899 The Scary One

    The battle had started for some time now and only a small portion of Scarlet Hunters was killed-mainly by Jiang Fei. On the other hand, over 100 martial artists-between Level 4 and Level 3-were killed.

    "Just die!"

    Everyone was pressured. Losing their precious disciples was the last thing the elders wanted. With so many deaths, they were now fueled with so much rage that their faces were turning red!

    "F*cking Mutants!" Jiang Fei roared. Although Jiang Fei would never admit that he cared for the martial artists, he had already gone out of his way allowing them to do what they wanted. However, there was still a feeling of camaraderie in his subconscious mind. They were still his brothers-in-arms and he felt rage and sadness when so many martial artists, younger and even the same age as him, fell to the Mutants.

    "Captain, please do not act irrationally. Preserve as much power as you can. There is still one large army that you would have to face," 0541 chimed in when it sensed that Jiang Fei's mind was starting to drift away and his brain to reacting with emotion.

    "Mhm. Thanks. Keep reminding me if I am going too far," said Jiang Fei.

    The young man was too young, yet he had already been through a lot. As he was still a greenhorn, the boy could not be as calm and controlled as the other elders. Even at the face of armageddon, those elders could still think straight when all hope was lost. Jiang Fei had not reached that level of control yet. The incident of his parents and the Soaring Cloud Sect was a good example.

    "HARGH!" Jiang Fei roared as he infused Wind power into his legs and gained explosive speed. At that moment, Jiang Fei was at his fastest he had ever been in his life. Even the strongest Scarlet Hunter, Baron Blood, could only see a blur when they tried to track him down.


    Before anyone could realize who and what was the blur, a Scarlet Hunter that was oblivious to the situation got his head sliced off.

    The sharpness of the blade was shown when Jiang Fei delivered the killing blow. His head remained on his neck for a few seconds. The poor soul did not even know that he was cut until his head literally slid off his severed neck like a block of butter on a hot pan. A few seconds later, his body and head reacted to the Zhanlu Sword and exploded.

    Before he fell, the Scarlet Hunter tried to alert his other comrades but he could not speak as his nerves were already severed when Jiang Fei sliced off his head clean. The only sound he could make was the sound of his body dropping to the ground and exploding.

    "No. 16!" cried another Scarlet Hunter when he realized that his comrade was not responding. Sadly, when he came to No. 16, what he saw did not resemble anything that looked like a human, only a pile of liquefied flesh and disintegrated human parts.

    "You--!" the cries of the Scarlet Hunter was halted immediately. Jiang Fei did not give him any openings. He just went ahead and made the kill.


    He tried to stop but he was too slow. Jiang Fei's blade pierced through his chest and all the way out of his back.


    It was during this time that Ganyang Zhenren and the other elders had begun their all-out attack while the weaker disciples tried to make way for them.

    "This is bad," Baron Blood stuttered his words. He could not believe how the battle had turned out like this. Even though they were making progress in weeding out the weaker ones, his enemies were not falling back! He had even lost several Scarlet Hunters!

    At this point, even Baron Blood recognized that he could not fight them. The tables have turned to their side... or rather... it had always been that way.

    "Retreat!" Baron Blood roared, disgruntled at his own decision to retreat. Even though his pride was biting him in his butt, he had to stop and retreat or else they would be completely annihilated.

    "It's too late for that!" Jiang Fei snarled, pushing himself faster. The man had got better at controlling the flow of energy inside him as he was able to continuously condense Origin Force all over his body. When he heard Baron Blood giving the order of retreat, he quickly manifested all his energy into physical force. Not a few minutes ago, Jiang Fei had reached the peak of his ability and yet right now, he had surpassed that limit and became so fast that he was as fast as lightning. Jiang Fei bolted across the battlefield like thunder, killing his enemy at the possible move.

    "Stop them from getting away!" Bai Wanli roared. The elders were unified as those that were already killed were all their disciples. They wanted revenge so bad that they wish they could just let it all out. However, years of battle experience warned them about how it would turn out if they let themselves go.

    "Captain. A large group of Mutant will arrive in less than 180 seconds. You must eliminate all these Bio-Enhanced Mutant now or evacuate this battlefield!" 0541 blared.

    Jiang Fei was moving but he did not attack. When 0541 warning came in, he had to think. At this point, he was burning away energy fast and he had less than half of it left in his body. Thankfully, he could still take a Spirit Pill to refill his energy. If he pushed himself once more, he could match Bai Wanli and the other elder's rhythm and kill all the Scarlet Hunters then. The problem was an evacuation. He would not have the time nor the means to evacuate!

    If he let them go instead of killing them, they would be coming back again with a bigger force that could be the end of Jiang Fei and the others.

    "F*ck it! Let's see how I can push myself!" Jiang Fei squirmed and swallowed a Spirit Pill. He could feel the pill dissolved in his stomach and replenish a small portion of his energy. Spirit Pill has enough energy to fully restore a Level 4 Beginning stage Metahuman. However, this sort of pill could not be consumed unendingly. One can only be consumed within a certain duration. If Jiang Fei tried to take another one right after, his energy flow would be greatly disrupted.

    After having taken the pill, Jiang Fei's energy was restored ever so slightly. Most importantly, he felt lightened as he was able to concentrate better.

    "Bai sect leader, Ganyang sect leader, work with me. We'll kill all of them!" cried Jiang Fei, brandishing his sword menacingly.

    "Will do!" both of them replied and followed closely. The other elders, Level 4 Pinnacle stage fighters, followed as well and fight their way to stop the Scarlet Hunters from running.

    "Force through!" Baron Blood roared. The man recognized that the situation had gotten from bad to worse. He had no idea who Jiang Fei was but that did not stop him from knowing that he was the scariest one amongst the martial artists.

    By unleashing all his power, Jiang Fei's speed was unmatched. Not even the Scarlet Hunters were able to stop them from attacking. They were able to block and parry one or two strikes but that was their limit before taking damage.

    If Jiang Fei's speed was not bad enough, his attack was worse. His attacks were a complete cheat. A single touch would be the death of them. Not even Baron Blood dared to cross swords with him! In the end, he was forced to retreat, making a pathway to survive instead of buying time for Lincoln.

    "Help me!" cried another group of Scarlet Hunters that were pinned down by Hong Yu and the girls when Baron Blood was trying to break past the blockade.

    They were not in danger at the moment, merely subdued and unable to move. Their individual strength and power were much stronger than Hong Yu and the girls. Even so, if Jiang Fei wanted to, he could have easily killed them all!

    "What should we do about them?" said another Scarlet Hunter.

    "We do not have the luxury to worry about others. We need to get out of here to regroup with Lincoln!" said Baron Blood, biting his pain down. If he tried to save his comrades from Hong Yu, all of them might be in danger of being killed by Jiang Fei.


    The man understood his leader's words. He too was scared stiff by Jiang Fei. He was young and yet his fighting capabilities were unmatched by the other elders. They had never seen anyone like that before!

    "You wanna leave? Leave your head with me then!" Jiang Fei howled like a banshee, chasing them closely. Just when they were about to collide with Bai Wanli and Ganyang Zhenren's blockade, Jiang Fei flashed in to begin his slaying spree.
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