865 Escape

    Time flew by as the Soaring Cloud Sect's members ran for their lives. As the sky turned dark, the martial artists found it harder to see clearly in the dark.

    However, vampires were best at hunting in the dark. The Scarlet Hunters who had vampire blood had a similar trait, which meant they were much stronger at night.

    "The preys have warmed up. It's time to catch them!" Blood Baron said as he licked his lips.

    "Haha! Boss, I think you have overdone it. Based on our capabilities, hunting these martial artists is a piece of cake. Why are we wasting so much effort?" One of the Scarlet Hunters asked.

    "You need to understand something. Blood is like fine wine. If we do not go through this process, we won't be able to taste the essence of the liquid." Blood Baron laughed. He behaved very elegantly, almost like a true gentleman who was discussing red wine. Nobody would have guessed that he was a man-eating demon.

    After being modified with the first generation of vampiric genes, the Scarlet Hunters craved for blood even more than the vampires did. The vampires who had sought refuge in China would definitely not have access to human blood, despite being able to survive there. However, the Scarlet Hunters were different. As they had been affected by the first generation of vampiric genes, they had a desperate need for human blood.

    "Hehe! Here they are!" One of the Scarlet Hunters in charge of surveying said. As they moved much faster than the martial artists, they were already far ahead on the path taken by members of the Soaring Cloud Sect.

    "Come on, my brothers! It's time for dinner!" Blood Baron smiled wryly. At the same time, he leaped off the cliff and ambushed the Soaring Cloud Sect's members who were right below them.

    "Haha! We can finally feast! The snacks we had earlier were only teasers!" A few of the Scarlet Hunters followed after Blood Baron.


    "Hold on! Something's not right!" Ma Xuantong frowned. He then looked upward.

    "Oh, no! It's an ambush!" Although Ma Xuantong had realized that the Scarlet Hunters were falling toward them, it was too late!


    "Master! Save me!"

    "Darn! Leave Ming Zhi alone!"

    The Scarlet Hunters' ambush was very successful. The only martial artists who could see the Scarlet Hunters were Ma Xuantong and Ye Tianshun. The other Level 4 elders were only able to see flashes of red. Meanwhile, the Level 3 disciples could not even see a thing. All they could notice was that the seniors and juniors around them disappearing one at a time.

    Fear began to spread amongst the disciples of the Soaring Cloud Sect.

    "Where do you think you're going?" Although the normal martial artists could not do anything to the Scarlet Hunters, Ma Xuantomng was able to keep up with them. Therefore, when one of the Scarlet Hunters captured a young disciple, Ma Xuantong immediately rushed over.

    "Hehe! Do you think you can stop us?" The Scarlet Hunter smiled coyly at Ma Xuantong. After that, eight of the other Scarlet Hunters came over.

    "Chinese martial artist, I've heard that you are pretty strong!" One of the Scarlet Hunters suddenly attacked Ma Xuantong from behind.

    "Hmph!" Ma Xuantong snorted as he dodged the attack. At the same time, he drew his long sword out and struck the Scarlet Hunter's wrist.

    "Ahh!" The Scarlet Hunter was taken aback by Ma Xuantong's move. Although Ma Xuantong's movement speed was not very different from the Scarlet Hunters, he was exceptionally fast in drawing his sword.

    "Tsk..." The Scarlet Hunter's wrist had been badly injured as an inch-long wound could be seen.

    "Let's attack him together!" The other Scarlet Hunters looked at each other. They all knew that they could not defeat the martial artists in a fair fight. Therefore, they decided to fight in a group.

    "A bunch of rats! You have no integrity!" Ma Xuantong immediately felt pressured by the group of Scarlet Hunters.

    "Hahaha... I've always said that you Chinese people are too old-fashioned. You might as well talk about integrity in hell!" One of the Scarlet Hunters laughed loudly.


    "Master! I don't want to die..."


    Ma Xuantong was completely occupied with fending off the Scarlet Hunters. Meanwhile, the Soaring Cloud Sect's disciples were being dragged off one at a time. They would most likely become the Scarlet Hunters' food.

    "Grand Elder! Let's break away!" One of the elders shouted at Ye Tianshun.

    "Ah? Yeah! Let's break away!" Ye Tianshun replied frantically. He was genuinely terrified by the opponents' capabilities. There were more than ten Pinnacle Level 4 experts. If they continued the fight, these martial artists would certainly all die.

    "Let's go! Lower-tier disciples, follow us!" The elders picked a random direction and started running at full speed.


    "Boss has already messed up their formation. Let's start hunting the rest!" There were close to a dozen Scarlet Hunters on top of another hill.

    "Haha! Brothers, it's time to feast!" One of the Scarlet Hunters laughed as he started leading the pack toward the martial artists who were running away.

    "Oh no! There are enemies here too!" When the martial artists saw the red figures, it was already too late. Within a few seconds, the red figures appeared before them.

    "Ahh..." As a pitiful cry was heard, the first Level 4 martial artist was taken down.

    "Grand elder! Help us!" The elders being attacked started calling out for help. Ma Xuantong was currently facing a horde of enemies on his own. The only person who could fight against these strong enemies was Ye Tianshun.

    "Alright! I'm coming over immediately!" Although Ye Tianshun said so, he was actually running in the opposite direction.

    "Darn it! You bastard!" When the elders saw Ye Tianshun running away, they felt a chill in their hearts. Without a Pinnacle Level 4 expert fighting against these frightening enemies, they did not stand a chance.

    "I knew the Soaring Cloud Sect would crumble in his hands!" One of the elders sighed as he spoke. If not for Ye Tianshun's multiple refusals to reach out to Jiang Fei and the rest, they would probably all be in a safe place with the rest of the martial artists. Even if they had to fight against these Pinnacle Level 4 enemies, they would at least be able to look after each other.

    "All... It's so delicious!"

    "Come on! My little lambs, let me drink your blood!"


    As the Scarlet Hunters laughed joyfully, fear continued to spread amongst the disciples. More and more of the Soaring Cloud Sect's martial artists were being dragged away. There was a mix of both Level 3 disciples and Level 4 elders.
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