863 Hunting

    "Hmph! I know what you are thinking! We are the Soaring Cloud Sect, the number one sect in the world of martial arts. How dare you think of asking those rubbish sects for help? Have you thought about what my master would think?" Ye Tianshun laughed sarcastically as he mentioned Feng Tianqi's name.

    "Ehh..." When Ye Tianshun brought up Feng Tianqi's name, Ma Xuantong became speechless. After all, Feng Tianqi was a god-like existence in the Soaring Cloud Sect. Nobody dared to go against his will. Now that Ye Tianshun had become Feng Tianqi's personal disciple, nobody dared to challenge his opinion.

    "Hmph! I would rather die than kneel before Jiang Fei and beg for his help!" Ye Tianshun thought to himself. At the same time, he was dragging the entire Soaring Cloud Sect down with him.

    "A few of you, check if there's something to eat outside!" Ma Xuantong sighed as he said to a few elders.

    "Yes, brother!" The elders looked at each other. The communication device was in Ma Xuantong's hands. Since Ma Xuantong did not want to go against Ye Tianshun, they were not able to contact the other sects. Moreover, they were not as courageous as Chen Xuanming and Feng Xuanyi. Therefore, they could only do as Ma Xuantong instructed.

    Although everyone knew that it was futile trying to hunt for food around the mountain, they had to try their luck.


    "Shh! I smell prey!" At the same time, over ten figures had also arrived near the mountain.

    "Boss, should we attack?" One of the Scarlet Hunters asked.

    "We're not in a hurry. Let the prey move around. Their blood will taste better then!" Blood Baron smiled devilishly. His handsome face suddenly looked very creepy.

    "What do we do?" Another Scarlet Hunter asked.

    "We'll let them exercise, of course!" Blood Baron smiled as he waved. The remaining figures all followed after him as he dashed forward.


    "Brothers, I think we'll all die of exhaustion if this goes on!" One of the Soaring Cloud Sect's elders complained. Since they had left the mountain to hunt for food, they were able to speak freely as Ye Tianshun was not around.

    "Ahh! Everyone knows! But what can we do? We can't afford to go against the Grand Elder. Meanwhile, the Sect Master is afraid of upsetting Feng Tianqi, which is why he won't disagree with Grand Elder!" Another elder sighed.

    "Come on, let's keep hunting! We must at least find something so that the disciples won't starve!" One of the elders in the back said helplessly.

    "Hold on... Something doesn't feel right!" One of the elders in the front frowned.

    "What happened?!" Someone else asked immediately.

    "I don't know! But it's strange here. It's too quiet! It's fine if there aren't any small animals around. However, why have the insects stopped making any sounds?" The leading martial artist wondered aloud.

    "Hehe, that's because we have arrived!" A voice came out of nowhere. It sounded close yet far.

    "Who is that?" The elders of Soaring Cloud Sect reacted swiftly by forming a circle to protect their lower-level disciples.

    "Haha. These martial artists are rather alert. Interesting!" Another voice could be heard. However, the martial artists were still unable to tell where the voice was coming from.

    "Oh no! We might have been ambushed by the mutants!" Another elder of the Soaring Cloud Sect said with a frown.

    "Send the signal to call for help!" As the martial artists could not determine their opponents' capabilities, the external chief Elder Ge Xuanzhong immediately decided to call for help.


    A warning signal was fired into the sky.

    "Ahh! Since you want to die sooner, I shall grant you your wish!" Another voice was heard.


    A red figure flashed by.

    "Hong Nai!" One of the elders shouted angrily as one of his disciples had been dragged away, and he could not even react in time.

    "Ahh..." A painful cry could be heard somewhere in the distance.

    "Yum! It's so delicious!" The mysterious voice sounded somewhat excited.

    "How does the martial artist's blood taste?" Another voice asked curiously.

    "Hahaha! They are indeed much stronger than normal human beings. Although he is only a Level 3 fellow, he still tasted very good!" The mysterious voices started blatantly discussing the taste of the martial artist's blood in front of the martial artists.

    "Is that so? I want to try one too!" As the voice was heard, another red figure flashed by and dragged one of the Level 3 disciples away.

    "Ahh..." Another painful cry could be heard.

    "Delicious indeed!" The red figure roared.

    "Who are these people?!" Ge Xuanzhong frowned. From how fast they moved, these red figures seemed to be much stronger than all of the martial artists present.

    They did not look like mutants. Instead, they appeared more like vampires. However, the vampires were sworn enemies of the mutants. In fact, their remaining counterparts had all become allies with Chinese martial artists. What was going on?

    Ge Xuanzhong felt very confused. However, there was nothing he could do despite the continuous attacks from their enemies. Although the Level 4 elders had formed a circle around their disciples, they could not look after each of those disciples.

    Even if two Level 4 elders were only half a meter apart, the mysterious and strong fellows could still snatch one of their Level 3 disciples away.

    "How are these fellows so strong?!" Ge Xuanzhong was going mad. These vampiric beings were moving terribly fast. They probably had Pinnacle Level 4 capabilities, which explained why these Beginner and Intermediate Level 4 martial artists could not even react in time against their attacks.

    "Master! Help me..." Other disciples cried out pitifully.

    "Ah... Uhh..." The less brave disciples were beginning to tremble. They felt like a bunch of sheep waiting to be slaughtered.

    The most terrifying feelings are grouped into two. The first was in the instant one is killed, while the other is the period of waiting to be killed. The former was probably less torturous as one would be dead so soon that he would not even feel much pain.

    However, the feeling of waiting for your turn to be killed was much more terrifying, and it was exactly how these disciples from the Soaring Cloud Sect were feeling.

    "Sect brothers, please hurry up and save us!" Ge Xuanzhong thought in his heart. Although these mysterious fellows were not attacking the Level 4 martial artists, Ge Xuanzhong knew very well that they would not be able to fend off their opponents once they did. After all, the martial artists were only Beginner and Intermediate Level 4 experts.
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