866 A Pleasant Surprise

    While the Soaring Cloud Sect's members were being massacred, Jiang Fei was still in a peaceful state.

    Ever since Z8-001 was warned by Jiang Fei, he became much more docile. Not only did he stop asking about what the martial artists were doing, but he also carried out his responsibility dutifully by looking after the Bio-Experimental Laboratory together with the group of androids. Their task was to protect the Bio-Experimental Laboratory until the third batch of backup soldiers and naval fleet arrived.

    Although the Chinese military was unwilling to officially begin the war against the major rice-exporting country due to several reasons, it was only a matter of time. Once their fleet was ready, the Chinese military would naturally start sinking the major rice-exporting country's fleet. They would then occupy Tokyo and take over the Bio-Experimental Laboratory before consequently bringing it back to the country.

    However, if they were to fail in the battle, the androids were tasked to destroy the Bio-Experimental Laboratory if they could not protect it until the Chinese fleet arrived. Although this was a last resort, the Chinese military clearly did not want the mutants to acquire the Bio-Experimental Laboratory.

    With the androids around, Jiang Fei's burden was lifted. He was able to reduce energy wastage by getting 0541 to narrow down the area of its radar scan.

    When the night came, the Soaring Cloud Sect was nearly wiped out. However, the other martial artists who were unaware of what was happening started to rest. Jiang Fei was also convinced by 0541 to log into the game.

    After returning to the game, Jiang Fei continued to craft in the blacksmith's workshop. He needed to create a lot of strong equipment to bait the bigger guilds to do his bidding.

    Right then, the Nephilim race's Elder Prince Otis had also started taking action. Big groups of Dark Faction soldiers began to gather around the Dragon race's territory. The Dragons also began to gather near the Dragon race's nest. When the Dark Faction's players looked at the members of the Dragon race, they could see that the names were all in red.

    The war was about to start. The Dark Faction had been planning for the war for a very long time. As for the Dragon God Bennette Straz, he was supremely upset after his clone was killed. Therefore, this war between the two sides was unavoidable.

    "It's strange. The war is going to start soon, but the Dark Faction has not given us any quests!" Many of the Dark Faction's players discussed among themselves. Their main priority was still clearing dungeons as the Dark Faction NPCs did not seem to even care about these players.

    "Yeah! I've heard that the other faction's players were already able to receive battle quests related to spying and such!" Some of the more nosy players said.

    The Dragon race's NPCs were already present in the main city and training locations in their own territory and were beginning to issue battle quests to players with handsome rewards.

    "Could this be a benefit to the opposing faction only?" Many of the Dark Faction's players wondered.

    After all, the Dark Faction's players had benefited greatly from the Dragon race's dungeon previously. Although the other factions also had access to other pet dungeons, they could not acquire Dragon pets.

    Therefore, everyone hypothesized that the system gave the opposing faction better benefits this time to balance things out. Thus, only the opposing faction's players were able to participate in battle quests related to the war between the Dragon race and the Dark Faction.

    Unlike the regular players, the bigger guilds in the Dark Faction were all putting the blame on Jiang Fei.

    Although Empyreal Dragon treated its guild members well, it could not stop outsiders from spying on its internal affairs. Therefore, there were several spies from other guilds in Empyreal Dragon just as how Lady Casanova had sent players to spy on other guilds.

    The other bigger guilds were able to find out that Jiang Fei had issued pre-quests to his own guild members even though regular players could not.

    However, even if these bigger guilds found out, they could not do anything about it. Regardless of how dissatisfied they were, they could not openly criticize Jiang Fei as he was in charge of issuing quests. If they did, Jiang Fei might choose to issue quests to other guilds except for the ones that criticized him.

    Therefore, due to such considerations, many of the bigger guild leaders had to swallow the bitter pill and even refrain from revealing Jiang Fei's secret. Thus, the pub players and smaller guilds were still left in the dark.

    Meanwhile, Jiang Fei was very much aware that he was being criticized as he continued crafting in the blacksmith's workshop. However, he did not seem to care. Firstly, he intentionally wanted members of the Empyreal Dragon to benefit from the quests he issued to them. In fact, he did not plan to share the quests with other guilds until Elder Prince Otis officially initiated the war against the Dragon race.

    Secondly, Jiang Fei was still preparing the equipment he would use as bait. If he issued dangerous quests to the bigger guilds now, they might not even accept these quests. Therefore, Jiang Fei decided to ignore the criticisms and instead focus on crafting equipment in the blacksmith's workshop.

    Time passed very quickly as Jiang Fei had spent over ten hours in the game. He had managed to craft two Ancient shields and a set of Ancient heavy armor. There were also over a dozen Legendary and Epic grade equipment.

    For most equipment crafters, Epic grade equipment was already the highest grade. If one could create Legendary grade equipment, it was already highly commendable. However, as a Beginner God of Crafts, the Epic and Legendary grade equipment were merely secondary.

    "Whew... I just need two more sets!" Jiang Fei nodded approvingly at his own creations. He did not need too many equipment as bait. He only needed around six to seven of them as having too many would reduce their value.

    Cling! Clang! Cling! Clang!

    As Jiang Fei continued to craft, Akatziris helped him out by fulfilling Isabella's previous role of being Jiang Fei's assistant.


    Jiang Fei had successfully created another piece of equipment.

    As he looked at the equipment's shape before him, Jiang Fei knew that he would have to capture a certain amount of Radiant which would determine the grade of the final product.

    "Now's the time!" Jiang Fei suddenly reacted by swinging his hammer at the equipment. Instantly, Jiang Fei had successfully captured Duedecuple Radiant, which was then infused into the equipment.


    A red light appeared. It was a piece of Ancient equipment.

    "Ding! Light of Craftsmanship has been activated! Your Stronghold Defender set has been upgraded to the Holy grade!"


    The red light suddenly turned into a golden beam of light.

    "Damn!" Even Jiang Fei was taken aback. His Light of Craftsmanship had a 30% chance of being activated to enhance his equipment by one extra grade.
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