857 Dragon Slaying Battle Begins!

    "Hehe, did they finally clear it? It seems that the Golden Dragon Nest dungeon is pretty hard..."

    "Verdure Glider and the others have been stuck inside for several days. This Golden Dragon Nest is indeed difficult!"


    Although the announcement of their success was shared again, the other guilds were not too shocked by it. After all, everyone had gotten used to the fact that Jiang Fei would always take the lead in clearing dungeons. This time, players were more intrigued by the fact that the Empyreal Dragon took several days to clear the Golden Dragon Nest dungeon. Therefore, everyone paid more attention to the dungeon rather than Jiang Fei's success in clearing it.

    Unfortunately, despite their curiosity, none of them were even able to enter the dungeon. They would have to first clear the Light and Dark Dragon Nest dungeons which still seemed impossible for most players at the moment.

    Meanwhile, Jiang Fei and the rest were also numb to their own success. They were more focused on checking the Wings of Judgement's attributes.

    As the Wings of Judgement was the guild's Guardian Beast, it did not belong to any one player. Therefore, Jiang Fei had to check its attributes through the guild's attribute page.

    Wings of Judgement (Dragon Race, Beginner Overlord)

    Level: 90

    Health Points: 100,000,000

    Attack Power: 25,000

    Skills: Lightning Dragon Breath, Light of Destruction, Blitz Storm, Draconian Forbidden Spell: Lightning Screech.

    The Lightning Dragon Breath was the most commonly used attack by the Golden Dragon. Like most Dragon Breath skills, it dealt AoE damage. The Light of Destruction and Blitz Storm were similar to the Dragon God's clone's skills. However, these were weakened versions of the same skills. Although they did not have instant-kill capabilities, the damage output was still very significant. Most players would definitely be instantly killed by the high damage.

    The final skill was the Draconian Forbidden Spell. It was frighteningly powerful both in terms of damage and AoE. It was definitely an ultimate skill that could be used to instantly kill an entire army.

    Wings of Judgement would usually rest in the guild's base. It would require regular feeding. Although that was a financial burden to the guild, it was a very light burden for the massively wealthy Empyreal Dragon.

    Under normal circumstances, the Guardian Beast would be the last line of defense in protecting a guild's base as it had the highest battle power.

    However, there was an exception in Empyreal Dragon. As Jiang Fei had a group of female NPCs in the Demon Dragon Fortress who were mostly Overlords, with the strongest of them being the Pinnacle Overlord Naga Priestess, the Beginner Overlord Dragon was not really that outstanding.

    However, the Guardian Beast did not serve the sole function of protecting the fortress. It could also be summoned to participate in guild battles. Apart from the guild master, three other guild members could be assigned to summon the Guardian Beast. Of course, the Guardian Beast could only be summoned on normal maps and not in secret dungeons. Therefore, members of the Empyreal Dragon could not rely on the Guardian Beast to clear dungeons. Despite that, the Guardian Beast was still more useful than the female NPCs who did not even respond to other players as it could still aid players in battle without Jiang Fei's presence.

    After checking the attributes of Wings of Judgement, Jiang Fei directly assigned Seven Stars Warrior, Lady Casanova, and Billy Boy as the three guild members who could summon the Guardian Beast. After all, Jiang Fei could not be online all the time. The guild's PvE and PvP activities were all handled by these three players. Therefore, this was the best way to fully utilize the Guardian Beast's powers.

    The Guardian Beast was the representation of a strong guild. It was supposed to only be acquired by guilds with players above Level 90. However, as Jiang Fei was extraordinarily powerful, he was able to clear the Golden Dragon Nest dungeon ahead of other guilds and therefore allowed Empyreal Dragon to obtain the Guardian Beast in advance.

    After obtaining the Guardian Beast, Empyreal Dragon's capabilities were significantly improved. An Overlord was currently the most powerful existence to players at their current levels. This meant that Empyreal Dragon would have an absolute advantage over other players even without Jiang Fei's presence.

    "Alright! Let's head back!" Since the dungeon had already been cleared, Jiang Fei did not want to stay in the empty dungeon.

    Just as players started using their Return Scrolls, and Jiang Fei had only just appeared in the Demon Dragon Fortress, a system notification could be heard.

    "Ding! Global Notification: The Dark Faction has thoroughly infuriated the Dragon God! The Dragon Race has declared war against the Dark Faction!"


    A series of notifications could be heard by all players.

    "Hehe, Bennette Straz must be very upset!" Jiang Fei laughed as he shrugged. The Dragon God must have been infuriated when his clone was killed. Jiang Fei and his guildmates were the culprits.


    Before the players around Jiang Fei even walked off, a light flashed, and Elder Prince Otis appeared next to Jiang Fei.

    "Ah Fei! Come with me!" Elder Prince Otis did not even skip a beat as he tugged at Jiang Fei's wrist and used his instant teleportation.

    "Damn! Are we in that much of a hurry?" Jiang Fei knew that the Nephilim King wanted to see him. Now that the Dragon race had declared war against the Dark Faction, everything was going according to their initial plan.

    Jiang Fei had devised a plot together with the Nephilim King and Emperor Poseidon to infuriate the Dragon race. They would then find an opportunity to start a war against the Dragon race. This was planned so that they could wipe the Dragon race out to prevent them from interfering with the Dark Faction's plot against the Light Faction in the future.

    Clearly, the opportunity had arisen.

    "Greetings, Nephilim King and Emperor Poseidon," Jiang Fei said as he entered the Nephilim King's Palace and saw both Augustus and Poseidon.

    "Ah Fei, your plan seems to be working well. What do you in plans next?" The Nephilim King asked.

    "What other plans would I have? Kill them right away!" Jiang Fei smiled. When he saw the calm looks on the Nephilim King and Emperor Poseidon's faces, he knew that the two of them already had a plan in mind. They had summoned Jiang Fei as an act of courtesy toward his master, Ou Yezi.

    "Hahaha! You are indeed one of my Nephilim men! That's exactly what I wanted to hear!" The Nephilim King laughed loudly when he heard Jiang Fei's words.

    "Let's proceed according to our plan. You will start by luring those lizards out of their nests. I will then cooperate with your men to turn them all into roasted meat!" Poseidon laughed along.

    "Alright!" The Nephilim King nodded. He then turned toward the Elder Prince and said, "Otis, I am now putting you in charge of luring the dragons out of their nest. You may only lose and not win. You must do your best to lure as many dragons as possible into our trap!"

    "I understand!" Elder Prince Otis said with a nod. He knew that this was his chance to prove himself. If he was successful with the task, he was confident that he would be able to secure his place as the Nephilim King's successor.

    "Verdure Glider, I am now giving you permission to gather adventurers to attack the Dragon race's nest after the dragons have been lured away!" As the Nephilim King spoke, Jiang Fei suddenly received a system notification.
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