894 Showing Who’s Boss

    "Z9 S.A.T requesting permission to return for resupply," Z9-001 contacted Qin Tian right after Halsey and the rest of the surviving ships turned around and left the combat zone.

    "Permission granted," Qin Tian nonchalantly approved.

    Even though the S.A.T was not able to eliminate all the American vessels, he was still able to understand the importance of retreating when necessary. There was no need for the S.A.T to chase after the enemy, especially when they did not have much power left.

    As the direct commander of the S.A.T, Qin Tian was tasked to take care of and command the Android soldiers. Naturally, he knew very well the Androids capabilities as well as their weaknesses. One of which, was power. Androids lacked a proper power reactor that could help them generate power-like the heart of a human being-to sustain longer in battle.

    They were currently equipped with a nuclear power battery pack, an invention that was considered to be the epitome of power supply technology for its size and power delivery. Not even a nuclear reaction installed in a submarine could be as efficient as the one installed in the Android.

    The issue was with the weapon used by the Androids. The particle beam weapons were of alien origin. A few shots were what it takes for them to deplete their entire battery pack. If they were extremely conservative with their shots, they might be able to fly longer in the air but at the expense of not being able to completely destroy the enemy's ships. They were running out of battery power because they were not stingy with their shots earlier.

    Flying back to the main aircraft carrier for resupplying had consumed too much time. During which, the Americans had deserted the other heavily damaged ships and escaped to safety. Unless Qin Tian gave the order of attack, they could completely destroy all ships only if they chased them all the way into deep waters.

    Qin Tian's was in command of the Android soldiers as well as the other regular Naval fleet. The ships that he had were only the regular human-ly technology. Nie Shilong, on the other hand, was in command of the special alien ships that were given to the government by Jiang Fei. With only a few ships in hand, Nie Shilong was able to teach a lesson to the Americans and their allied forces, namely the European force.

    While Qin Tian was a man of intellect, Nie Shilong played by a simple rule, the survival of the fittest. His way of "teaching" a lesson was to sent his enemies to god and let Him do the rest!

    While Qin Fei was just finishing the battle with Halsey, the American Pacific Ocean fleet and the Joint-Europen Navy fleet had entered China's water. When they appeared, they aligned themselves nicely to a single file as an attempt to form a blockade. Their goal was to block any Chinese ships from exiting the harbor.

    To counter this blatant attempt at stopping the Chinese reinforcements, Nie Shilong was sent in. As such, the Special Navy force was dispatched out from the secret base.

    "This is our first official naval warfare and it might be our last. I do not ask much, only your best. Do what you did during the military exercise and destroy all enemy ships!"

    That was Nie Shilong pep talk which he had broadcasted throughout the submarine before departure.

    When Jiang Fei had handed over the alien weapons to China government, they were all fully equipped with enough power supply. Even so, if they were ready to use all of their powers, it would not be enough to sail from China, across the world, to America. That was why the government would not waste them. They would only send in the Special Navy Force if and only if their powers were necessary. In this case, when the enemies had already arrived at their doorsteps and made a blockade, it was time to send in the big guns.

    The Americans were desperate. It was clear since they had sent in their ships and other allied nations ships close to China's shorelines.

    To be fair, when the enemies' ships were so close to land, Nie Shilong did not have to sail out. He could simply start attacking from where the submarine was parked. That was if he wanted to save as much energy as possible. On the one hand, Nie Shilong had already received all the clearance he needed to attack. There was no need for him to play safe. It was time to hunt!

    While the other Chinese government's Navy forces had many ships, the Special Navy Force had only 6 vessels in total. 2 of which were given by Jiang Fei; a submarine and an aircraft carrier. There was one more weapon that Jiang Fei had made for the military-a Helicarrier.

    The Helicarrier was equipped with various weapons, one of which was the drones that had been taken off the Helicarrier and installed on the Z9 Androids. The Helicarrier had proved to be too inefficient in terms of power consumption. Hence, without hesitation, the military had taken apart the entire thing and used its parts for future research. All of the Energy Crystals that was supposed to be used for the Helicarrier was dismantled and installed on the aircraft carrier and the submarine. Albeit having superior firepower the likes humanity had ever seen, it proved to be too much for China to use it.

    After making the decision to decommission the Helicarrier, Nie Shilong was given the submarine and the aircraft carrier. Although he had only received two sea vessels, it was powerful enough to handle any given situation. To compensate, Nie Shilong was also given four additional Corvette class ships. Although they were of the latest design and was equipped with the latest technology, they were still far behind the two alien sea vessels.

    When all 6 vessels departed from the secret base, 4 was immediately detected by the Americans.

    "They're bold. I'd give them that," said Commander Clark, the man in charge of the Pacific Navy Force. He then turned to the operators behind his command console and said, "Contact the European forces, have them ready to attack the Chinese vessels!"

    "Yes, sir!"


    "Damn you, Clark! We are not yours to send in!" cried the Joint-European Navy Commander, Walters, groaning with great dissatisfaction for being thrown around as if they were Commander Clark's toys.

    Europe, as a whole, had bowed to America despite what the world thinks about them. America was not going to let Europe do as they pleased. Right now, they were forcing the European Naval force to fire the first strike. If they did and successfully destroyed China's sea vessels, it would be a bold declaration to China, stating that they were against them. If that happened, Europe would have no choice but to stand with America in this war. If they didn't they would have to answer to China for what they did, all by themselves.

    "Sir, what should we do?" one of the operators asked.

    "Do you see any other options? No? Then don't waste my time and fire at them already!" cried Walters. There was literally nothing he could do. If he had disobeyed Commander Clark, Walters would be seen as going against America. That would lead to many other troublesome outcomes that Walters did not want to even think about. Alas, he had to bow his head once more to the American thugs.

    Although both the American Pacific Navy Force and the Joint-European Navy force were forming a blockade together, the difference between the two forces differs greatly. The entire Joint-European Navy Force had over 40 sea vessels only. More than half of them were Corvette-Defender class ships, a few Destroyer class ships, and two small Battlecruiser. Combined, they were only one-third of what the Pacific Navy Force could deliver. That was one of the reasons why Walters dared not disobey Clark's orders.

    "Target acquired! Firing on command," said one of the operators as he awaited for Walters to order the attack. About 10 Destroyer class ships readied their missiles and aimed at the detected enemy vessels.

    "Open fire!" Walters roared.


    "General, we are being locked on by the enemy!"

    "Sir, incoming attack!"

    When the missiles were launched, Nie Shilong received panicked pleas from his other officers in other Corvette ships that were escorting the submarine and the aircraft carrier. Calmly, the man turned to his crew members and asked, "Is the Shenlong in position?"
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