851 Mysterious Matter

    While Lincoln traveled to Japan in a private jet, the second batch of Supreme Android Soldiers had already arrived at the military port where Qin Tian was at.

    "The z8 Response Unit has arrived at the designated location. Requesting for reception!" The new batch of Supreme Android Soldiers entered standby mode after arriving at the military port.

    "I'm the Response Unit Commander Qin Tian, ​​I have been ordered to receive you!" Qin Tian stood in front of the Soldiers and announced. There were not as many Soldiers in this batch compared to the first batch, only a hundred of them. However, from their actions, it was obvious that they were more clever and more agile than the first batch.

    "Confirming identity..." Two red rays of light shot out from the leader Supreme Android Soldier's eyes and confirmed Qin Tian's identity.

    "Please input the password." Just like how Jiang Fei confirmed his identity previously, Qin Tian also had to enter a specific password.

    "¥%...*" Qin Tian spat out a huge mixture of numbers and letters. As he had to confirm his identity as a commander, the password was more complicated.

    "Identity confirmed, requesting the next order!" The leader Soldier said.

    "Board immediately. Go and reinforce the military on the battlefield in Japan!" Qin Tian ordered.

    "Instructions accepted!" A red light flashed through these Supreme Android Soldiers' eyes.

    "Okay! Go ahead!" Qin Tian waved.

    "Commander, z8-001 requests authorization for frontline commanding!" The leader Supreme Android Soldier said. As there were two Supreme Android Soldier teams on the frontline and they were not under the same command, it needed further authorization.

    "Alright! I'll grant you command of the frontline!" After thinking for a moment, Qin Tian gave the z8-001 authority. After all, it seemed likely that the second batch of Supreme Android Soldiers was more intelligent than the first batch. So, it was better if he allowed them to command themselves.

    After obtaining authorization, z8-001 immediately led the z8 Response Unit and set off. They boarded the same submarine that had escorted two batches of people before this.

    When night fell, the submarine dove into the sea and the Supreme Android Soldiers were headed to Japan as reinforcements. At the same time, Lincoln had also arrived at the Seventh Fleet's aircraft carrier.

    "Robert, I need your help!" After seeing Robert, Lincoln did not stand on ceremony with the commander of the Seventh Fleet. As the vice president of the Mutants Brotherhood, he was one of the real decision-makers in America. The so-called president was nothing more than a puppet placed in front of the people!

    "Sir Lincoln, please tell me how I can help!" Robert responded very respectfully.

    "I need you to provide the combat data for this period," Lincoln said. Although he had just experienced the pain of losing his son, he did not lose his mind.

    Although Lincoln kept saying that Desir was incompetent, he was very aware of how strong Desir was. So, he did not look down on the enemies who could cause such a huge loss to the Mutants.

    Since the American fleet had reconnaissance satellites and planes everywhere, all parts of the battlefield could be seen except for the places hidden by Jiang Fei. Everything that had happened had been recorded and stored. The battle was probably a little blurry when recorded at night, but during the day the recordings were as clear as a blockbuster film.

    "These martial artists are really very powerful!" When Soaring Cloud Sect was attacked by surprise, Lincoln nodded. After all, Soaring Cloud Sect performed amazingly at that time. Even though they were attacked by surprise, they had managed to fight the Mutants back without suffering too much damage.

    "This kid is impulsive!" When Lincoln saw how Walker launched the surprise attack on Rainbow Longsword Sect, his brows furrowed. He clearly saw his son's commanding mistake.

    Shatter! When the recording reached the part where Bai Wanjian tortured Walker and eventually killed him, Lincoln became furious. He punched the screen, smashing it. He was so angry his hair stood on end, and you could see the anger in his eyes!

    "I will kill all of you!" Lincoln's roared so loudly that the entire Seventh Fleet and even people who were dozens of kilometers away heard it.


    The reinforcements on both sides were about to land in Japan, but the atmosphere at Jiang Fei's side was still pretty relaxed. Jiang Fei had seen for himself the combat power of the Supreme Android Soldiers. Although they were very powerful, they were far weaker than what he had initially thought. So, he was still anxious.

    "Captain, it seems like we won't be fighting tonight. I suggest you log into the game." 0541 went back to the topic.

    "Why do you always want me to log into the game? What are you trying to do?" Jiang Fei frowned and asked.

    "Captain, you have insufficient authority, you temporarily can't make any queries." 0541's reply was still the same.

    "Hey! At least give me a hint!" Jiang Fei rolled his eyes.

    "Hmm..." It was rare to see 0541 ponder.

    "It's related to a very important matter. If you don't enter the game regularly and continue to have an impact within the game, this matter might go in a bad direction. By then, it may pose a threat to you, captain!" After a few tries, 0541 finally avoided the restrictions and gave Jiang Fei a hint.

    "What matter?" Jiang Fei immediately asked.

    "Sorry! You have insufficient authority, your query has been rejected!" 0541 gave a programmed reply.

    Sigh! Jiang Fei sighed. When 0541 spoke in such a manner, it meant that there was no room for discussion.

    Although Jiang Fei was confused about the matter that 0541 mentioned, he did not dare to neglect it since 0541 had already made it sound so important. They were not fighting tonight anyway, so Jiang Fei logged into the game.

    As soon as he logged into the game, Jiang Fei was spammed by messages!

    "Boss! Where did you go last night?"

    "You shouldn't forget to log into the game even if you're busy playing with girls!"

    "You disappeared when we were halfway through the Dungeon, what are you trying to do?"


    Previously, Jiang Fei and the others were attempting the Golden Dragon Dungeon. However, they did not kill the third boss, so the Dragon Lair's Dungeon was not cleared. If not cleared, the Dungeon would only reset once a week. So, Seven Stars Warrior and the others could only watch the other guilds clear the Dungeons but they could not enter.

    If they did not clear the Golden Dragon Dungeon, they could not enter the other Dungeons. So, the players from Empyreal Dragon was in an awkward position. They had to watch the other guilds get the First Clear for the Elite mode of all four Dungeons and watch them get their hands on a huge amount of Dragon Eggs, whereas they could only look for places to train so that they could level up.

    So, today, as soon as Jiang Fei came online, the complaints piled up!

    "Cut the nonsense! Party up!" Jiang Fei quickly stopped the clamor. Otherwise, he would not be able to do anything else today. If he listened to these people complain, it would take all day.
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