854 A Mess

    After entering the second stage, Jiang Fei managed to take the aggro away from Anew Returner in just a few seconds. After all, the difference in their damage output was too big. Anew Returner could not snatch the aggro from Jiang Fei unless he used Taunt continuously.

    After being replaced, Anew Returner ran to the corpse of the Warrior minion and picked up the temporary Holy Item Shield. After all, they still had to stop the boss's Light of Destruction at the right time.

    After entering the second stage, the boss also had some new skills. The most iconic one was Impact Barrier.

    After four consecutive bolts of Lightnings, the boss was about to cast Light of Destruction again. At this time, however, the Dragon God clone buffed himself with Impact Barrier, and a shield immediately appeared beside the boss.

    Impact Barrier could absorb two million damage and keep the boss immune to any interruption for the whole duration of the skill.

    "F*ck! He's immune to my kick!" Monkey shouted.

    "Don't panic!" Jiang Fei was calm. He continuously shot a volley of arrows, and the boss's Impact Barrier was quickly broken.

    "Interrupt him again!" After the Impact Barrier disappeared, Hazy Memory immediately ordered his teammates to interrupt the boss's skill. The Bandit numbered after Monkey immediately used his kicking skills and successfully interrupted the boss's Light of Destruction!

    "Phew..." Seeing that the boss's skill had been interrupted, Hazy Memory breathed a sigh of relief. After all, if they made a mistake and caused the whole party to die, it would be too great of a sin.

    "Everyone, you don't have to be so nervous!" Jiang Fei smiled. For an average party, it would be a huge challenge for the attackers as they had to break the two million Health Points Impact Barrier in three or four seconds. However, Jiang Fei's damage output was way too godly. He could deal two million damage in less than a second. After he had equipped the Holy Item Bow, his damage output skyrocketed once again. A few arrows were enough to break the Barrier.

    Although the boss had more than 200 million Health Points, under the strong attacks of Jiang Fei and his three clones, the boss's Health Points still decreased very quickly. After the boss cast Light of Destruction for about two times, his Health Points was reduced to 50%!

    "I admit, I have underestimated you! Peasants! Die!" After the boss yelled, Jiang Fei and the others suddenly heard a dragon roar.

    Roar! Following the dragon roar, a huge golden dragon descended from the sky. At the same time, the boss entered a state where it was immune to attacks!

    "Anew Returner, take the boss! Hazy Memory, you guys continue to focus on interrupting spells!" Jiang Fei immediately shouted. Although the boss was invincible at this time, he could still attack and would continue to cast Light of Destruction. So, they still needed people to interrupt their skills constantly.

    "Got it!" Anew Returner arrived in front of the boss with Charge, then immediately used Taunt, which forcefully raised his aggro level above everyone else.

    As Jiang Fei was no longer attacking the boss, the boss naturally turned to attack Anew Returner. Hazy Memory and the other Bandit and Assassin players continued to focus on interrupting the boss's Light of Destruction.

    Swoosh swoosh... Jiang Fei attacked the boss's dragon-form clone and generated aggro.

    This dragon-form clone also had 200 million Health Points, just like the boss. However, it only had a few skills, and it usually only attacked with Dragon Breath. Jiang Fei had to pull the clone away so that the other players would not take any damage.

    Besides, the dragon-form clone had two other skills, Lightning Mark and Draconian Resurrection. Lightning Mark was not a threatening skill, it would just mark a player, and that player would then damage the allies around them. As long as the marked player moved away from the crowd, it would be fine.

    However, Draconian Resurrection was troublesome. There were four Draconian corpses here, the boss's minions that had just been killed!

    Roar! Following a dragon roar, the four minions who died in the battle were resurrected!

    "Damn!" Jiang Fei's brows furrowed. Then, he immediately shouted, "Everyone, stay far away from the Warrior minion!"

    However, Jiang Fei's command came a little late, because no one knew that this dragon-form clone would resurrect the minions. So, there was a Magician near the Warrior!

    "Ding! Your teammate xxx has been killed!"

    "Ha! Do you know how strong I am now?" The boss burst into laughter.

    "Don't panic! Get a few Warriors to pull the aggro of the other three minions. Everyone, stay away from the Warrior!" Jiang Fei made his clone attack the Warrior minion while he ordered the other Tanks who were free to pull the aggro of the other three minions.

    "Firebird, you've been hit by Lightning Mark, move away from everyone else!" Seven Stars Warrior still adhered to his duties as the party's second in command. He was paying attention to the other boss's skills.

    All of a sudden, the situation in the entire hall was somewhat chaotic. Fortunately, they did not suffer heavy losses. Other than the Magician who was killed instantly in the beginning, the others also took damage. However, most of the damage was from the boss's Area of Effect skills, so it was not life-threatening.

    However, there was a very true saying, misfortunes never come singly. This time, the boss was also like that. While Jiang Fei and the others were plunged into chaos, the boss made things worse.

    "Hey peasants, fight for me! Hahaha!" Following the boss's mad laughter, five players suddenly lost control of their characters. Their bodies quickly increased in size, and their names turned red.

    "Take the controlled players out!" Seven Stars Warrior yelled. Following his command, several Magicians attacked the controlled players, removing the threat they posed.

    Soon, the chaos was over, and the Warrior minion was once again slain by Jiang Fei. The death of the other three minions followed shortly.

    However, when the four minions were all killed for the second time, the boss entered a new stage!

    In this new stage, the boss had obviously obtained his ultimate skill.

    "Die! All of you!" As the boss roared, Jiang Fei and the others heard a system prompt.

    "Ding! The Dragon God clone is casting Blitz Storm!"

    "Clerics from the first team be on standby behind Anew Returner. Those from the second team, come to me! Everyone else, gather near your nearest Cleric! Quick!" Jiang Fei shouted.

    Soon, the players found their own positions according to Jiang Fei's instructions. They were either gathered around Jiang Fei or surrounding Anew Returner.

    "Three... two... one, activate your skills!" Jiang Fei silently counted down to the last second of the boss's Blitz Storm cast time, then shouted.

    Swoosh swoosh... All the Clerics activated the shield skill attached to the Priest's Staff!

    Defensive shields appeared one after another, and all the players were shielded, then came the Blitz Storm!

    Boom boom... Lightning bolts struck, but they were blocked by the shields.

    "Phew!" Jiang Fei breathed a sigh of relief. The first time using the shield was undoubtedly the most dangerous. Now that the Clerics have the experience, it would be way easier if they reencountered Blitz Storm later!
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