911 Reimbursemen

    Jiang Fei tried to move but no matter how hard he tried, the blue light would not let him go. At that moment, the only person who was not affected at all was Ariel.

    "Hmph. Show yourselves, now that you have already meddled in this," she said without batting an eye.

    "Hoo... Very well," a voice replied. In front of Jiang Fei, a flash of blue light appeared and a portal opened. An old man with blonde hair, dressed in a long red jacket that covered all the way down to his knees, came out of the portal and stood in front of Ariel. Although he was not able to move, he could still see the man looking at Ariel nonchalantly as if he was meeting an equal. The man looked no older than 50 years old but Jiang Fei knew better. Any Level 5 Metahuman could easily lived longer than any normal Metahuman. He might look like he was in his 50s but he could have been 500 years old!

    "Are you done?" said Ariel in an annoying tone.

    "Hehe. My, you're a feisty little one, aren't you," said the man. The man did nothing yet the blue light that engulfed the entire battlefield disappeared in an instant. Freed, the fighters grouped to their respective sides, not fighting. They knew there was no need to continue fighting since another Level 5 Metahuman had gotten involved in it.

    "Come now, there's no need to hide. Do you expect me to invite you as well?" said Ariel, turning to a certain spot.

    "Hehehe. I thought that I was hiding myself good there. Looks like I've been discovered. How shameful!" another voice replied, laughing as he did before descending from the sky. It was another old man. He was a chinese man, dressed like a common deity appearing in temples. He was dressed in the most traditional deity wear that Jiang Fei realized it was almost similar to that of Zhuge Shanzhen's disguise. One look and he knew that the old man was a traveler.

    "Grandmaster!" cried Ganyang Zhenren, kneeling before the great man.

    "I'm just spending some time away. On your feet," said the man as he helped Ganyang Zhenren to stand. After that, he turned away from him and gesture a hand signal to retreat. It was a situation that no ordinary human should be involved with.

    "I am from the Mutant Brotherhood. You can call me Welton," said the Western Level 5 Mutant.

    "Respect to the great one. This nobody is merely the Master Taoist of the Rainbow Longsword Sect, Liu Taizhen," said the old man, smiling and bowing respectfully.

    "How should I address this young one?" said Liu Taizhen as he faced Ariel. Even though she looked extremely young, the power that she was leaking out was undeniably Level 5.


    As if their words mean nothing to her, Ariel kept quiet and stood next to Jiang Fei.

    "This is Ariel. She is my junior from the same school that I am in," said Jiang Fei, proactively. Theoretically speaking, he was not "qualified" to talk to another Level 5. However, he knew better since he had been continuously masking lies. He was afraid that Ariel might slip and reveal her true self. That was the reason why Jiang Fei stepped in.

    "That means you are the infamous and talented Jiang Fei?" Welton glanced at him. Welton did not look down on Jiang Fei just because he was only a Level 4 Metahuman. Ariel was so pompous that she did not even want to talk to him by trying to build up airs as if Jiang Fei was her superior. Besides that, the entire Metahuman society had been talking about Jiang Fei and his master, the legendary mysterious Zhuge Shanzhen. At the very least, other Level 5 Metahumans would respect Jiang Fei, only because of Zhuge Shanzhen.

    Because of his extremely rare appearance in the world, the name Zhuge Shanzhen had became a famous topic. Everyone would know about it since the mysterious man was capable of performing many unexplainable acts of power. There was even a rumor that Zhuge Shanzhen was a Level 6 Metahuman! However, since very few people in the world had seen the man, many Metahumans had the benefit of the doubt.

    Using the Zhuge Shanzhen card, Jiang Fei held on to it as firmly as he could to try and talk to the other Level 5 Metahumans. Without it, Welton would have smashed him without batting an eye. Even the Chinese Level 5, Liu Taizhen would stay out of it. No one would try and test the might of a Level 5 Metahuman lest one had a taste of their wrath.

