874 Danger Approaches

    After acquiring the status of an Overlord, Jiang Fei did not need to stay in the Fairy Land much longer. He used the Return Scroll to get back to Dawnlight City. He then directly teleported to the Demon Dragon Fortress. As Jiang Fei had taken off in a rush, he had yet to complete his crafting.

    Jiang Fei spent the rest of the day in the blacksmith's workshop. Although he had acquired the Overlord status, it did not help him much in his crafting. So, if he wanted to make enough equipment to be used as bait, he would have to put in time and effort.

    Finally, when the gaming time was about to end, Jiang Fei put away his smithing hammer. Apart from the set of Holy grade armor, Jiang Fei was able to create six other Ancient grade equipment.

    Right then, Jiang Fei messaged Seven Stars Warrior who was training near the Dragon's nest to find out about the Dark Faction's status. Jiang Fei found out that Elder Prince Otis had already prepared the army to begin attacking the Naga race.

    "It's almost time! The war should start tomorrow night!" Jiang Fei smiled. However, he was immediately forced to log out of the game by the system.

    After returning to reality, everything still seemed to be at peace. It appeared that the mutants were still recovering from their defeat and were not prepared to attack them.

    The androids were far more relaxed than the mutants. Their only task was to protect the remnants of alien technology and wait for backup to arrive. Therefore, as long as the mutants did not come, they would be able to slack off.

    Jiang Fei was equally relaxed since both parties seemed to be in a peaceful state. However, Bai Wanli, Ganyang Zhenren and the rest of the martial artists were getting impatient. Like the Soaring Cloud Sect, the martial artists here were also running out of food. With close to 600 members around, their source of food was running out very quickly. However powerful they were or how much they meditated, martial artists still needed food to survive.

    In fact, as the martial artists expended a lot of energy in their training, each of them were large in size and required a lot of food for sustenance. Even the female martial artists consumed bigger portions in a meal as compared to normal males.

    The androids, on the other hand, were not concerned about food as they required very little energy out of combat, and did not need to consume physical food. Meanwhile, Jiang Fei had enough food in his spatial ring to feed himself and the female Bio-Humans. However, the martial artists needed to feed themselves with the limited food they brought along in their pouches.

    "Brother Jiang, should we try to initiate the final battle against the mutants?" Bai Wanli asked.

    "The final battle? What's the hurry?" Jiang Fei was stunned. He could not relate to these hungry men who just wanted to get things over with.

    "We have to end this fight as soon as possible. We are running out of food! There is nothing left to hunt in this place. If this goes on, we'll starve to death!" Bai Wanli replied with a frown.

    "Are you really running out of food?" Jiang Fei was surprised. He had not considered this possibility at all as he had gotten used to travelling around with a lot of food in his spatial ring.

    "Yeah! Forget about the food in our pouches. We've basically killed every single animal in this valley!" Bai Wanli sounded helpless.

    "Ahh! That's why you've been hunting! I thought you liked eating fresh food from the wild!" Jiang Fei laughed out loudly. He had even eaten some of the food from their hunting trips. Jiang Fei had not thought that these martial artists would be hunting because of the lack of food.

    "We might be attacked at any moment. If it weren't for food, none of us would risk our lives to hunt!" Bai Wanli rolled his eyes.

    "Why didn't you say so earlier?" Jiang Fei was speechless. Although he would not waste 0541's energy to create food for these martial artists, he could contact the military to request for food supply.

    If the military wanted these martial artists to work for them, they should at least feed them well. Although Jiang Fei was unsure of the reason that the military still did not initiate the battle against the major rice-exporting country, he was certain that Planet Namek's battle aircraft could deliver some food supply without being noticed.

    "I didn't want to trouble you..." Bai Wanli laughed sheepishly. The martial artists did not know that a war would take this long. They had thought it would all be over within half a month.

    Twenty days had passed but the war still seemed to not have progressed. Both parties had suffered significant losses. However, despite the huge losses, the battle powers of both parties appeared to not have been affected.

    "Alright, leave it to me." Jiang Fei smiled as he nodded. He then walked over to Z8-001.

    "Tell Qin Tian to send us some food. Get him to do so by nightfall," Jiang Fei said and walked away. He was reluctant to speak any more than necessary to this android leader.


    Z8-001's eyes flashed as he stared at Jiang Fei who had his back to him. However, he still did as he was told and contacted Qin Tian who was based in China.

    "The martial artists are running out of food?" Qin Tian was amused when he received the news. He always saw the martial artists as powerful figures. They were now asking for his help because they had run out of food.

    "Send a batch of food over!" Although Qin Tian did not like the martial artists, he still needed their help to guard the remnants of the alien technology. Therefore, he immediately requested for food to be sent over so that these martial artists would not starve.

    Very soon, one of the modified Planet Namek battle aircraft took off. As he had three of the weaker Planet Namek battle aircraft, Qin Tian did not need to request for a special team to deliver the food supply.

    Before noon, Jiang Fei and the rest received the airdrop food supply. The major rice-exporting country was completely unable to detect the Planet Namek battle aircraft which had a perfect invisibility effect. Therefore, the aircraft was able to come and go as it pleased. It even surveyed around the mutants' territory before leaving Tokyo.

    After the problem pertaining to food was solved, the martial artists were finally at peace. The entire island of Tokyo seemed to have calmed down as if the impending war did not even exist.

    However, that was clearly not the case.

    "You have done well this time! Go on, continue your hunt!" Lincoln smiled satisfactorily.

    "Yes! My Master!" Blood Baron placed his hand on his heart with respect. He then brought the other Scarlet Hunters away.

    "Martial artists! It's payback time!" Lincoln laughed devilishly after the Scarlet Hunters left.
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