891 Persistent Chase

    When Jiang Fei was lamenting about the loss of a good man, Feng Xuanyi leaped to the front, taking more hits than the late Chen Xuanming. Even though they had a weak defense, the Mutants' attack still lived up to their power levels. The wounds that Feng Xuanyi had were too much that his bones could be seen! Worst of all, the deep cut below his abdomen was so large that his guts were almost spilling out!

    "Hear me, brothers of the Soaring Cloud Sect! Be proud of who we are and do not let the scum Ye Tianshun ruin the name for yourselves! Live with honor and die with honor!" Feng Xuanyi roared and charged into a large crowd of Mutants.

    It all happened so fast. All Jiang Fei saw was Feng Xuanyi having one of his arms cut off by a wind cutter attack and deep wounds inflicted on his thighs and chest. Yet, the man did not stop charging into the crowd of Mutants. In the next second, the man clenched his fist and poked his heart with his thumb. After that, there was a sudden burst of energy and before Jiang Fei had realized it, Feng Xuanyi exploded. His entire body just popped like a balloon, killing himself as well as Mutants that were standing too close to him.

    The man forced out his own Qi beyond the limits of his body and released them with a single touch of the Death Gate chakra point. The pent up Qi energy exploded, dealing so much damage compared to what Feng Xuanyi could ever do. Even though the man was only an Advanced stage of Level 4, that suicidal attack was stronger or the same as a Level 4 Pinnacle stage attack.

    All that remained of the brave man was his sword on the ground, tainted with the blood of his enemies and of himself.

    "Master Feng!" cried the now solemn disciples of the Soaring Cloud Sect. All of them respected the two masters so much that they would follow them to the depths of hell. However, they knew well that that would not be the masters' wish. The two masters wanted nothing but to clear the name of the now tainted sect. To die then would only be smearing the name of Chen Xuanming and Feng Xuanyi! In order to live up to their words, the disciples would have to fight harder, better, and stronger!

    "Another one bites the dust..." Jiang Fei sighed. Even though he did bear enmity towards the Soaring Cloud Sect, he could not help but feel charmed and touched by the actions of the two masters. It was a pity that Ye Tianshun had done something so bad to bring the sect's name down to the ground. At the very least, Cheng Xuanming and Feng Xuanyi had done something to elevate the name to an acceptable level.

    After the death of Feng Xuanyi, the battle was about to draw its curtain to a close. More than 2,000 Mutants were killed and those that were still alive had decided to run away. While the Mutants were downright defeated, the martial artists were not doing too good themselves. Although the number of casualties was very low, the loss of Chen Xuanming and Feng Xuanyi was a tragic, impacting the morale of the entire martial artist group. All physical wounds and fatigue could be cured instantly with Jiang Fei's miracle pills but the mental scars could not be dealt with.

    "I've never felt so alive!" Zhu Tianfei roared as he wiped his sword with a dead man's clothing.

    "The feeling is mutual! If only I was in my prime!" Ganyang Zhenren bellowed, nodding his head to agree with Zhu Tianfei.

    "Listen, this is not the time to celebrate just yet. The main force is coming and we should hide somewhere else to restore our strength!" said Jiang Fei.

    The reason they could win the fight was because of the superior element of surprise. However, if the Scarlet Hunters and Lincoln's army arrived, the battle would not be the same as the previous one. Without proper rest, they would be dragged to the ground!

    "Indeed. We have defeated them and taught them a lesson they would never forget. We should take this time to head towards the beach to evacuate!" said Bai Wanli. Even though everyone was greatly motivated, they were still aware of the fact that they were weaker than the main Mutant attack force. Given the choice, everyone would still choose to leave the god-forsaken place.

    "Well said, brother. We may have won this fight, but we had also used too much of ourselves. Instead of fighting, we should focus our efforts into leading an exodus back to China!" said Ding Tianqi.

    Unlike the Androids that showed no signs of fatigue, the martial artists, including Jiang Fei himself was getting tired and sore. If they continued fighting the Mutants, they would be the first to collapse. The result of the fight was good but they were overwhelmed with fatigue that their overall attack power dropped severely.

    Z8-001 and his fellow Android soldiers were strong with the alien weapons but their effectiveness was circumstantial. Although they do not possess any living aura with them, when they target an enemy, their guns emit a loud charging electrical whirl that would alert the targeted Mutants, granting them sufficient time to dodge and run.

    As such, these Androids were not able to provide much help. Even so, the outcome of the battle was satisfactory. Killing over 2,000 Mutants was the push of motivation they really needed, the martial artists were no longer in despair and hope seemed to return. To them, they had their fun and were now prioritizing returning home in one piece. They had lost too much and could not afford to lose anyone anymore.

    "0541, cover us!" said Jiang Fei, ordering 0541 to erect the barrier. He turned to the others and rallied together.

    Everyone gathered close and with Jiang Fei's lead, they took a large detour and reached the beach.

    Not 10 minutes after the entire group of martial artists left, a small group of Mutants arrived at the now silent battlefield.

    "F*ck! We're too late!" Baron Blood bellowed, crushing a large boulder with his bare hands to vent his frustration.

    "How are they here in the first place?" cried another confused Scarlet Hunter.

    "How the hell should I know?"

    No one knew about it and much less about them killing their comrades. Baron Blood was so pissed that if he was to vent his anger on boulders, there would not be any left on earth. Not 30 minutes ago, they were all still being fed information from the American Navy fleet, telling them that the Chinese were still rushing towards the same destination via the same path!

    However, not three minutes earlier, Baron Blood and Lincoln heard the call of distress from Shroder's soldiers. Without hesitation, both groups headed towards their direction. Baron Blood's group, being the superior Mutants, had arrived first to see that all the martial artists were gone, leaving nothing but dead bodies.

    "I will not let them get away with this!" Lincoln roared after he had arrived. To him, this defeat was a great humiliation. He had only recently scolded Desir for his failure. Right now, his defeat was worse than Desir's. Desir had gotten away with most of his men escaping alive albeit injured. Lincoln, on the other hand, had lost more than 2,000 Mutants. Not only that, he had also allowed the enemy to slip away right under his nose. The worst part was, he did not even know where they are right now!

    "Sir, I think they are back on track. After all, they were heading that way before they found out about us. I think, there's something important there that we cannot afford to ignore," said Desir.

    "I understand your point. Let's go!" said Lincoln. To be honest, he did not know what to do and did not have any choice. If he stayed put, he would have to answer to the President of the Mutant Brotherhood!
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