    "This unworthy being is indeed Jiang Fei. I am but honored to meet the two masters!" Jiang Fei bowed his head and greeted the two with the utmost respect.

    "Why is your master not here?" Liu Tianzhen asked. If he was being honest, he would explain his curiosity about Zhuge Shanzhen's character and would even ask for a friendly duel to know what he was capable of. He wanted to know whether Zhuge Shanzhen was truly a Level 6.

    When Level 5 Metahumans were treated like god-like beings, what would a Level 6 Metahuman be treated as? It was known that Level 5 was the limit to one's power and if there was a Level 6 Metahuman, those that had been stuck at Level 5 would finally be given a new path to travel on.

    "My master is unbothered by the likes of my lowly self. Master has never expressed his interests in any fights," Jiang Fei explained.

    "Ahh. I understand. It is fortunate that there are very few of us..." said Liu Taizhen, shaking his head disappointingly. Many Level 5 Metahumans could not be bothered about the likes of other beings. In fact, it was a Chinese culture. Mind your own household before you cared about others. Even if enemies had invaded their land, as long as their house was left undisturbed, they would not make a scene.

    While that was the common case, the western community had it different. Level 1 or Level 5, everyone was united as a nation and when America was under threat, or even the entirety of the Mutant Brotherhood was under threat, the Level 5 Mutants would appear to save the day.

    "Alright. I'll be frank. This war is nothing but a huge farce. Since both sides had incur some losses, I'd suggest we let bygones be bygones. Let's leave it at that, shall we?" Welton said to Liu Taizhen.

    "This one shares the same thought!"

    In the eyes of a Level 5 Metahuman, others that were weaker-be it the Pinnacle stage of Level 4 or even the weakest Level 1-were all seen as ants. Welton did not even bother to know whether who was right or wrong. All he wanted was to have the fight stopped.

    "Wait!" Jiang Fei snarled angrily.

    "What the hell is that supposed to mean?! Yeah, the Mutant had suffered more casualties compared to us but..."

    Jiang Fei sucked in a deep breath.

    "Where the f*ck were you when the Mutants were trashing us?! Why did you suddenly appear and demand that we stop the fight when we finally had the chance to kill them all! Who gives you the right to stop this?!"

    Everyone that could understand what Jiang Fei was saying, literally froze in place. Jiang Fei was just a Level 4 fighter. Even though he was strong, he was just a pipsqueak compared to the Level 5 Metahuman! How could someone like him yell at a Level 5 Metahuman! Had he lost his mind?

    Welton didn't like that one bit. He turned around, with eyes shimmering with a faint blue light. He arched an eyebrow, clearly annoyed and irritated. He had only given face to Jiang Fei because of Zhuge Shanzhen. But the disrespect that Jiang Fei was showing him was clearly overstepping it, and he did not like that. Even so, he did not act on impulse. Not when he saw Ariel was standing right next to Jiang Fei, clearly being protective of him. Additionally, even though Jiang Fei stated that Zhuge Shanzhen did not bother to appear, he might still be around, looking out for his student and would interfere of things went south.

    "What do you mean?" he said.

    "This fight is clearly the fault of the Mutants! I demand a retribution!" Jiang Fei roared. Jiang Fei himself knew when not to overstep his line. If he insisted on killing all the Mutants right there and then, he might get more than he had bargained for.

    "Fine, you want retribution. How about I offer a reimbursement? Name your price!" said Welton. The man was clearly angry when Jiang Fei was shouting but when Jiang Fei demanded something in return, he went all happy and jubilant all of the sudden. In his point of view, Jiang Fei was just like a kid that had his toy broken and wanted a new one! Such a demand meant nothing to a Level 5 Metahuman. To them, nothing materialistic could satisfy them. Besides a Godblade in hand, they did not care about wealth. If Jiang Fei wanted, he could even offer up half of American soil to him and no Level 5 Mutant would even care about it!
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