861 Scarlet Hunter

    When Jiang Fei looked at Z8-001 again, the corners of Jiang Fei's mouth lifted. Jiang Fei now knew that the seemingly tough Android was merely trying to fool everyone.

    Although Z8-001 had a certain level of independent thinking, he was still controlled by strict limitations imposed on man-made souls. It did not matter what he thought. The key question was whether he was able to go against the internal limitations, which could potentially cause his consciousness to disappear.

    "Did you say you acquired commanding rights to all of the front-liners?" Jiang Fei smiled as he continued speaking, "I would like to check your permit!"

    "Eh..." Z8-001 suddenly became speechless. As an Android, he could not refuse Jiang Fei's request to check his permit as any human or Android had the right to do so.

    "Alright! I shall allow you to act independently!" Since Z8-001 did not want to embarrass himself once his permit was proven to be fake, he had no choice but to give up on taking over the commanding rights. After all, he was an advanced Android with some intelligence.

    "I advise you not to be too cunning. It won't be good for you!" Jiang Fei warned the Android. Jiang Fei would not have bothered speaking to the first batch of Androids as they had very little intelligence and generally followed orders mechanically. However, Z8-001 was different. He was more advanced than the other Androids and therefore needed to be taught a lesson.

    Buzz! A red light flashed in the eyes of Z8-001 as he carefully examined Jiang Fei. He then returned to the group of Androids.

    "This fellow is quite different from the other Androids!" Bai Wanli frowned and said. Although he did not know much about technology, he could tell that Z8-001 was different from the rest.

    "Don't worry about them, it's nothing!" Jiang Fei waved his hands. Jiang Fei already had plans to sacrifice these Androids on the battlefield.

    "Yeah! I don't really know much about these things. I will have to trouble you, brother Jiang!" Bai Wanli said.

    "I've got it!" Jiang Fei nodded. Although he asked Bai Wanli and the rest not to worry, he was still personally concerned.

    According to Jiang Fei's plan, these Androids would all be killed in Tokyo. It was supposed to be an easily executed plan as the first batch of Androids were very obedient with very little independent thinking abilities. Jiang Fei needed to do very little to convince them to sacrifice themselves in battles.

    However, things were different after the second batch of Androids arrived. With Z8-001's presence, the Androids seemed to be more intelligent and possessed more independent thinking abilities. Therefore, it was no longer easy for Jiang Fei to manipulate them.

    With a higher level of intelligence, these Androids would definitely not willingly sacrifice themselves on the battlefield. Therefore, Jiang Fei needed to come up with a plan to achieve his goal.

    Just as Jiang Fei was thinking of ways to manipulate the Androids, Lincoln had arrived on another island in Tokyo.

    "Desir! Do you know how disappointed the Mutants Brotherhood is in you?" Lincoln immediately started reprimanding Desir as soon as he arrived. Although he knew Desir had done his best, Walker's death was still mostly Desir's fault.

    "It's all because I am too weak. It has nothing to do with the Brotherhood!" Desir immediately took the blame.

    "It's not all Desir's fault that things have turned out this way. We have underestimated our enemies from the beginning. The initial battle plan was decided by the superiors in the Brotherhood. It has nothing to do with Desir! In fact, Desir and the rest of us were all on the front lines when the battle occurred. He did his best. Vice President, you can't put the blame all on Desir just because the war is not going as planned!" Shroder said.

    "Hmph!" Lincoln snorted. After all, he was an experienced superior. He understood that with the great battle fast approaching, he should not cause any strife with his subordinates. Therefore, Lincoln simply glared at Shroder and did not say anything further.

    Shroder was now the core energy-attack type mutant in the military. He was perhaps the strongest attacker among all mutants and was therefore irreplaceable. Hence, Lincoln could not possibly do anything to him.

    In fact, Lincoln did not plan to treat Desir poorly either. Although he was upset about Walker's death, Lincoln had not completely lost his mind. He was only reprimanding Desir to appease himself. If he scolded Desir on the battlefield, the army might stop following orders, and that would only benefit the Chinese martial artists.

    "Alright. Tell me what we've lost and what's left!" Lincoln said after recollecting himself.

    "Yes! Master! These are what we've lost..." Desir reported the Mutants' current status to Lincoln. Desir knew that Lincoln had only scolded him because he had lost his beloved son and therefore, did not hold any grudge against him.

    "If that's the case, we haven't actually lost a lot," Lincoln said as his frown loosened.

    "Yeah. Although we have lost quite a number of our soldiers, our battle power is largely unaffected. In fact, the large number of deaths had also made our comrades even more infuriated against Chinese martial artists. Therefore, in a way, our battle power has even increased!" Desir said.

    "Alright! I have brought thirty Scarlet Hunters with me this time. With them around, I am certain we can annihilate these martial artists!" Lincoln nodded.

    "Has the Scarlet Hunter's plan succeeded?" Desir's eyes lit up. When they had left for Tokyo, the Scarlet Hunter's plan was still in an experimental phase.

    "Yeah! The first batch of Scarlet Hunters is already complete. Blood Baron, come here!" Lincoln gestured as a Mutant walked over.

    The Mutant looked very handsome and elegant, almost like a member of the European aristocrat. However, his face seemed much paler than most Caucasians, and his eyes were somewhat reddish.

    "Why does he look like a vampire?" Shroder mumbled.

    "Indeed, some changes will occur after being modified. However, I still look very handsome, don't I?" Blood Baron said as he laughed. He seemed to be delighted with the changes in his own appearance.

    "Tell us about the capabilities you and your subordinates have!" Lincoln said to Blood Baron.

    "Yes, master!" Blood Baron bowed respectfully at Lincoln in an aristocratic manner as he then turned toward the other Mutants. He proceeded to explain his powers and those of his comrades.
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