873 Shocking Overlord Rights

    "Teacher, how did you know?" Jiang Fei was stunned by Ou Yezi's reaction. Based on Jiang Fei's capabilities, there was no way he could have killed Huang Xie. Why was Ou Yezi so certain that Huang Xie was dead?

    "Ah! From the moment you departed, I knew that Huang Xie would die with certainty!" Ou Yezi said after taking a sip of alcohol. "Based on his personality, I knew that he would sacrifice himself for your sake when he saw the Cauldrons of the Ancient Kingdom you possess."

    "Uncle Huang was right. You know him the best." Jiang Fei sighed.

    Ou Yezi knew from the start that Huang Xie was not the kind of person who would commit such a huge crime for his own benefit. However, Ou Yezi could not openly challenge the Human race's authority. Therefore, he only spoke generally that all men fell prey to their own greed. He also added that Huang Xie's words might not have been entirely false which was what he truly believed in.

    "Let's go! We can't let your uncle die in vain!" Ou Yezi stood up. He seemed to have really drunk a lot.

    "Teacher, are you alright?" Jiang Fei immediately held Ou Yezi up.

    "It's better if I'm drunk..." Ou Yezi smiled bitterly as he teleported himself and Jiang Fei away.

    "Go in to meet with the Lord on your own. I won't be going in..." When they arrived at the big palace, Ou Yezi did not seem to want to enter. Instead, he asked Jiang Fei to enter on his own. Clearly, he was still affected by Huang Xie's death and currently held a grudge against Lu Fu.

    "Alright." Jiang Fei nodded as he turned around and said to Ou Yezi, "I promised Uncle Huang that if I succeed in the Quest Against the Heavens, I will make sure everyone knew the part he played."

    "Hehe! I have indeed chosen the right disciple!" Ou Yezi said as he smiled.

    Although Jiang Fei possessed many of the cauldrons, he was still only Ou Yezi's disciple. It was impossible for him to convince everyone that Prince Wu Geng had wrongly blamed Huang Xie. However, if he one day succeeded in the Quest Against the Heavens, he would be the new Lord. It would be extremely easy to change everyone's opinion then.

    As Ou Yezi walked away shakily, Jiang Fei began walking into the big palace.

    "Lord, please show yourself!" Jiang Fei shouted loudly.


    A white light flashed as Lu Fu appeared behind his desk.

    "Greetings, my Lord!" Jiang Fei bowed respectfully.

    "You may stand. Did you complete your quest?" Lu Fu asked.

    "Yes, I am glad I have not failed you," Jiang Fei said as he retrieved Huang Xie's Soul Mark.

    "Hmph!" Lu Fu snorted as he released a beam of golden light which hit the Soul Mark in Jiang Fei's hand. The Soul Mark was instantly crushed into pieces.

    After destroying Huang Xie's final trace in the world, Lu Fu sighed as his anger dissipated. He then said to Jiang Fei, "Verdure Glider, you have done well! You have completed my Tier Challenge Quest!"

    "Ding! Tier Challenge Quest - Defeat the Villain, completed!"

    "Ding! You have acquired the status of an Overlord!"

    "Ding! You have obtained a new skill - Overlord's Might!"

    "Ding! You have obtained a new skill - Overlord's Special Rights!"

    "Ding! You have obtained a new skill - Overlord's Benefits!"

    A series of system notifications appeared to inform Jiang Fei that he had acquired the status of an Overlord.

    "Alright! If there's nothing else, you may leave!" Lu Fu waved his hand as he turned into a white light and thereafter disappeared.

    "Ah, He has a pretty tough job." Jiang Fei sighed to himself. Although Lu Fu had ordered Jiang Fei to kill Huang Xie, Lu Fu himself did not seem to be faring well on his own.

    Lu Fu who still had a shred of his consciousness remaining was considered the spiritual leader of the Human race. In reality, he did not have much battle power left. He would not be able to play an important part in the Quest Against the Heavens. His only purpose for existing was to ensure the High Humans were not completely lost without a leader. Apart from issuing some quests, he could not do much else.

    Moreover, once a player collected all nine Cauldrons of the Ancient Kingdom and initiated the War of the Heavens, Lu Fu's existence would cease to have meaning. Lu Fu would probably disappear completely. The player who possessed all nine cauldrons would become the Human race's temporary leader. If the Quest Against the Heavens was successful, the person would officially become the Human race's Lord.

    After leaving the palace, Jiang Fei noticed that Ou Yezi was not around. He then opened his Attribute Window to check out his own attributes.

    "Damn!" Jiang Fei was greatly surprised. First of all, his Health Points and Attack Power had increased significantly. He also noticed some newly acquired attributes as he scrolled further down.

    Name: Verdure Glider

    Rank: Overlord

    Race: Covet Nephilim

    Class: God of Crafts (Beginner)

    Level: 90

    Health Points: 295,488

    Attack Power: 126,936

    Defense: 22,646


    Overlord's Might (Halo Effect): All enemies below the Overlord rank in a one-thousand-meter radius will have 20% decreased overall attributes.

    Overlord's Special Rights (Passive Skill): All of your attributes will be increased by 50%. Your level cap is increased to Level 99.

    Overlord's Benefits (Passive Skill): You have obtained the rights to purchase everything from all ally merchants. All purchases will be free of charge.

    "Damn! This is too much even for an Overlord!" Jiang Fei was taken aback by the attributes. Firstly, the most impressive of all was the Overlord's Special Rights which gave him 50% additional attribute points for all attributes. With this, Jiang Fei's Health Points were increased by close to 100,000 and his Attack Power had also increased by close to 40,000.

    At the same time, Jiang Fei's level cap was also increased. He would be able to continue leveling up after his Experience Bar was full instead of being stuck at Level 90.

    There was also the Overlord's Might which was definitely an oppressive skill toward his enemies. Jiang Fei was already virtually undefeatable. Coupled with a 20% reduction in all enemy attributes, Jiang Fei would easily be able to annihilate an entire army.

    The 20% reduction in attributes was not only limited to the five basic attributes. It included Health Points, Critical Rate, and other types of attributes. Most players already had a tough time landing a hit on Jiang Fei due to the level difference. Now that they would also have their attributes reduced by 20%, their skills and attacks were definitely futile against Jiang Fei.

    The final skill was the Overlord's Benefits. This might seem like an unimportant skill since Jiang Fei was already very wealthy. However, a lot of quests required more than money. Some NPCs needed specific quest items like mushrooms or pearls that would require a lot of time for players to gather. Jiang Fei was not willing to spend so much time collecting those items. Now, he would be able to bypass such quests and acquire the items he needed right away.

    In fact, some merchants would not sell certain items directly. They sometimes required players to complete certain quests to increase their Reputation. However, Jiang Fei was no longer bound by such limitations. He would be able to take whatever he wanted from all ally merchants.
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