900 You Know Too Much

    "Hold this spot! Do not let them through!" Bai Wanli roared. Every other elder that was present then braced themselves for what was to come.

    "It's... It's impossible!" cried one of the Scarlet Hunters as he tried to fight against Ganyang Zhenren. He was immediately repelled by Ganyang Zhenren's superior swordsmanship.

    "I don't care! Just do it!" Baron Blood snarled. Concurrently, he felt something splashed behind him. He turned around quickly and saw a pair of legs without its upper body, slowly making its last few steps before exploding into a pile of blood.

    Right then, only half of the Scarlet Hunters remained. 5 of them were still being held back by Hong Yu and the girls! Out of 15 dead Scarlet Hunters, three were killed by the others while the rest were killed by Jiang Fei alone!

    While everyone had different theories about it, the truth to Jiang Fei's incredible killing spree was his sword. These Scarlet Hunters had the blood of the first vampire progenitor. Any wound they received, as long as it was not fatal, would heal incredibly fast. Unless they were killed in a single strike, Scarlet Hunters were incredibly hard to kill as they could recover even faster by consuming the blood of their victims. That was why the others were only able to kill three while Jiang Fei, wielding the cheating sword, was able to kill as many as he could. All he needed to do was to cut them and boom, instant death!

    Everyone was scared when they saw Jiang Fei killed just one of them. Right then, the only people that were willing to risk their lives fighting were the elder martial artists. At the same time, Bai Wanli and the other elders were biting through their fatigue, trying their very best to hold on the blockade. Only they could put up a decent fight against the Mutants. The Androids and their weaker disciples could do nothing against them.

    "I'll go in and bait them. You do your best to take advantage of the situation and get out of here!"

    "We need to inform the others about this!"

    "Push! Break through!"

    Everyone except Baron Blood had to steel their decision to fight until they died. With Jiang Fei, the reaper tailing behind them, they had already given up trying to survive and had decided to put all their efforts into keeping Baron Blood alive.

    Ariel, being a Level 5 Metahuman, could not participate in any of the fights. However, she was still able to do some tricks. One of which was making an electrical disruption field around the battlefield. It was harmless to all but not to electronic devices. All the communication devices that the Scarlet Hunters tried to use were rendered useless. The only way they could relay any information to Lincoln was to physically tell him!

    "Don't let them leave!" Jiang Fei roared. Even though he was seen as a ruthless killer at this point, Jiang Fei himself was still in control of his emotions and psyche. He cannot allow any information about him using that Godblade to spread. Right then, he had the advantage. The Scarlet Hunters had no idea that the cause of bodies exploding was due to the sword. However, if they spread the news and let others interpret it, sooner or later, someone would know that Jiang Fei possessed a Godblade! If that got out, there would only be trouble.

    It was known that only Level 5 masters had Godblades. However, those weapons were unusable by humans since those Godblades were made for the habitants of Planet Namek. They were different, in terms of body structure, hence, it would be impossible for humans to use then. Jiang Fei's blade was the only one on Earth that could be used as a sword. If any Level 5 Metahuman knew that Jiang Fei had one, god knows what they would do just to obtain it. Zhanlu Sword was the only weaponized form of Godblade on Earth. If any Level 5 Metahuman had that, they would practically undefeatable.

    "I cannot allow them to escape!" Jiang Fei thought to himself, fearing the bleak future if they managed to escape. Right then, Jiang Fei had come up with a momentary final trump card. If somehow, by luck, Baron Blood had managed to escape, Jiang Fei would not hesitate to sent in Ariel to silence him!

    When he was concentrating on killing the Scarlet Hunters, Jiang Fei paid attention to the looks of the other martial artists. Due to the absolute lethality of Zhanlu Sword, even he needed to watch out for China's Level 5 Metahumans. They too are human, after all.


    Another one bit the dust, alerting the others just how close Jiang Fei was at wiping the floor with all of them. Fortunately, desperation had managed to grant the Scarlet Hunters a final spur to push through the blockade. However, three Scarlet Hunters had sacrificed themselves to distract half of the elders to open a window of escape for the rest of their comrades.

    Right then, excluding the five that were being pinned by Hong Yu and the girls, and Baron Blood, there were only two Scarlet Hunters left.

    "Boss, go on without me! I will hold them back!"

    "Please, take care of my family. Let them know that their father was a hero!"

    The two Scarlet Hunters knew all too well that even if they managed to run, none of them would outrun Jiang Fei and all other elders.

    "I will! I will never forget what you have done!" Baron Blood roared from the top of his lungs, crying and running as he did.

    "Where you think you're going?!" Bai Wanli snarled as he turned away from the two Scarlet Hunters and tried to chase Baron Blood.

    "Are you looking away right now? Your opponent is me!" cried the Scarlet Hunter as he charged towards Bai Wanli, trying to pierce the old man's throat with his dagger. Unfortunately, both Scarlet Hunters were in no shape to fight any longer. They were fatally injured and their healing powers were slowed down due to their extreme fatigue. The only thing that was keeping them going on was their sheer willpower.

    "Ariel! Help!" Jiang Fei mentally summoned Ariel.

    "Yes!" she answered and teleported Jiang Fei in front of Baron Blood's path.

    A white light flashed and Jiang Fei emerged out of it, charging towards Baron Blood like a hungry tiger.

    "F*ck you!" Baron Blood roared, surprised as he was caught off guard again! It was at that moment, he knew he f*cked up. There was no other option left but to fight and kill this annoying, scary young man!

    "Captain, you have less than 60 seconds to end this fight or the Mutant army will arrive," 0541 chimed in again.

    "F*ck me!"

    Jiang Fei was worried and anxious. The Mutant army was faster than he had expected!

    "HNNG!" Baron Blood grunted as he hurled his dagger at Jiang Fei.


    Jiang Fei saw the attack coming from a mile away and managed to deflect it easily with his sword. However, it was a distraction from the real attack.

    "Bloodshadow!" Baron Blood roared. Suddenly, his entire body vibrated violently, creating three afterimages that materialized into reality.


    Jiang Fei was stunned. He had never thought that Baron Blood could have such an ability or any ability for that matter. He had been killing so many Scarlet Hunters enough to know that none of them had any ability.

    What he did not know was Blood Baron was special. He was able to become the leader of the Scarlet Hunter for a reason. Not only did he had the blood of the vampire's first progenitor in his veins, but he also inherited the first progenitor's skills. However, he was not the real person. Having to cast Bloodshadow proved that Baron Blood was out of moves.

    "I must not fight him! I need to survive to inform Lincoln!" Baron Blood reminded himself.

    The skill used his own blood as a source and would last only for 30 seconds before disintegrating into a pool of blood. After that, he would be incredibly weakened, leaving him open for attacks.

    "BLURGH!" All three clones spit out a mouthful of blackened blood towards Jiang Fei.

    "Captain! Evade them!" 0541 blared loudly in Jiang Fei's mind.

    He actually wanted to manifest a protective Qi armor around him to take the projectiles but was stopped by 0541.
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