905 Overdoing Things

    "Charge!" Lincoln roared. Even though there were martial artists that he had to go through, that was the only option left. If he had chosen to withdraw from the fight, he would only be exposing his back to the enemies. The loss would be greater than it already was.

    When the martial artists came down to attack, the Mutants did the same. Both sides charged at each other. The Mutants were at a disadvantage as they were going uphill. It mattered not then if they could not fight the Androids since they had to deal with the martial artists first. At the same time, to avoid friendly fire, the Androids had stopped attacking.

    "Hold them down!" Jiang Fei yelled out as he took the front lines and made his stance.

    "Hmph!" Jiang Fei grunted slightly as he applied a small amount of force into his sword, slicing through three Mutants in one quick swing. The sword that he was using then was not the Zhanlu Sword. Even though that sword had a better killing efficiency, using the Chengying was just as efficient then since his enemies were not running and dodging all the time. That was one thought that came to his mind when he killed those Mutants. Even if he used the Godblade right then, there was no guarantee that he would survive the fight.

    For safety reasons, Jiang Fei had used his normal sword to kill. Even without the "cosmetic" effects of the bloodied explosion, he was still able to maintain the "one swing, one death" killing spree.

    "You dirty yellow-haired monkeys! I'll slice you up good for what you had done to my disciples!" Zhu Tianfei roared. The man was enraged to the point where his face was vermillion. The root of his rage lies with the countless deaths of his own disciples. The cause was none other than these ruthless Mutants!

    "Hear me, disciples of Rainbow Longsword Sect! It is time for a performance!" cried Ganyang Zhenren. Even though the Halo Sword Formation could not be performed by the remaining disciples, there were still other sword formations that the disciples could perform to increase their combat prowess.

    The war had reached its peak when the forest was set ablaze. Swords and blades were clashing whilst blasts of powers were coming from both sides. As the battle raged, the number of casualties on both sides escalated. However, martial artists suffered very little as compared to the Mutants. It was especially hard for martial artists since they were outnumbered greatly. A strong tiger could not survive an attack from a pack of wolves.


    Out of a sudden, the Androids that had stopped attacking resumed their attacks. Their targets were those Mutants that were too far behind from the closest martial artists. Attacking with their particle beam weapons was safe. As such, the kill count of the Androids was far higher than the martial artists, even Jiang Fei!

    "Kill that kid!" cried Desir as he pinpointed Jiang Fei who had charged too far ahead from the rest of the martial artists. Bai Wanli and the other elders were powerful fighters but they needed to stay close to their own disciples to protect them. Jiang Fei was untethered to anything-Hong Yu and the other girls were more than capable of protecting themselves, allowing Jiang Fei to freely charge ahead without restraint. As a result, he was a target that needed to be eliminated first.

    "Yes, sir!" more than ten Pinnacle stage of Level 4 Mutants answered the call and quickly formed a group to kill Jiang Fei. They charged and surrounded him. Based on what he had done, everyone knew that the best way to kill him was to attack together at the same time instead of going in one by one. As a result, Jiang Fei was gradually overwhelmed.

    "Captain, you are burning way too much energy. At this rate, you might not be able to last for the entirety of the war," said 0541. Even though he had consumed one Spirit Pill, he would only be quickly burning away all the energy that he recovered.

    "I know that I'm overdoing it but, I'm trying to escape here, if you haven't noticed!" Jiang Fei barked. He could not deny that he had let himself go when it came to killing and might not have realized that he had gone too far. Now that he was surrounded, returning back to the rest of his comrades would be hard.

    "Protect our brother!" cried Hong Yu. It took a while but Hong Yu noticed that her "master" was missing. When she did, she quickly went out on her way to search for him. When she had found him, Jiang Fei had already been surrounded. Without hesitation, she ordered the rest of her squad to protect Jiang Fei.

    "Taru, hold them back!" Lincoln roared when he noticed that the girls were desperate to save Jiang Fei. Every Mutant on the battlefield knew that Jiang Fei was the strongest fighter amongst the martial artists. Most importantly, they had a very limited number of Level 4 strong fighters. Hence, if they could kill Jiang Fei, it would deal a massive blow to the martial artists' morale.

    "Yes, sir," a huge man, roughly as tall as a tank, covered in rocks and stones, answered Lincoln's order and came forward to stand in Hong Yu and the girls' way. Besides him, there were many other Mutants that had joined the cause.

    That particular Mutant might not be strong but he had a special ability, and that was a super thick rock-like skin that allows him to take hits. The Mutant was chosen since the goal was not to kill the girls but to stop them from reaching Jiang Fei. With no assistance, Jiang Fei would be killed by the other Mutants!

    "Move or you will be moved!" Hong Yu roared. All the girls that were blocked by the huge man were genuinely pissed. Their loyalty towards Jiang Fei was so strong that even if there was a mountain stopping them from getting to him, they would blow that mountain away, lest mention a Mutant!

    With a quick command, Hong Yu ordered the girls to get into formation. That formation was imprinted into their minds by 0541, created specifically to allow the other girls to focus their powers on Hong Yu.

    "This is bad..." said Taru when he noticed that the girl in the front of the formation was giving off a bad vibe.

    "Time to die!" Hong Yu cried. In the next second, a coat of what seems to be electricity surrounded her entire body. There was no warning, no indication, or whatsoever. Hong Yu flashed like lightning itself and bolted towards Taru.

    "Armor!" Taru roared and activated his Mutant ability. The rock-like skin hardened immediately, forming an even thicker armor that grew thicker and thicker. After being enhanced, his hardness was stronger than even the strongest alloy on Earth! Even so! The man was not convinced. He shouted to the rest of the Mutant behind him.

    "Help me!"

    "Yes, Sir Taru!" cried the others as they manifested barriers of all sorts. One controlled the fallen trees around and made a wall, one formed another layer of rocks on Taru, one even managed to create a layer to steel on him and some created ice armor, and one managed to make a wall of dirt three meters thick!

    "Hmph! Useless!" Hong Yu roared. When she was close to the wall of dirt, she leaped on it, kicking herself to climb the wall, and jumped even higher. Once she was in the air and on top of Taru, she directed her spear towards Taru and started to spin. Like a drill, she descended downward.

    While she was descending, all 24 Bio-Human girls were still pouring everything they had into Hong Yu, providing her with more power to break through the thick armor.


    A loud crash was heard when the spear made a crisp metal breaking sound.

    "Heh! So much for just a little girl!" said Taru.

    As soon as he said that, the rest of the Mutants that were helping him changed their expressions.
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