the escapees.

    "Mhm. Rest for a bit. Catch your breath and we will go and greet our reinforcements," said Jiang Fei. He talked to the martial artists and tasked them to gather the bodies of the fallen martial artists to do a quick proper burial service. Once that was done, he gathered the sect leaders and led them down to greet the Android army.

    When the ranged attacker of the Mutants started to retreat, the Androids stopped their attack. Once they started to regroup, their ability to restore their combat ability was clear.

    Nuclear-powered batteries were not as powerful as the Energy Crystals of Planet Namek. It was, the only choice the Chinese had to power their Supreme Androids. Their power output was weak, as well as their operating time. After firing only over ten rounds, the Androids had depleted their power source, forcing them to power down and be open to enemy attacks. Even if they knew that they were running low on power, they would still open fire on the Mutants to the point of shutting down. Z104 was a good example.

    When Jiang Fei came close to the Android army, all of them were reactivated from their passive mode and was ready to fight back. Even if they wanted to attack Jiang Fei and the rest with brute force, they would not be able to touch even a strand of their hair even if they wanted.

    "My name is Jiang Fei, I believe you know who I am," said Jiang Fei, introducing himself.


    The leader of the Android army walked to the front and projected a thin laser to scan Jiang Fei.

    0541 was unresponsive to the Android scanning procedure; hence Jiang Fei was relaxed.

    "Identity confirmation... 80%. Please input voice-key," said the Android.

    Even though the Android had scanned Jiang Fei's face and even biometric features, they had to confirm a voice-key to make sure that Jiang Fei was not one of those Mutants that could replicate or morph into another human. It was a precaution that the military had taken to ensure security.
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