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    "Hehe..." After his motive had been uncovered, Jiang Fei did not know what to do apart from laughing sheepishly.

    If he decided to engage Huang Xie in a fight, he would definitely lose. Jiang Fei's original plan was to attack Huang Xie while he was not paying attention. Jiang Fei might have stood a chance if Huang Xie was severely injured by his sneak attack.

    However, now that Huang Xie knew what Jiang Fei was up to, he could not attack without being noticed.

    Jiang Fei was now in an awkward situation as he had no idea how to proceed.

    "Hehe, young fellow, did the Lord ask you to assassinate me?" Huang Xie laughed. He did not sound as if he was angry at Prince Wu Geng.

    "Ehh... Hehe..." Jiang Fei was unsure of how to answer as he still felt very awkward.

    "Ah! It's my fault for not thinking things through in the past. I have been pondering on the same incident for thousands of years. I was indeed wrong. The Lord has every right to hate me!" Huang Xie sighed.

    When the Human race seemed to be very successful at some point in the past, Huang Xie was the only one who realized that it was part of the Primordial Celestial race's plot. However, the entire Human race believed that it was the end of the Primordial Celestial era. On top of that, King Zhou of Shang had also been murdered. Everyone was focused on avenging their deceased Lord, and therefore, nobody cared about what Huang Xie thought.

    When the Human race showed signs of weakening, Huang Xie accurately predicted that the Human race would soon be defeated. Therefore, he decided to take a risk by using the news of Prince Wu Geng's son to encourage the entire Human race to take on the final battle. However, his plot was revealed, and he was promptly killed by Prince Wu Geng before he even had a chance to witness the final glory of the Human race.

    Although Huang Xie initially felt it was unfair, he realized his own mistake after thousands of years of pondering about it. The plan was indeed quite messed up. He was not even able to imagine how he could have come up with such a rotten plan to trick Prince Wu Geng and the entire Human race. Nobody would have tolerated such behavior.

    "Uncle, what do you plan to do next?" Jiang Fei asked. Jiang Fei was certain that he would not be able to kill Huang Xie. If he must fight, Jiang Fei predicted that he would be the one killed instead.

    "Me?" Huang Xie smiled solemnly. Since Jiang Fei had found him, that meant his hiding spot had already been discovered. Even if Jiang Fei did not kill him, someone else would come for his life.

    "Uncle, I think you should leave immediately. Find somewhere else to hide!" Jiang Fei warned. Since Jiang Fei knew his quest would fail anyway, he decided to help Huang Xie instead as he truly felt sorry for him.

    "Young man, let me ask you something. You have so many of the cauldrons with you. Do you really plan to take on the responsibility of the Quest Against the Heavens?" Huang Xie did not answer Jiang Fei but instead asked another question of his own.

    "Of course!" Jiang Fei answered without hesitation.

    "Alright! Great!" Huang Xie nodded. Although Prince Wu Geng had become Lu Fu and a strand of his consciousness still remained, he was already useless in the Quest Against the Heavens. Jiang Fei who possessed multiple Cauldrons of the Ancient Kingdom naturally became the best candidate for the Quest Against the Heavens.

    Although Jiang Fei was weak now, he had the advantage of rapid growth rates as an Adventurer.

    A native Overlord would require over a hundred years to acquire his powers, but an Adventurer may only need a year or even less. This stark difference meant that Huang Xie truly believed in Jiang Fei's potential.

    "Uncle, you should leave soon. I am afraid that the Lord might send someone else to kill you!" Jiang Fei warned yet again. He truly did not want Huang Xie to die.

    "There's no need. I have lived long enough and have seen through everything. There's no point hiding in a dark cave like this." Huang Xie shook his head.

    "But..." Jiang Fei wanted to say something. However, Huang Xie interrupted him.

    "Alright! You should go!" Huang Xie waved his hand.

    "Ahh! Uncle, please take care of yourself!" Jiang Fei had no choice but to leave since Huang Xie was not going to accept his advice.

    "Hehe, you keep calling me your uncle, but I have nothing to give you. Now that you are leaving, I would like to give you a simple gift!" Just as Jiang Fei was able to leave, Huang Xie stopped him.

    "A gift?" Jiang Fei was stunned. Huang Xie was in his spirit form, and he did not have any belongings. Could he mean something else?

    While Jiang Fei was still in a dazed state, Huang Xie's body began to catch fire.

    "Young fellow! I have nothing valuable to give you. Now that you are leaving, I would like to help you in completing the Lord's quest!" Huang Xie's body was already burned halfway through. However, he still kept a smile on his face when he looked at Jiang Fei.

    "Uncle..." Jiang Fei felt something in his throat. He was suddenly unable to say anything. Of course, he knew that Huang Xie did not choose to die because of their relationship. However, Huang Xie was sacrificing his own life for the entire Human race. As Jiang Fei was the best candidate for the Quest Against the Heavens, Huang Xie decided to give up his life so that Jiang Fei could progress on behalf of the entire Human race.

    "Please send my regards to my big brother! Tell him that I had never wanted to betray the Human race!" Huang Xie said his final words.

    Very soon, Huang Xie's spirit was completely burned away. The only thing that remained was a piece of his Soul Mark.

    As one of the previous Four Sages of the Heavens, Huang Xie cared deeply about the Human race. Although he had made a grave mistake, he had spent his entire life trying to make the Human race great. In the end, he still died for the Human race's sake, and yet he had to bear the bad reputation of a traitor.

    "Uncle, don't worry. If I succeed in the Quest Against the Heavens, I will surely make your intentions known!" Jiang Fei promised in his heart.

    After picking up Huang Xie's Soul Mark, Jiang Fei walked out of the cave. Although he had completed his quest, he did not feel the slightest bit of joy.

    "Master, consider Huang Xie as being set free from his misery," Akatziris said.

    "Ah! Let's go!" Jiang Fei sighed. He immediately activated the Return Scroll.

    After returning to the city, Jiang Fei did not return to the Emperor Poseidon's Palace. Instead, he directly teleported to Dawnlight City.

    After reaching Dawnlight City, Jiang Fei headed straight to the run-down blacksmith's workshop. Indeed, that was where he found Ou Yezi.

    Ou Yezi was not dressed in his golden armor. Instead, he looked like a homeless person with scrappy clothing. He was holding a piece of chicken in one hand and a bottle of alcohol in the other. He seemed very tipsy.

    "Are you back?" Ou Yezi glanced at Jiang Fei.

    "Yeah!" Jiang Fei nodded.

    "Is he dead?" Ou Yezi sounded as if he was asking about someone completely unrelated. However, Jiang Fei could notice tears forming in his eyes.
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