910 Blue Ligh

    While America had their own problems to deal with, China was busy with theirs.

    First and foremost, they had a problem with power supply. China's military power was not as strong as America's and without Jiang Fei, they would have lost the war. The problem with power supply was with the offensive weapons. Their defense was strong but it needed the power supply to be redirected from the entire country to power up their defenses. Right then, most of their main attack forces were rendered useless due to insufficient power. With China's current naval fleet, they would never win against America in an all-out war.

    China still had one option left on the table, and that was nuclear strike. However, using it was another problem. American's defenses were not as perfect as China's but they still had strong turrets that could bring down many ICBMs before they could even re-enter the atmosphere. Additionally, China's nuclear storage was not as large as America's. They were enough to pose a threat but not enough to completely annihilate the entire country.

    Hence, if their goal was to completely destroy America and did not have the means or method to do it, they could still instill fear into the hearts of Americans by showing off the power of their massive Antimatter Cannon. Although the Antimatter Cannon could not be compared to the area of destruction of a nuclear weapon, it was far deadlier since the destructive capability was instantaneous. There was literally no way of knowing when it would be fired nor any means of stopping it. Nuclear ICBMs were lethal but it could still be stopped by many methods available then.

    The thing was... China had only one shot at it and American did not know about that. The cold hard truth was that China no longer have any other arsenals to play with and America could still turn the table around if they wanted to bring an end to it. It was similar to the case during World War Two when Americans dropped two nuclear bombs in Japan. While the American did not have anymore bombs, the Japanese surrendered immediately, thinking that there might be a third strike.

    Right now, America was facing a greater threat than nuclear bombs. The destructive power of the beam weapon was so powerful that if China had intended to fire a second or subsequent shots, they could literally erase the entire American continent from the face of the world.

    If both nations had to resort to the traditional nuclear arsenals, all the important people could hide in emergency bunkers and survive the nuclear fallout. Both nations could still use their hidden nuclear arsenals that were kept secret from the world to fight again until one or both sides were eradicated. However, the weapon that China had just revealed to the world was so strong that a bunker would be nothing but an oversized metal coffin.

    An entire island was destroyed and there were too many dead to be counted. However, collateral damage was literally invented by the Americans and if they did not want civilian casualties, they should not have started the war in the first place.

    When Open Island was destroyed, American had lost four Military Bases of Operations and also the entire Pacific Ocean. For there on out, Pacific Ocean was now in the hands of the Chinese. Nie Shilong had literally claimed the entire Pacific Ocean for China in just one shot. It was literally the most well-deserved shot ever fired in the history of naval warfare.

    "Call back all assets..." said the President after he had enough with the war. Everyone in the Pentagon was silent. No one dared to interject that order as they realized that they were no match for China. It was lucky that they did not target the Pentagon itself or else they would not be breathing then.

    The order went down the chain of command and all the naval fleets that were still on standby in deep sea set course for home. There was no other way to face China and their technology. By doing so, they had figuratively handed over the seat to the world over to China. It was a shameful act but it was far better than being at war to the very end with China.

    While the American military were retreating, the Mutants that were still at war with China's martial artists were left behind! At that moment, the fight between the two sides was at its climax. Out of 500, there were only 300 martial artists left. As for the Mutants, only 1,500 out of 5,000 survived. Both sides were equally battered.

    While the battle was still raging on, loud engine noises could be heard coming from the skies.

    "Our reinforcements have arrived," said Z8-001. At that moment, including him, there were only less than 50 Androids in the battlefield. Although they had managed to collect most of the fallen Android's memory chips, the loss was still too much for them.

    After defeating the American Naval fleet, Qin Tian gathered all available ship vessels and proceed to Japan at top speed. The first to arrive was none other than the Androids with flight pack.

    "Scanning ground... Enemy detected."

    "Proceeding with hostile elimination."

    "Permission granted. Fire at will."


    With Z9-001 leading the fray, the newly arrived army of Androids began to fire at the Mutants that were already being fired at by the Z8 Android team.

    "Guys! We have help! Look!" cried a Level 3 fighter from way behind the frontline. As soon as everyone realized that reinforcements had arrived, their morale was boosted. Their spirits were lifted which helped them a little since fighting without any hope to survive was... inefficient.

    "It's over..." Lincoln sighed heavily. With new enemies arriving, he knew that the Mutants were not going to leave Japan alive and well. Although they had the larger army initially, they were ultimately defeated by the martial artists because of their mastery in terrain advantages. Androids from far behind the martial artists were constantly attacking them as well! Long-ranged Mutant attackers were completely destroyed by Jiang Fei and without them, there was no hope in trying to fight on even grounds. That was not all, although Mutants and martial artists were considered as Metahumans, the energy they used was different from Qi for martial artists. Martial artists' Qi flow was strong and almost everlasting when compared to Mutants. In the end of it all, martial artists could literally fight for days while Mutants needed to rest from time to time.

    Right now, the worst had come true when martial artists had just received their reinforcements flying in the air!

    When all hope was lost and Lincoln was about to call for a mass retreat, the entire battlefield glowed with a faint blue hue. The faint blue light slowly glowed brighter and everyone, including Jiang Fei and the Androids, were frozen in place.

    Even the Z9 team that was flying in the sky could not move. Even so, they did not just fall, the light acted like a dampener, slowly descending as if they were in water.

    After that, all the Mutants were gathered and arranged to a side while the martial artists and the Androids were moved to the other. While no one could move, Jiang Fei and the other martial artists could recover their Qi. All the light did to them was to render them motionless. Nothing else. Jiang Fei knew that whoever that was responsible for the light mean no harm to either side.
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