906 A Successful Attemp

    Hong Yu's spear stopped at Taru's outermost armor for only a split second before breaking it apart. Hong Yu's spinning spear technique continued on as she drilled deeper into Taru.

    Be it steel or ice, nothing could be harder than Hong Yu's spear. With the girls constantly providing power to Hong Yu, she only needed to ensure that she continued to attack.


    That was the second time Hong Yu was stopped. All the other barriers that the other Mutants had created on Taru failed miserably. This time, it was Taru's himself. With so much pressure and destructive power, Taru started to sweat. No matter how hard he tried to mend his broken armor, Hong Yu's spear drilled away any of his attempts. There was no stopping her!

    "BREAK!" Hong Yu shrieked as she put everything into the spear. Whilst spinning, she could still see that Jiang Fei was being surrounded. Every second she wasted there with an enemy placed Jiang Fei at a greater risk. The girls, including Hong Yu, and of course, Ariel, were not just loyal to Jiang Fei, but infatuated with him. When their loved one was in mortal danger, they would, by any means necessary, move heaven and earth just to keep him safe. Ariel even died once trying to save Jiang Fei's life.

    Driven by desperation, Hong Yu forced herself to put in strength that she never had. It severely damaged her muscles but in return, Taru's armor cracked.

    "Oh no!" Taru gasped. The crack might be small but the rest of the armor would fall like dominos.

    "You can do it, Captain!" cried the other girls. They quickly got into their formation and made a last attempt to provide power to Hong Yu before charging towards the other Mutants with swords in hand.

    "Break already, godammit!" Hong Yu cried. With one last boost, Hong Yu poured in everything she had and successfully open up the small crack!


    The crack broke and now there was a huge opening. Nothing was protecting Taru now.

    "URGH!" Taru grunted painfully as Hong Yu's spear pierced through his flesh, damaging him a little. That was just the beginning. She needed to make an opening for her next move. With every little ounce of power she had left in her, Hong Yu kicked herself off Taru and landed next to Taru. Her first point of attack was Taru's head, specifically, the point between his eyes.

    Taru might be a Level 4 Pinnacle stage Mutant, but he was still not a match with Hong Yu, whose martial arts were designed by 0541. Hong Yu's spear art was special as it was derived from the famous Six Harmonious Spear technique. 0541 had removed all the nonsensical moves and modified it to be extremely lethal. Her efficiency with the spear was unmatched.

    Before Taru could even hit the ground, Hong Yu followed through her technique. First, the forehead, second, the heart, third, the abdomen, fourth, the hamstring, fifth, the knees, and finally, sixth, the legs. The final blow was supposed to be at his head once more but Taru fell to the ground, lifeless, before Hong Yu could finish going through her art.

    While Hong Yu was fighting, the rest of the girls was busy as well. They were targeting the other Mutants that were behind Taru. They were only Level 4 and below, making it fairly easy for the girls to tear them apart like hungry tigresses.

    They were sweet little things-one could easily fall in love with them at first sight. However, when their most important person in the world was in mortal danger, they would, figuratively, morph into horrifying banshees from the depths of hell and reap those who dared to threaten Jiang Fei's life. All the Mutants that were sent to surround Jiang Fei, and those that were in their way, were killed by the girls.

    "Brother! Are you hurt?" Hong Yu cried, worried.

    "I would be if you hadn't showed up," said Jiang Fei, smiling with relief as the cavalry had arrived. To be honest, Jiang Fei was only flirting with Hong Yu. Although he was being surrounded by those that were as strong as he, Jiang Fei was far stronger in terms of melee combat. His sword arts was also designed by 0541. Although it would be difficult and cost him energy, he would still be able to get out of that.

    "Watch out!"

    Just when the other girls were rushing towards Jiang Fei, like Hong Yu did, one of the Level 4 Pinnacle stage Mutants jumped out of nowhere to strike the girls.

    "You dare!?" Hong Yu roared from the top of her lungs. The girls were her subordinates in the game and in real life, they were her sisters. Emotions ran deep when it came to them, although not as much as how she perceived Jiang Fei. Still, when the girls were in danger, she could not help but feel scared-the same feeling she had when she saw Jiang Fei surrounded.

    "Die!" Jiang Fei groaned, hurling his Chengying Sword at a certain point. At the same time, he infused Wind Origin force into his entire body, granting him supernatural speed.

    "Woah!" the Mutant gasped. His battleaxe was about to land on one of the girls when he noticed something coming for him from the side. He turned and immediately stopped moving forward. If he had not done so, his head would be pierced through by the sword, like a f*cking kebab. He would not want to trade his life just to land a non-lethal hit on his target.


    Just when the sword flew pass the Mutant, Jiang Fei appeared behind him with his leg aiming for the Mutant's head.

    The Mutant reaction was so fast that Jiang Fei's kick was dodged. He quickly got away from the girl and had to focus on Jiang Fei. At the same time, the girl that was being targeted ran for the Chengying sword, catching it and hurling it back to Jiang Fei.

    "Brother! Catch!" she cried.

    After missing his kick, Jiang Fei made a roundhouse kick to create a small breathing room for him to catch the sword. As soon as he did, he started to attack.

    "Get in formation!" Hong Yu ordered. Without the formation, the girls would be vulnerable. The others were not as strong as Hong Yu, making them an easy target for Level 4 Pinnacle stage Mutants.

    "Yes, captain!" everyone responded quickly. The next second, the girls got into formation, ready to unleash their fury.

    Once in formation, the girls, including Hong Yu, proactively defended against all attacks. No one then could try to attack lest they would be killed. The formation of the other sect, namely Ganyang Zhenren and his disciples, was strong. However, not all sects had such arts, only those that were well established.

    "Brother! Control your bloodlust!" cried Hong Yu when she noticed Jiang Fei chasing after random Mutants too far into enemy lines.

    "Sh*t! I almost fell for it!" Jiang Fei snapped. If Hong Yu had not stopped him, he would have chased the Mutant that had been annoying him like a fly. That Mutant was good! Jiang Fei quickly gave up on chasing the enemy and regrouped with the girls.

    That Mutant that tried to bait Jiang Fei into his trap sulked when he noticed that Jiang Fei had stopped chasing after him. He then called out to the Mutants that were waiting to ambush Jiang Fei to group up with him and strike back.

    Both Jiang Fei and the entire girl formation went back to the main martial artists group. It was then when Jiang Fei noticed that they had already lost about 60 fighters. However, compared to the Mutants, their lost was miniscule.

    The Androids' bombardment was strong and continuous. Almost half of the entire Mutant army was killed by them-mostly Level 3 and weaker Level 4. They were not experienced as the others and did not pay attention to the bombardment. Those that survived the blast would be rendered useless since they would not be able to even fight.
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