856 Guardian Beas

    Just as Anew Returner was killed, Jiang Fei finally got into firing range. Jiang Fei immediately fired a bunch of arrows at the boss.

    "Die, insects!" Right then, the boss activated Blitz Storm.

    "Oh, no!" Jiang Fei panicked. He did not expect the Dragon God's clone to use this skill in the final stage.

    Right then, many of the players were floating in the air. Thus, it was very difficult for them to make any maneuvers.

    "Clerics, stay put. The rest of you move toward the Cleric who is closest to you. For those who can't make it, god bless you!" Jiang Fei said helplessly. If he had known that the Dragon God's clone would use the Blitz Storm at such a stage, he would have made sure that all the players stuck together from the start.

    However, it was too late for remorse.

    Sudden Charge!

    Jiang Fei activated his instant teleportation skill to appear right next to a Cleric. At the same time, the other players did their best to get close to the Clerics around them.

    Warriors were able to activate their protective skills to instantly charge toward a Cleric. Some Magicians were also able to use Flash to get close to the Clerics. However, players in other Classes were less fortunate. Even Bandits who had Haste were helpless in such a state.

    "Activate your skills!" The Clerics immediately activated their shields following Jiang Fei's order.

    Bam! Bam! Bam!

    The Blitz Storm started as soon as Jiang Fei shouted.

    "Ding! Your teammate has died in battle!"


    Apart from the Warriors and the Magicians, most of the players were killed instantly. There were only a few lucky players who were able to escape death as they were positioned closer to Clerics.

    The group of eighty players was suddenly reduced to less than twenty. Over sixty players had been killed in an instant.

    "Damn! It's so strong!" Jiang Fei was nearly speechless when he saw what had happened. Even his three clones had been killed instantly as they were not protected by any shields.

    However, the boss was out of tricks after using its Blitz Storm. When the skill ended, the boss's Health Points were reduced down to 15% by Jiang Fei.

    Zoom! Zoom!

    The boss's Health Points were further reduced by Jiang Fei's incoming arrows.

    "You darned insects!" The Dragon God's clone was clearly trying to deliver another fatal blow as it started chanting the Light of Destruction.

    "You want to kill me? I'll kill you first!" Jiang Fei was aware that none of the Bandits were able to interrupt the boss's skill. He decided to retrieve his Dragon's Bane for the final attack.

    "Go to hell!" Jiang Fei fired the Dragon's Bane at the boss' chest.


    A number close to 30,000,000 damage appeared above the boss's head. The Dragon's Bane could be instantly triggered, unlike the Light of Destruction which required time to cast. As Jiang Fei was holding a temporary supreme weapon, his Attack Power was very high.

    "How could this be..." The boss's Health Points were reduced to zero. Although it did not immediately fall to the ground, it had entered the story mode.

    "You darned intruders. I will remember you! Soon, I will seek you out and revenge against you!" The Dragon God's clone spoke its final words as it turned into a golden light and disappeared into thin air.

    "Damn! What just happened? Is that it? Did it not leave anything behind?" Little Rain was fortunate enough to stay alive through the ordeal. However, when he saw that the boss did not leave its corpse behind, nor did it leave any treasure chest behind, he felt very upset.

    "Don't worry. There will most certainly be a reward! Clerics, resurrect the dead players," Jiang Fei said with a smile as he picked up his Dragon's Bane.


    Just as the Clerics were resurrecting the dead players, a large wall behind the hall suddenly cracked open. A pathway had appeared.

    "Let's have a look!" After all players had been resurrected, Jiang Fei took the lead in walking into the pathway. As the Dragon God's clone had been killed, he did not believe there were any monsters left in the dungeon. If there were, it could only be the Dragon God himself. If that was the case, Jiang Fei was definitely not able to defeat him due to his intelligence.

    After making it through the pathway, Jiang Fei and the rest arrived in another hall. Unlike the previous grand hall, this was a small storage hall.

    "What's that?" Hazy Memory asked as he pointed at a stone tablet in the corner of the hall.

    "I don't know. Let's have a look!" Jiang Fei said as he walked toward the stone tablet.

    "Ding! Do you wish to unseal it?"

    Jiang Fei received a system notification as soon as he got close to the stone tablet.

    "What does this mean? Is there another battle?" Seven Stars Warrior asked with a frown.

    "I don't think so. It's probably our reward!" Jiang Fei guessed. He did not believe a monster stronger than the Dragon God's clone would appear.

    "Let's open it then!" Little Rain called out.

    "Alright!' Jiang Fei nodded as he chose to unseal the item.


    As Jiang Fei made his selection, the stone tablet cracked into pieces.


    A dragon's cry could be heard as a golden light appeared beneath the stone tablet. A fifty-meter long dragon appeared.

    "Damn! Is there really another monster?" Jiang Fei was dumbfounded.

    "Ding! As you have rescued the Wings of Judgement, the Wings of Judgement would like to become your Guardian Beast! Do you agree?"

    A system notification could be heard by Jiang Fei and the rest of his teammates.

    "Yes!" Nobody with a functional brain would reject the offer. This Golden Dragon was clearly their reward for clearing the dungeon.

    "Ding! Wings of Judgement has become the Empyreal Dragon's Guardian Beast!"

    "Ding! You have completed all of the Golden Dragon Nest dungeon storylines. The dungeon has been cleared!"

    "Ding! Your group is the first to successfully clear the Golden Dragon Nest. Please provide your group's name!"

    As the Wings of Judgement had officially become Jiang Fei's guild's Guardian Beast, the Golden Dragon Nest dungeon had come to an end. As Jiang Fei was occupied with checking out the Guardian Beast's attributes, he did not care about naming their group to tease the other guilds. Therefore, Lady Casanova took charge as the executive vice guild master. She then crafted a message to promote their guild.

    "Ding! Faction Announcement: Empyreal Dragon is recruiting. Any interested players are welcome to apply! Verdure Glider, Lady Casanova, Seven Stars Warrior, Hazy Memory, and the rest have successfully cleared the Golden Dragon Nest dungeon at their first attempt. Rejoice for them!"
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