901 The Army Arrives

    Jiang Fei stopped, stomping the ground as hard as he could to direct himself away.


    When the blobs of blackened blood touched the ground, they made a sizzling sound, corroding and melting away even the rocks on the ground.

    "Shesh! Thank god for that," Jiang Fei cried, surprised at how vicious the attack was. If he had taken that head-on, he would have been momentarily maimed and seriously injured if he failed to purge himself of that poison.

    From there on out, Jiang Fei decided to be economical on his efforts. The Mutant army was coming and it was already far too late for the other martial artists to retreat. If he wanted everyone to survive, he would have to be at his best all the time and fight them.

    After Baron Blood's attack was evaded, Jiang Fei charged forward to attack one of Baron Blood's clones. His sword went straight through his head. However, even though Jiang Fei could see his sword piercing through the clone, it did not feel like he had struck anything. On the contrary, he felt as if he was only hitting the air.

    "Mhm. A non-physical clone!" Jiang Fei scoffed. If the actual body of Baron Blood could be rendered non-physical, Jiang Fei would never be able to kill him even with the Zhanlu Sword.

    Just as he was distracted, Jiang Fei did not hear anything but saw a shadow coming towards him as he noticed the ground. At that instant, he heard the sound of the wind, created only by swinging one's arm. It was a physical attack, which meant that one of the clones had materialized himself to attack.

    Jiang Fei dodged the attack at the very last second. At that instant, the two other clones charged towards him, preparing for an attack.

    "Dammit! These clones are annoying!" Jiang Fei complained. Not only did he need to save his strength, but also time. If he continued to delay the fight, it would be terrible for him when the main Mutant army arrived.

    "Mhm!" Jiang Fei grunted as he unleashed a series of kicks to knock back one and slashed his way through another. Baron Blood had resorted to using his clones to attack Jiang Fei because he feared Jiang Fei's powers. Until now, he was still buying the idea that Jiang Fei himself was capable of sending his Qi into an enemy to kill him, in a single touch.

    "Persistence little cockroach!" Baron Blood roared. Gradually becoming more desperate, Baron Blood could not land an attack no matter how he tried coordinating his clones to attack. He was getting desperate. The clones that he had created could last only for 30 seconds. Worse, he did not know how far away was Lincoln's army was. Hence, at that moment, every second past that Jiang Fei was still alive would be the death of him.

    "I need to go all out with this one!"

    With less than 15 seconds left, Baron Blood decided to head in.

    With just a thought, Baron Blood controlled his clones to spit more blackened blood on Jiang Fei, forcing him to retreat away, opening a window of attack for himself from behind Jiang Fei!

    At the right time, Baron Blood sneaked behind Jiang Fei and jumped at him when he did not notice.

    "Captain! Behind you!" 0541 blared.

    "Shields!" Jiang Fei responded with a plan of attack. For him to come so close to Jiang Fei meant that Baron Blood was desperate to kill him right there and then. Unfortunately for him, Jiang Fei had more than just one trump card!

    A blue barrier was put up and stopped Baron Blood's dagger from touching Jiang Fei.

    "F*ck!" Baron Blood shrieked. He knew that he had made a fatal mistake and it was too late for him to do anything about it.

    "Die!" Jiang Fei roared, spinning around with the Zhanlu Sword where he was.


    A loud metal crashing sound was heard and the remains of what was a dagger were seen on the ground. Baron Blood tired to parried that swing but failed miserably and even gotten himself cut behind his palm.

    "You're dead now!" Jiang Fei snickered. Such a wound would not mean anything to regular human beings but extremely deadly to any Metahuman! Blood started to gather at the open would and not sooner, Baron Blood could feel his veins burning!

    "This--?! This is not your ability!" he roared.

    Gruuut... SPLAT!

    Being a veteran fighter, Baron Blood knew that if he allowed the wound to stay attached to his body, he would die. Without hesitation, the man manifested his powers in his left hand and pried off his entire right arm before the effect could travel to the rest of his body.

    "GRAAHHH!" He roared, trying to endure the pain. As he did, he threw away his severed arm aside and said, "This is not your power! It's the power of the legendary Godblade!"

    Jiang Fei frowned.

    "You know too much..."

    Jiang Fei wanting to kill him because he had seen how the sword killed others. Now that he had guessed it right, there was no way he could let Baron Blood leave.

    With one arm gone and his clones disappearing, there was no way he could fight Jiang Fei and live to tell the tale. Without wasting any time, Baron Blood kicked off the ground and ran at full speed.

    "Captain, the Mutant army is arriving in 30 seconds!" 0541 chimed in.

    "There's no time to waste then," Jiang Fei urged himself. The thought of how it would turn out if Baron Blood lived to tell others about the sword sent shivers down his spine.

    At that moment, Baron Blood was a good kilometer away from Jiang Fei. He then infused Wind Origin Force into his feet and sprinted faster than he had before. All the muscles in his body were screaming for him to stop, tearing itself apart as Jiang Fei continued to put more power into his feet. It was a tremendous toll for obtaining speeds that no man had ever obtained, but it was worth it. He needed that boost to chase Baron Blood and kill him!

    The ground tore apart like dough when Jiang Fei stepped through it, leaving a trail of destroyed dirt when finally Jiang Fei was right next to Baron Blood. The man known as the strongest Scarlet Hunter was fast, but because of his severed arm, he could not maintain balance long enough to maintain his speed.

    "Captain, the Mutant army will arrive in 15 seconds!" 0541 blared in, warning Jiang Fei that the unwanted encounter with the Mutant army was approaching closer.

    "Enough games!" Jiang Fei grunted as he swung his sword and pierce the vampire's heart.

    "ERGHH!" Baron Blood writhed in pain as he tried to dodge the sword swing. Even though he did manage to turn his body away from the sword, he had gravely miscalculated the distance between the sword and where his arm used to be. The tip of the Zhanlu Sword managed to slice through his dangling veins and into the top of his shoulder.

    "I'm not done yet!" Jiang Fei roared. They were extremely close to Lincoln and the rest and if Baron Blood suddenly decided to just yell out the existence of Godblade, the others would hear it.

    He kept his sword aside and quickly manifested the power of fire and burnt him down with everything he had. The poor Mutant could not even squeal as intense blue flames engulfed his entire body, burning him into ashes.

    His enemy was defeated but he was not safe just yet. Jiang Fei made a quick U-turn and ran back to his comrades.


    "What is that sound?!" Lincoln said when he heard a faint ground crushing noise coming from where Jiang Fei was a few seconds ago.

    Lincoln frowned, thinking that it might be possible that his enemies were closer than expected.

    "Go! Go now! Panther, gather your men and scout ahead!" he roared.

    "Yes, sir," a few Mutants broke from the group and ran towards the front.
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