862 Lincoln’s Scheme

    "As you can see, we have become more like vampires after being modified. However, we have all reached Pinnacle Level 4 in terms of our energy levels!" As soon as Blood Baron spoke, the Mutants present gasped.

    Thirty Pinnacle Level 4 experts had suddenly appeared. This terrifying might could not be ignored.

    "Have our technology become so advanced?" Shroder asked.

    "Yes! Now that the Scarlet Hunter's technology has matured, the Brotherhood will select outstanding Mutants through this war and modify them!" Lincoln nodded. Although the technology has matured, there was a limited amount of blood from the first generation of vampires and not thus not everyone could be strengthened. Only the outstanding Mutants deserved it.

    "Do we have a chance too?" Many of the Mutants seemed excited. As Mutants, their capabilities were fixed for life as their blood determined their strength. However, there was now an opportunity to become stronger.

    In the metahuman circle, one's capability represented not only fame and fortune, but it also meant one's survivability! There were no laws in the metahuman circle. Everything was determined by one's powers. The weak could always be killed by the strong. Even friends could turn into foes, and one could not do anything about it. Therefore, becoming stronger was the desire of all metahumans.

    "That's right! As long as you perform well in this war, you will stand a chance to become a Scarlet Hunter!" Lincoln nodded.

    "It looks like we have to go all-in this time!" Many of the Mutants seemed determined.

    "As you all know, apart from having strong blood energy, vampires also have better senses of hearing, sight, and smell than normal metahumans. We reap the same benefits after being modified. At the same time, our physical capabilities have also become stronger. Apart from experienced martial art experts, nobody can defeat us!" Blood Baron said.

    "That's great! Can we possess such powers too?" The Mutants were getting excited. All along, they had been dominated by martial artists. However, things were different now. They would be able to fight against the martial artists after being modified by the Scarlet Hunter's technology.

    "That's right! After the war ends, the second batch of outstanding comrades will be modified by the Scarlet Hunter's technology!" Lincoln said assuringly.

    "Vice President, you must keep your promise!" One of the Mutants shouted.

    "Of course! This is the decision of the superiors in the Mutants Brotherhood. I can't refuse it even if I wanted to!" Lincoln laughed.

    "I will definitely become a Scarlet Hunter!" Many of the younger Mutants appeared extremely eager.

    The Mutants had all suddenly become invigorated after listening to what Blood Baron and Lincoln had said. The younger Mutants, in particular, looked forward to becoming a Scarlet Hunter as they would be able to become even stronger.

    "What do we do next?" Desir asked.

    "We can't fight fire with fire when dealing with the Chinese. If we do, we will lose too much even if we won. That doesn't work for us!" Lincoln said.

    "What do you mean?" Shroder asked.

    "What I mean is, we should let them fight internally!" Lincoln smiled devilishly.

    "Ahh?!" Shroder and Desir were both confused by what Lincoln said.

    "You don't need to know the details. Your job is to get your soldiers back on track and prepare for the war against China!" Lincoln waved his hand.

    "Yes! Master!" Shroder and Desir nodded. Since Lincoln did not want to tell them the details, they would not ask as they were merely subordinates.

    "Carry out your tasks!" Lincoln said to Blood Baron.

    "As you wish, my master!" Blood Baron bowed respectfully at Lincoln yet again as he turned around and led the remaining twenty-nine Scarlet Hunters out of the Mutants' base.

    "Do we need to provide them with a satellite map?" Desir asked. Blood Baron and the rest seemed to have left empty-handed.

    "There's no need!" Lincoln said and smiled.


    After leaving the base, Blood Baron took in a deep breath. "I seem to smell fresh blood. It smells tasty!"

    "Master! Where do we go?" One of the Scarlet Hunters asked.


    Blood Baron took in another deep breath and remained silent for a while before saying, "This way!"

    Zoom! Zoom!

    The group of Scarlet Hunters followed after Blood Baron as they disappeared into the mountains.


    At the same time, on another island in Tokyo, the Soaring Cloud Sect were met with troubles once again. This time, the trouble was no one's fault but their own.

    "Sect master, we are running out of food. We need to think of other ways!" One of the elders said.

    "Yeah! Brother, we might be able to hang on, but the lower level disciples won't last very long!" Another elder said.

    "What are you complaining about? Hunt for food if you are hungry. Do you plan to beg for food?" Before Ma Xuantong had even spoken, Ye Tianshun glared at the elders as he spoke.

    "Hmph! That's easy for you to say. The entire Tokyo had been bombarded by the major rice-exporting country's weapons. Where would we find prey?" One of the elders mumbled.

    "What did you say?!" Ye Tianshun had a very good sense of hearing. He was able to hear what the elder said despite being very far away.

    "... " The elder did not dare to respond. After all, Chen Xuanming and Feng Xuanyi had both been expelled, and it was still unknown as to whether they had died. The elder did not dare to upset the sect master right now.

    "Hmph!" Seeing that the elder was too afraid to speak up, Ye Tianshun nodded satisfactorily.

    "Master, although the disciples can hunt, we can't continue hiding in the mountains!" Ma Xuantong said with a frown. After several days of being bombarded by guided missiles, these martial artists had learned to hide in the mountains. They would not be attacked as long as they traveled within the mountains and valleys.

    However, there was very little food available in these mountains. Even the hares which occasionally appeared were not sufficient to feed close to a hundred of these martial artists. As their food supply began to diminish, the Soaring Cloud Sect was starting to become wary.

    Right then, everyone had the same thought of contacting Jiang Fei and the rest for help. However, Ye Tianshun was too proud to ask for help. Therefore, everyone else had to suffer along with him.
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