903 Fight Like Your Life Depended On I

    Just after Jiang Fei had informed the group, a cluttering of footsteps was heard.

    "They're here," said Jiang Fei, keeping himself hidden from behind the trees as he peeked at the incoming enemies.

    The group of Mutants that had just arrived had over 300 people. Their powers were around Level 3 and Level 4, nothing much to worry about. That being said, they were fast enough to reach where Jiang Fei was.

    "Stop!" cried the man in charge as he reached a certain point.


    "The pathway is getting smaller. The trees are very close to each other. It's a perfect spot for an ambush!" said the captain.

    "I doubt it. They aren't that brave enough to even fight us," said the other. He was saying that based on an assumption that the martial artists were both mentally and physically tired after the most recent battle with the Scarlet Hunters. If they could not even run for their lives, how could they even fight.

    "Hard to tell. Best be careful," said the captain before turning around suddenly.

    "Split up and check every corner to see if there's enemies hiding around!"

    Because of the close approximate distance, Jiang Fei could hear every conversation the Mutants were having. Bai Wanli and the others could hear it as well but they could not understand their language. When Jiang Fei understood what they were saying, he freaked out.

    "F*ck!" he cried. If the Mutants head out into the woods to search for them, the ambush would be a failure. Even though they could kill them separately, it would only be a waste of such a perfect ambush spot. Besides, the ambush was set up for the main army, not this small group.

    "0541, deploy hologram!" cried Jiang Fei as the last minute.

    "Yes, captain!"

    Following Jiang Fei's orders, 0541 created an exact copy of all the martial artists and Androids, sending them off towards another direction.


    "Captain! Look over there!" cried one of the Mutants, pointing towards the hologram.

    "What the hell?" the captain gasped when he saw a large group of about 600 people running down the mountain towards the opposite direction of the beach.

    "Sir Lincoln, what is the enemy headcount?" the captain asked.

    "We don't have an exact number but based on previous reports, it is estimated that there were about 600 of them. I'm sure that after fighting the Scarlet Hunter, their numbers should be less," Lincoln replied. Due to the retreat of the American Naval Fleet, the Mutants no longer have intelligence given to them.

    The captain began to think. After the battle with the Scarlet Hunters, there should be around 400 to 500 of them left. With the Androids with them, their numbers would be 600! That group of people that the captain had just seen should be the lot of them!

    "Follow me! We are chasing them!" cried the captain, giving up on the search and heading towards the holograms that 0541 had made.

    "They bought it..." said Jiang Fei, breathing a sigh of relief when the entire group chased the holograms.

    "Brother Jiang Fei, could we also slip past the main attack group and head to the beach quietly? I only wish to avoid a fight," said Bai Wanli.

    Jiang Fei's ambush plan was almost hatching but the martial artists cared less for the fight as they only wanted to survive. Even if the Ambush was deemed a success, a fight would be unavoidable. If they had chosen to completely ignore the fights and head straight to safety, they might actually be able to return to China, unharmed.

    "How about the rest of you? Do you share the same feeling as Bai Sect Leader?" said Jiang Fei, turning to the other elders. Everyone was staring at him, hoping that Jiang Fei could give them some leeway.

    "Brother Jiang Fei, it's not what you think. We could fight but what of our disciples? They are all basically running on fumes now. None of them could afford to fight anymore!" said Bai Wanli.

    "Looks like you are thinking that I'm not giving you a choice. The choice is yours to make. I'm only telling you what will happen after you made the choice. If you don't want to fight, you will be abandoning this perfect ambush ground to head to a beach where once you're detected, there is no way the Mutants can't kill all of you. I will survive for I have my powerful friend here to teleport me back to China at any moment. So, make your choice," said Jiang Fei, scoffing coldly at everyone.

    Everyone was quiet. Jiang Fei was being only reasonable. Although an all-out war would happen one way or another, it was better to have the terrain advantage than to allow themselves to be caught with their pants down.

    Everyone started to sigh heavily when they realized some truth behind Jiang Fei's not so good pep talk.

    "What are you sighing about?! Remember that we are being cornered here! If there's no way for us, we will cut ourselves one!" Zhu Tianfei roared.

    "I guess there's nothing that we could do to avoid it," said Bai Wanli, exchanging a look with Ganyang Zhenren.

    The current main attack force of the martial artists side was Jiang Fei and his group of young female fighters. If anyone had angered Jiang Fei, he might just pack up and leave with his army of female soldiers, leaving the martial artists to fend for themselves.

    There was something that Jiang Fei kept to himself, which made things worse for the martial artists. The entire group was able to roam around Japan undetected because of 0541's isolation field. If Jiang Fei left, these martial artists would not be able to leave Japan, alive.

    "It's now or never, everyone," said Bai Wanli. He took out a small bottle of pills, distributing them to everyone in his sect.

    The pills that Bai Wanli had was bought from Jiang Fei and never used until this moment. They were so expensive and precious that Bai Wanli had deemed the situation dire to finally use it.

    "It's the final battle! There's no need to save it anymore!" said Ganyang Zhenren as he too distributed the pills he had with him. The rest of the elders followed.

    After taking the pills, everyone recovered a small amount of Qi, restoring their vitality, removing their fatigue. Although they were not in their best shape, they were still prepared for a fight.
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