853 Temporary Weapon

    After seeing the attributes of the boss and his minions, Jiang Fei's knitted his brows. There was no way he could solo this boss.

    The Dragon God clone had more than one instant-kill skill. Although Jiang Fei could use any equipment, he could not equip his staff and his shield at the same time. Moreover, his damage output would be greatly reduced after he equipped these two weapons.

    However, if he did not equip these two weapons, he would not be able to block Light of Destruction and Blitz Storm. So, he needed the help of other players to fight this boss. At least one Warrior had to block the boss's Light of Destruction with the Defender's Shield, and at least one Cleric with the Priest's Staff had to activate Divine Defense at the right time so that he would not be killed instantly!

    "Guild master, how are we going to fight this boss? Do we just stay behind and wait for the rewards as usual?" Lady Casanova asked.

    "I'm afraid that you guys have to help me this time, or I won't be able to kill this boss!" Jiang Fei briefly told the other players about the boss's skills.

    "Damn! So powerful?" Seven Stars Warrior was shocked.

    "Yeah!" Jiang Fei nodded and started to ponder. Since he needed the help of the other players, he had to form a proper strategy.

    About ten minutes later, Jiang Fei came up with something.

    "Hazy Memory, you and your people only have to do one thing. If the boss uses Light of Destruction, interrupt the casting. You guys don't have to attack the boss, just ensure that the boss does not cast Light of Destruction!" Jiang Fei instructed.

    "Don't worry about it, guild master!" Hazy Memory smiled. Bandits and Assassins like them were the best at interrupting spells.

    "For everyone else who is not a Bandit or an Assassin, you have more things to do. We have to kill the four minions first. Upon death, they'll drop corresponding high-end weapons, and you must pick these weapons up according to your own Class. Magicians and ranged attackers can just attack the boss after you pick up your weapons. Anew Returner, you and your team of Tanks must pick up the Shield. You'll be in charge of taunting the boss with the skill attached to the Shield if the Bandits and Assassins fail to interrupt the boss's spell," Jiang Fei continued to assign tasks.

    "Understood!" Anew Returner nodded.

    "As for the Clerics, after you pick up the Priest's Staff, don't activate the skill attached to it. Only activate it when I ask you to. Don't be impulsive," Jiang Fei said. The Clerics' task was undoubtedly the most important. They had to ensure that they did not activate the Divine Defense skill attached to the Priest's Staff impulsively. Otherwise, if the boss used Blitz Storm when their skills were on cooldown, it would be over for everyone.

    "Got it!" The Cleric girls nodded.

    "Anew Returner, you're in charge of tanking the boss during the first stage! Bandits and Assassins make sure you interrupt the boss's Light of Destruction!" Jiang Fei said to Anew Returner. As the focus of the first stage was the four minions, Jiang Fei left the boss to the other Tanks in the team.

    "No problem!" Anew Returner and Hazy Memory nodded at the same time.

    "Okay! Let's begin. During the first stage, no one should go near the Warrior minion. He will instantly kill anyone he sees. Don't go near the Priest minion as well. If you get hit by Terrify and end up walking toward the Warrior minion, you're dead!" After Jiang Fei warned everyone, he was ready to start the battle. As there was a super player like him who could deal high damage and also take a lot of damage, the battle was way easier than usual.


    Black fog rose, and Jiang Fei directly entered his battle form.

    In his Covet Nephilim form, Jiang Fei immediately summoned three clones. There was one of him in front of every minion.

    "Start attacking!" Jiang Fei shouted, then started attacking the four minions at the same time.

    "Children! Entertain the invaders!" A battle cry from the boss marked the beginning of the battle.



    Anew Returner immediately appeared in front of the boss and generated the boss's aggro!


    The boss's Lightning dealt a lot of damage. It instantly reduced Anew Returner's Health Points by half. However, as Lightning had a casting time, the Clerics could calmly restore Anew Returner's Health Points.

    In addition to Anew Returner, the boss was also encircled by a group of Bandits and Assassins. These players did not use any skills and were just basic-attacking the boss. They were afraid that their skills would be on cooldown when they had to interrupt the boss's casting.

    "I'll assign each of you with a number so that we won't all interrupt the boss at the same time. If all our skills are on cooldown, there'll be no one to interrupt the next Light of Destruction!" Hazy Memory gave his teammates their numbers, and they took turns to interrupt the boss's skill.

    "Die!" After four bolts of Lightnings, the boss began to cast Light of Destruction.

    "I'll interrupt this one. Monkey, be prepared to interrupt the second one!" Hazy Memory used a kicking skill and interrupted the boss's casting. After the boss failed to cast Light of Destruction, he began to cast Lightning again. This boss did not have any intelligence, so it was relatively easy. They attacked systematically.

    While Hazy Memory and the others were focused on the boss, Jiang Fei was attacking the four minions together with his three clones.

    Swoosh swoosh... In his Covet Nephilim form, Jiang Fei was in a Chaotic Attack mode. He completely ignored the minions' Defense. In a blink of an eye, the Health Points of the four minions began to decrease rapidly.

    "Stay far away from the Warrior! It has no aggro system and will randomly chase people!" Jiang Fei shouted as he attacked.

    The four minions did not have much Health Points, only twenty million. However, as there was a Priest, it was not easy for Jiang Fei to kill them.

    As the other ranged attackers had nothing to do, they started to help Jiang Fei attack the Warrior minion who could instantly kill players. Soon, the Warrior's Health Points fell to zero.

    "Master! I tried my best..." The Warrior minion crashed to the ground.

    "Master! I don't want to die..." The Priest minion followed closely. It was killed by Jiang Fei's clone.

    "The glory of my master will shine on me..." The Marksman minion was also killed.

    "This is not the ending I wanted..." The last Magician minion dropped dead.

    "Interesting!" The boss sneered.

    "The second stage is starting. Everyone, go pick your weapons up!" Jiang Fei shouted loudly.

    At the same time, Jiang Fei had also picked up the Marksman's Bow from the corpse of the Marksman minion.

    "Damn! Holy Item?" After Jiang Fei picked the weapon up, he was shocked. It was actually a Holy Item. Not only did it have extremely high Attack Power, but its attributes were also far superior to his Ancient Grade Heaven's Breaker Twilight Bow.

    The only flaw in this weapon was the remark: lifespan - fourteen minutes and thirty-five seconds!

    These Holy Item high-end weapons could only be used for fifteen minutes. When the time was up, they would disappear. It was obvious that they were temporary weapons meant for players to use in the fight against the boss.
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